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incredibly beautiful woman - please MORE MORE MORE. Thanks for modeling at MET. Your body is a real treat for the rest of us.

I was in europe in the army in the mid 70's and again in early 80's and I can tell you there were beautiful girls everywhere I went.... and it was a lot of fun even then.... these ladies today are a very good representation of what was around even then if you looked.. but the clothes were different.. but once they came off.... wow!
I love visiting ukraine and russia when I can, and hope to go again in the next spring...

Thanks for bringing back some old memories Arkisi... great pictures, hope to take some myself again this spring

I wonder who the individual is who keeps posting "girl cum" when there is none, maybe we have some on here who do not know what it is??

Sadly, I suspect we do.

Welcome Cordelia new star in the firmament of MetArt.
Say who is the most beautiful part of this firmament would be difficult even to Paris (the greek not the French).
Aphrodite was not born in Cyprus but in Ukraine and these girls are his daughters.
Cordelia is the paradigm of feminine beauty.

Arkisi creates around her minimalist ambience. Perfect.
The beauty is not to be disturbed when he recites.
The direct lighting creates suggestive shadows and the body of Cordelia stands out in relief.
Guys this is high school.

you guys are right these are some outstanding close ups

Who makes up the user tags? What the hell is the difference between lickable armpits, lickable asshole, lickable feet, lickable pussy and non-lickable? Good gawd.

hey! lickable asshole is my favorite tag! lol

I totally agree! Some of the tags are ridiculous. Cordelia's home page has now been tagged "porn star" for nothing other than posing on a handful of other nude sites. She's a classy young lady and doesn't deserve that tag.

Agreed, Elmer. Between "lickable" and "suckable" I never pay any attention to the tags anymore.

Agree with all the Cordelia comments, she's a beauty. Not my favorite Arkisi set, to me the lighting was not as good as he normally does. I think the "idea" was to have front lighting (lights very near the camera) and have fun with the background shadows. To me the downside was the light on her skin had no direction, just flat and not flattering to her awesome figure. Just my opinion, usually Arkisi is my fav, but I've seen better from him.

Re the fall of the Soviet Union- the pretty girls may have existed, but I bet they didn't have the sexy clothes or makeup or erotic props that are available today. It really is mindblowing how many hot women are modeling from that region. I live in California, where there are plenty of hot women, but Ukraine has us beat! I'm grateful that images of these incredible women can come to us from across the globe. Yay internet!

You are right - I sometimes apply direct lighting for the very first, fashion-like photoshoots for novice models. I believe, this is a good point to start. We can easy see their bodies's details.
Especially when skies are covered with clouds and there is no light available.

Cordelia is awesome in every way. A gorgeous face, great eyes, perfect body and super hot tits. And a superbly confident, joyful, enthusiastic attitude. She already is a favorite of mine.

Sure, it was very easy to work with her.

New model, decent set, perhaps the best of the four today.

It seems I must take back wholeheartedly my recent criticisms of Arkisi's closeups. This is a brilliant first set - both model and photography. More please, she is what Ukraine is all about.

very nice girl

beautiful girl so yummy

Another Ukrainian teen! They had a great banner year in girl babies in 1993-4. Once the Soviet Union fell these beauties started to "pop out" and man did they grow up nice....

"Thank heaven for little girls" LOL

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