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Roselyne is an absolute goddess, feminine beauty at its most breathtaking, a 10 every time out.

Roselyne is a beautiful brunette with some amazing breasts. I like the fantasy of her undressing for me but I kept waiting for her to lead me inside to a big romantic bed for us to enjoy. unfortunately that didnt happen. If it had this would have been a really sexy set...

Stunning model. Shoot ruined by distracting shadows.

Roselyne is just perfect!

This is one of the most stupid photgraphic work I have seen on Met. Is the photgrapher blind? The shadows have ruined an otherwise beautiful set. This is not creativity but extreme stupidity.

Roselyne A is a stunningly beautiful woman! If you have not seen her earlier sets you will want to do that. Wow, Wow, Wow!

She poses and makes films as "Connie" on x-art.

Excellent love making.

Luca has always been clever as regards settings/composition -- his problem has frequently been to give the images sufficient sharpness (without creating noise).
However, this is a very nice set -- it's the kind of set IMPROVING MetArts reputation, and now I'm going to reward that fact: "10"!

I really like this model and hope to see more of her. Too bad she decided to shave her pussy in that last set. Much more sexy and exciting with the trimmed pussy.

Roselyne has been on fine form of late, great big swollen Breasts, peachy Vagina and a lovely Arse, its a shame that her Anus is not on view in this set.

How could this (or any other) photographer, possibly think that shadows like this make for good viewing? They are unappealing, distracting and a complete turn off. Beacause, and only because, of the shaddows I whisked through this set in less than two minutes. Even then it soon became apparent that even two minutes was way too long.

Excellent armpit stubble.

Not so good. #2

The shadows are distracting.

yes, lovely girl, lousy photographer

I disagree. This set is what I love about Met-Art photography. Variety in photo sets brings more to the imagination in my opinion. Too many nude websites stick to strict glamor cover shot based lighting. It makes all models appear dull and even soulless/lifeless at times.. This is the kind of photography that uses lighting creatively to bring the atmosphere of the surroundings. By seeing the shadows of the branches against Conny, you can sense the coolness of shade a breeze in the air. I like how it gives a sense of comfort surrounded by trees.

Welcome back Roselyne.Magnificant breasts and sexy body.Shadows bad choice Luca.Makes the skin look mottled as if it has Vitiligo patches.
Exceelent set because it has Roselyne,shadows I can live without.

Thank God they brought Roselyne back!

Got cunny yet?

Roselyne is absolute perfection as far as I am concerned, gorgeously beautiful face with a fantastic body.

It's great to see Roselyne's beautiful cunt smoothly shaven once again.


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