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I think it has nothing to do with mismatch of colors...Cristina is gorgeous, either way. I think she was even better looking with darker hair. The blonde kind of washes her out.

I admit shaving would have been much better but I like the blond hair. As for the mismatch of colors I would bet that 80% of the blonds on the street sport this same mismatch. Even the one that are blond tend to be much darker down there. I do agree though that this set was way to bland. No closeups, way to many scenery shots. Granted the ocean is pretty and the palms and such are nice scenery but we don't come here for vacation photos. Cristina is a beautiful model with much to offer but the photographer just didn't take advantage of her experience.

Technically Ivan Harrin did a good job in that his photos have great color and contrast but he was focusing more on the backgrounds than the model and that just isn't what Metart is all about.

This is a real pretty model. I think she is much more pretty with blonde hair rather than brown. The fact that the colour of cuffs and collar are of different colours is not an issue. However this photo shoot is bland, too much background, no close ups and uninteresting. This model has done much better on previous photo shoots.

LOVE Cristina, all that golden fuzz is just sooooooooo damn sexy! And she is heart-achingly beautiful too :-)

(yeah, call me a sycophant if you must 'Tartme').

Nothing new or interesting in this set. With a model who has been around as long as Cristina A there needs to be a level of creativity, a new take, a revelation of an aspect of the models personality , or something.....anything, to spark appreciation in other than devotees (sycophants?)

I liked Cristina more when she had brown hair. I especially dislike the clash of brown hair between her legs and blond hair on her head. If women must dye their hair they should definitely shave.

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