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Colleen is a definitely a doll! Please would like to see more, thanks.

The rating thing just doesn't make sense. 7.95 for hot pictures of Colleen? I happen to think she's lovely, and these photos of her are highly erotic. Maybe everyone was feeling stingy when voting today (?)

She has an overall rating of 8.81 and ranks at #260. Weeks ago I mentioned that the ratings of individual sets seldom reach the models rating.

The fairest of them all! Incredible beauty!

I ❤ perky, mouthful sized tits!

Hooray for tanlines!

Why?? I don't get this affection for tan lines! (??) I prefer a model who looks like she NEVER wears clothes!! Or never goes to tanning salons!!
So I guess any explanation would fall on deaf ears. Oh well...another one of life's little mysteries..."why do some men prefer two-tone women". ;o)

Rock, I'm sure you are going to find this explanation ~ such as it is ~ just as confusing as I do. ( : But, like you, I PREFER a model to look like she never suntans or goes to a tanning salon. There are few age accelerators that rival UV rays, even with SPF cream. Pale/natural skin tone always looks best to me.
At the same time, if a girl does want to tan, I far prefer tan lines to all-over tan. Perhaps because it draws the eyes to the breasts and the vaginal area? I'm not sure why, it's just a preference of mine.
Finally, if a girl DOES tan and likes to tan all over, I prefer it to be a light tan, not a dark brown tan. The "leather" look does not look at all attractive to me and I never could understand why girls think that the results of sitting in the sun every day for 3 or 4 hours (or long enough in the tanning booth to mimic that look) are good looking...

I think our fetishes are based on what worked for us or did something for us in the past. I love tan lines myself because I make an association with the lucky times that I've gotten a beach babe naked.

Why do men like any certain feature while others do not? It is not something that is easy to explain but a very personal thing. It is a good thing that there are different tastes.

For me tan lines are very nice. They are "normal" to me. I personally think they are the way it should be. Tan all over is fake since most women don't runaround naked. I think the contrast is very stimulating.

Reasons why I enjoy visits from Colleen; her nice eyebrows, fascinating multi-colored eyes, puffy outer labia, adorable breasts, puffy areolae, innie, dimples, downy hair, love handles, tan lines, camel toe...

Thank you very much Colleen and Albert for this wonderful visit.

cheekbones, ears, nose, jawline, chin, neck, feet worthy of being shown whole, 2 innies, navel, and those soulful entrancing fascinating multi colored eyes......

So damned cute and so young and innocent looking I feel guilty looking but no way I can resist! Colleen is in a class all her own. The only one close is Nensi. I love the way her breasts are made and that amazing kitty is scrumptious! I love the overhead shots with her hair splayed out on the bed like she just fell there. :)

Pretty hard to beat this for erotica!

P U F F Y as hell those tits SUPERB !

Colleen's return is always reason to celebrate. She is by far my favorite new MA cutie of 2014 and this set is absolutely delightful. Thank you Colleen and Varin!

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