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I'd like to be the creamy filling in this yummy sandwich. ( :

I'm interested to find out more about the location for this shoot: it's a fascinating juxtaposition of beauty and decay.

Agreed. I suspect you captured the photographer's intention precisely.

It's a pity to waste such a beautiful model as Gisee is, in this shooting.

two beautiful women - Beautiful set

s999784 has expressed my feelings also, (quite precisely) but duets just don't appeal to me in this context. Both girls look great though, and it's a nice 'setting' and well photographed.

Now this is the way to live rent-free. Of course, they have to check each others butts for splinters on a regular basis, but that seems to be fun. Ingret has shot this set perfectly, and Gisele is the total beauty she always is while Christina is just as hot.I gave a 10++ to all three,we need more of this willingness to explore new ideas.

Gisele is overwhelming!! She is that one woman that lights my fire, rings my bell, punches my ticket, rocks my world, hits the bullseye, makes the sun shine and the moon set, puts stars in the sky. You get my drift. SHE IS SMOKING HOT !!!

She always has been! Long may she reign!

Nice Set from Ingret:-) Both Girls deserve a lot of kisses all over:-):-):-) Thank You Gisele and Cristina to show us Your Dream Beauties...

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