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Looking forward to more, and can we have some more shots of her arse and opened up this time LBL

This angel is also known as Roksolana at another web site. She debuted this week and I found her so striking that I subscribed to the web site for 3 months ($60 USD). It was worth it.

I hope MA continues giving us more sets of Connie.

Beautiful debut.Hopefully we can see more of Connie.Close up of her pussy and ass would be nice.

A sweet, beautiful girl. Too shy to pose yet at METART.

It's her first set. She is allowed to be a little shy. Come on, wouldn't you be? After the second or third set, if the trend continued one might say she is too shy. I'm hopeful that it will not and patient to find out.

Actually this is the perfect place for her to start!

Fit, athletic legs - YUM!

That egg chair (from Orkney?) is kinda cramped. Here's hoping our model gets to come out of her shell soon.

Nice light, flattering color, great smiles, nice robe, nice hair in the way too often. 43 is fantastic. Orientation is too vertical, and so is the model. How about one series where a photographer uses landscape format only - hopefully leaving the model's head in one piece as was done here.

(That was supposed to be "Ork". Time to have a chat with checker. Not just anyone can confuse North past Scotland with a fictional planet.)

Good job! Connie is soo sweet! Need a lot more please.

Adorable, adorable, adorable. Great popka too!! Hope to see more of Connie!!

Well now that I know what the hell you're talking about, I totally agree!!! :oD


What an adorable beauty in a simple white dress. Fortunate that she has so much hair to convey a sense of shyness to bare all for the camera. It adds some innocence to the set, though I wish she'd stop hiding those lovely breasts behind it.


Here's to hoping that next time we might get a few in-focus close-up shots of those delectable breasts. Too few photographers realize some of us like that sort of thing...

  • 1 year ago:

Hi Floyd,

When a model does her first photo shoot, it is often more shy in nature. I think Connie is very cute and I am sure with her future sets that she will be a bit more uninhibited. I do appreciate her shy demeanor, for me this allows us to see her genuine personality.

Very pretty girl! Reminds me a lot of Astrud. This is a nice debut, and I hope to see a lot more of Connie!! Welcome sweetheart! Please come often! XOXO Another winner Fabrice! I like your style!!

Now that you mention it, something about her does strike similarity.

Other artists...TAKE NOTE!

An entire set, shot without chopping the girl's head in half or OFF!!

It CAN be done!!

excuse me...

Series average rating: 7.60 out of 10 (243 Votes)
it can be done. it cannot be the main for members, right?

Nice to see

Nice to see

My number one request with robe sets is plenty of teasing shots before it comes off. This is the perfect example of why I like it so much. Such a gorgeous way to reveal her beauty. Thank you Connie and Fabrice!

beautiful model. Connie was comfortable posing nude. i love sweet smile and her shaved pussy. her ass is gorgeous.
good work

This young lady is quite impressive. Warm, cheerful, open, and sweet. I love her long brown hair, and starting her out bottomless was just the right touch.
I am very much hoping Connie becomes a regular here. Great job, Fabrice!

Welcome :-) She'll open up that pussy in future. Butterfly potential

Cute little newcomer, Connie's just lovely. I had the feeling she was going to be too reserved but Fabrice managed to coax some nice poses with her legs parted to reveal a nicely tight looking, pretty pussy.

Looking forward to Fabrice's collaboration with Suzanna tomorrow.

Wow! Where do you get these beautiful girls from? Connie is another fabulous addition to the site. Lovely face and great body. Welcome, Connie :) Hope to see you back soon.

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