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I've come back to this set because I couldn't see why I'd not downloaded it. It must be just too arty-farty and not enough eroticism; I can't see any other reason.

Good grief, will you let the models actually kiss? Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Thought it was a pretty good set. Very classy. I like classy sets.

Image 124, alone is worth the $100 some dollars a year. They should up the price to get classier people in here to comment.

Classy people like yourself...I guess?

The seller

Come on! No kissing, no meaningful touching, artificial poses?
A silly set.

  • 2 years ago:

I agree. Come on MetArt you really need to change the way you do your girl-girl sets because right now they really suck. What a waste of bandwidth.

The photographer hires the models and produces the photosets. Then he approaches MetArt to try to sell the photosets to them. MetArt selects the sets it wants. The photographer eats any set which he can not sell. If he has to eat too many sets of a particular model, she stops getting called for new work.

So the model sells her service to the photographer. The photographer sells the sets to MetArt. Metart sells its website to us. MetArt does not produce the photosets.

Thanks for the explanation, Neil... I think there are a lot of members that don't understand the system at MA yet...

I assume that "polla" does not mean "dick", of course...

You are right of course rags25, it is a good set but for some reason it just doesn't float my boat. I don't know why because both Indiana and Cristina are very good models and usually favourites of mine. From the number of compliments about the set it is obviously not their fault but I am a little disappointed, I've no idea why.

I'm with you Simon. I thought that this set, with these two MA favorites, would burn up my monitor screen. It just didn't happen. Both ladies look very nice, so it isn't them. Like you, I felt let down, but couldn't put my finger on the missing elements.

Sorry, Mr. Sironi, I usually like your sets, this one didn't connect with me.

I agree, When Indiana is having fun, you can tell. She is very expressive, but not very involved. That said, two major beauties like these two are ALWAYS worth seeing.

I love these two together, something we haven't seen since Cristina's debut, their skin tones contrast beautifully and both are absolutely stunning.

Whilst I would have certainly have preferred more nudity I still love this set, for me the camera work is superb and both girls dresses exude elegance, I can nearly imagine them at a classy drinks party apart from Indiana's exposed, delightful derrière.

So whilst the poses are fairly tame in this set there are some individual delights (Cristina's debut set offers more explicit shots of these two beautiful girls) and the tone for me is very erotic.

One further point I would make is that this set works very well in terms of viewing from the camera's perspective, two girls stripping for the viewer and in this fashion does not and need not intimate a lesbian relation between the two models, I hope that makes sense.

bobblehat, you make some good points. This set still doesn't work for me... and it isn't because it wasn't "lesbian" enough.
In fact, I've seen some g/g sets that weren't sexual between the girls at all yet were very successful sets because of what the models displayed and how... this set just failed to arouse any of those feelings for me, despite liking Indiana and Cristina very much. ( :

This gallery is incredibly hot, sexy, and classy; featuring two of Met Art's best hotties elegantly dressed. What a "COCK" "TAIL" party this would be, one we all would love to attend, huh guys. Excellent photography by Sironi.

This gallery is incredibly hot, sexy, and most of all classy; featuring two of Met Art's best hotties elegantly dressed for the evening. What a 'COCK' 'TAIL' party we would have here huh guys! Excellent photography by Sironi.

Indiana as lovely as she could be, holds back as always and drags this shoot down to a bore. I truly wish she could let go and decide to enjoy what she's doing and show it.

Hard to imagine putting two girls as gorgeous and sexy as Indiana (!!) and Cristina together and coming up with a clinker, but there ya go... high on glamor, low on eroticism. Gorgeous, gorgeous women. But there's very little here of erotic nature.

Exactly what I was thinking. I never saw two gorgeous naked girls put together in a way that is as uniquely un-titillating as this. And I ADORE Indiana. What a shame...

My sentiments exactly, for_realz.

I'm with ergo on this one, though I disagree with Rags very reluctantly. I respect her opinion, especially on g-g sets, but there's something important missing here. It's as though I'm looking at two actresses acting, not two lovers interacting. Both women are beautiful. I've gushed volumes over my passion for Indianal. I don't feel the same about Cristina (though she has one of the most beautiful pussies ever photographed). The incandescent personality that elevates Indiana's solo sets is mostly absent here. In its place is a tepid passion that allows both women to pose beautifully for the camera without ever being in the moment.

Love the leg fuzz on pic 163!!

The women are out of this world beautiful and I love seeing them together, however, the posing could have been better! When you get past that you are excited to see them together, kind of ok not wow.

Alex Sironi surely captured these two beautful sexy models very well :( I simply loved the sexy lingerie both Cristina A and Indiana A are wearing they compliments each other bodies with the pale skin of Indiana A and the well toned tanned body of Cristina A in some very sensual poses.I simply adored the close up images #149-#150 Cristina A's tanned body firm large breasts erect nipples against Indiana A's creamy white skin perched up on the Window sill just as images #161-#162 sitting on the table wrapping their arm around each other just as image number #166 sitting upon the table both of their backs,heads arched back breasts at their fullness hair flowing cascading down their backs is totaly a sensual shot of both of them there is a certain air of chemistry between both of these two beauties as a female i surely beats watching to guys together YUK !!! Cristana A and Indiana A should make a movie.Its been a while since i've seen a movie with two girls togther i personaly think that with both of their Gorgous Sexy bodies it would make a great one :) specialy with the contrast of their different skin tones....

Hi Rags25 Indiana is in Girlfriends here on Met-Art and a g/g movie on EA I think where she works as Belle. Also check Voronin's old stuff. He did many g/g movies,and was never afraid to push Met-Arts buttons Pure fun I where Anna goes downtown on her sister Tanya(but you can never quite see ,or the series Safica,Antares and Domination. Also the out-take Krilius where Sharon E takes Ira A's clothes off. And don't forget Orion and Encore with Jenya D and Liza B

Hi 5seadog there are many girl on girl sets in the both within the depths of Metarts archives and movies like Sofi A and Kery A in "galant" and more to mention one as i know well as i have created a few galleries of them its nice to go thru the archives and see how much MetArt has grown since 1999 i love some of the old series and miss the models within them that have long left MetArt on this note i bid you Good Morning as its 1:15am in the morning here in Australia and this Aussie Chick has to go to bed with her lovely young daughter until later take care ok :(

Sweet dreams for you and your daughter, rags!

I couldn't agree more about a video of these two rags, brilliant!.

Rags25, I was just about to start an uninspired comment for this set when I noticed your comment. I had to stop, read your comment and reexamine the set. Cristina and Indiana should hire you as their talent agent. I do think that the set is too long but I see that the later photos are better. The photos of them sitting on the table infront of the windows are really quite sensual and tender. Both, women are profoundly beautiful. I particularly like Indiana's red hair and porcelain skin. Thank you for helping me to appreciate this set. Regards, Neil

Can anybody tell me, is Indiana the model known as Angelina on Femjoy? I think she is but Femjoy's Angelina wears all of the hair that Mother Nature gave her, or at least she did in the photos I saw.

Indiana is Angelina B on Femjoy, Angelina on that site is Michelle E here on MetArt, I would say she is smooth shaven on there in about 80-90% of her featured material, whichever floats your boat you have to admit she does cater to all tastes.

Yes, Indiana/Angelina B/ Rudi has been a very busy young lady. She has done all kinds of shoots for many different photographers and has been on several different websites. She is awesome. Normally, exclusive work with one paticular photographer developes a close rapport, but I think Indiana's diverse experience has made her a great model.

Two exquisite and delicious girls and very sexy sensuous props .Yet , something is missing making the set very bland .May lack of warmth and chemistry between the two .I don't know but am sure Sailor will put me right !!

Me? I haven't set anyone right since I was 3! : )

Dear ergo there is warmth and chemistry between them trust me as a female i should know maybe your having a bad day and you missed it and i'm being polite too ok :(

Hi Again rags25 I think it would be safe to say that most guys prefer a shoot like Encore by Voronin, starring Liza B and Jenya D. Both sets of ears are FLAMING by the time they get to the last scene where Liza is lying on a bed exhausted and our Jenya is quietly twiddling her hair.

Nah, rags, I think I know what ergo means and for once I disagree with you (not that you're wrong, from your POV this set works, but for ergo and I it doesn't). The warmth and chemistry between them is nice, but it just doesn't have that erotic spark that really successful MA sets do.

Quantity & quality of the photos are good,but not so pleasant.

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