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What a cutie!
I don't think I've ever seen a set with the girls smiling in every single shot!

She is a very hot girl. Great breasts and ass ! Would like to see more pics of her pussy and pics of her asshole also !

Wow she's smoking hot

Spectacular lady!

I have to disagree in toto.(Ha! grammar problem for the day) I do think Conchita is very lovely,but I say from the way she is clenching her knees together,not to mention gritting her teeth in those smiles and turning beet red Mr. Varin rushed things way too much. If she ever comes back (I hope she does) I hope she gets a photog who listens and observes.YOU CANNOT RUSH A VIRGIN! Damn I have seen so many good models ruined like this(not to mention relationships)I give Conchita a 10, she stuck it out.Varin gets a 1 for being an idiot.

Seadog, have you ever tried to hold a pretty smile, consistently, for 20 - 30 minutes straight? I don't know how long the average photoshoot lasts, but I'm guessing at least that long.
I have the feeling ANY of us would be gritting our teeth at the end of 30 minutes....
I think you're reading too much into this, my friend. ( :

Hi fer_realz,Models have to hold it for 20 minutes, then they get a 10 min break to loosen up. smoke a cig, whatever. and they damn well better hold it still for 20 minutes but not 30, (thats what they get paid for) if the artist wants it that way. Usually they can hold, then move to a new pose in a planned sequence. Look at Erro's Palmas starring Iveta B. It is a BTS movie and is a perfect example of what I mean. The 20 min sequence,then a 10 min break Was the prevailing method when I was a photog (And painter) Of course Met models get $12-15 hundred for a set. a girl that will do B/G porn gets $5-10 thousand and more if they become a big star A Girl like Conchita who is toughing it out will show it as Conchita does here.The photog has to take time with a newbie,working totally nude for a man is not easy, and if the photog rushes her he will get junk. taking an extra hour or two to coax her slowly out of her clothes and into the poses is well worth the wait.You cannot rush a virgin,and that includes Met virgins.

...were I to concede all your other points ~ you being the expert, after all ~ would you concede my point about holding a smile for 20 minutes?
Unless the photographer, or one of his assistants, is really good at keeping things jovial and light (and I think the really good ones are), any of us would be hard pressed to keep a ~ natural looking ~ genuine smile for 20 minutes straight.

Where has this beauty been hiding..?? Soft voluptuous curves in all the right places, that smile...WOWZA...more of conchita please..!!

Me like!

I enjoyed Conchita's debut and hope we will see her again. Albert once again brings us a beautiful woman not seen before here, and captures her well for our viewing pleasure.

I continue to be impressed not only with Mr. Varin's photographic ability, but his apparent ability to find amazing new talent.

im in love with her beauty

Great buns and legs.

And dazzling smile.

Conchita's Rubenesque butt calls out to my face: "Come hither!"

Cochita is very gorgious!! Need a lot more pics of feet, legs and ass. Thanxs.

the best new model so far in 2014, keep it up!

How charming... A Finlandian named Conchita..LOL And what a DOLL!! Gorgeous legs and butt!! Really pretty and poses with confidence and grace. Welcome Conchita....looking forward to seeing a LOT of you...;o) XOXO

Albert has struck gold in Finland!!!

Albert seems to strike gold wherever he goes. I like that guy!

I like his choice of models!!

Damn, this stunningly gorgeous young lady certainly has shapely fundamentals. ( : I'm a big fan already.
Conchita, you are beyond lovely... I hope you visit us often!

Pretty she seriously looks like a tv actor Ive seen before.

Don't know if this is who you're thinking of, but she reminds me of famous French actress Marion Cotillard.

The sight of Conchita's lovely soft curves is a delightful way to greet the day. Looking forward to seeing more of her soon.

Albert, nearly every day you present to us a new flower of girl.
Albert, where is this garden?

Conchita is a wonderful solar girl with eyes and smile that make you fall in love.
Albert, your photos bring us also a bit of her perfume.
Conchita come back soon.

The garden is amoung us. It is the careful observer, which decides where to look. And not to trample upon new emerging floweral shoots, which just begin the revelation of what they might become. Injury happens on trample, rather, stir-up the fertility which shows promise of exciting things to view. Cultivate procise remarks, slight mis-step, may grind the new emergance below low the level of return.
There are ways to say things and there are ways too not. Careful tender of observation and critque has great rewards..........

Spot ON!! ;o)

The garden lies somewhere in Finland, apparently... ( :


Wow! Varin has brought us three beautiful new models from Finland in one month. Each of these young ladies are gorgeous. This young lady called Conchita is very pretty, with a lovely figure. She poses with ease and confidence. She will be a great addition to the Metart galaxy of stars.

Lovely blue eyes, lovely smile. Conchita certainly knows how to brighten up a persons morning. Great debut, more please!

Wow !! I am in love. xxx

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