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Beautiful, so natural and graceful. Lovely.

Connie do portray a charming garden nymph with her natural beauty unspoilt by makeup. Her youthful allure stands out amidst her lush surrounding, her sweet smile lighting up her pretty face.

What a great set!

Connie is absolutely spectacular, and Fabrice does a GREAT job capturing that moment. Connie seems to be more comfortable sharing herself with the camera, after her debut set. Fabrice does a wonderful job letting her ease into this. I can only hope that we will see many, many more sets from this gorgeous young woman in the weeks and months to come...

A powerful parade of peeks.

Those grape vines aspire to be tentacles.

Iron the dress.

Let's move Connie inside shall we?

Yeah... Right into MY house!! ;o)

I've been waiting for this since the last photo set of her and I'm more than happy about both of them.. In this one I did enjoy especially photos of her in the hammock and when she was standing up again. Great photographer and already one of my favorite girls on met-art (top 3). Can't wait for the next photo set, and all I want is that it will get the same level as this.

Great girl, but disappointing photography.


Some people are easily disappointed... Expectations set too high usually.

I really like it when I'm happy with an outdoor set. Leave it to the new guy!! ;o) This is very nice, and Connie is sexy as she can be! LOVE the hair! Love everything about the set and the girl.... VERY nice!! An exciting encore to a very nice debut. More of this sweetheart soon, please...

I don't think it's a new guy, more than likely an alias of Goncharov.

I wondered myself about an "alias"... You could be right.


I second your second, Magwich!
More, more!
and even more!

After seeing this set I went to see the previous one. Connie is a very promising model.

Yet is seems she's not completely at ease wearing only nature's clothes. It would be great if in future sets we'd get to see Connie enjoying her nudity more and more.

And one last thing: it seems Connie has some Persian blood running through her veins. We don't get to see that so much on MetArt.

That blood is Parthian and Greek, with a bit of Mongol, I insist.

Mmmm... a "Parthian Shot" on your part, Magwich?

LOL You tell 'em!! ;o)

I'd like to bitch slap every photographer who uses models' long hair to cover up their breasts.

Hold on... I'm calling the whabulance!!

...and I've got the cheez to accompany SouthernMaster's whine...

Perhaps lashes from a whip would better suit.


Nice set with a beautiful garden nymph.

Connie is the perfect girl for this outdoor set with her natural beauty and carefree charm.

The pretty face, beautiful long hair and the gorgeous body makes Connie very attractive and awesome.

Beautiful upskirt with the dress and out of it.

gorgeous girl, wonderful layout and good photography. i love her hair, but i prefer if we saw open leg shots wit a close-up of her pussy

Connie is such an elegant, dignified young lady. I like that she starts the set in a demure dress, then proceeds to show us tantalizing peeks of what is and what isn't underneath. ( :
The other notable feature of the set is when she lets her hair down ~ what a magnificent head of hair she has! Amazing and gorgeous.

A positive and descriptive comment. There is good reason it has the most thumbs.

I wonder if there's a clue here as to why I always get the most 'fingers'...??? ;o) LOL

Btw...I totally agree...lol Fer always has good things to say. But Neil has a bot that always gets HIM the most thumbs...;o)
(jk neil..)

Beautiful girl, and a wonderful layout. #64 particularly is classic.

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