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I very much prefer Cristina in her natural auburn color, but she obviously doesn't agree. Nice backdrop in this set, and some good photography, but I have to agree with 'the clit lickr'...those blown opportunities for great close-ups is a shame... I promise Ivan, it won't bite you! ;o) Nice set overall. 9/10

I have to admit I find Cristina's unique trim job more than a little bit of a turn-on, for what reason I cannot say.
Personally I find her more appealing as a blonde, and I generally do not find bleach blonde attractive.
It must be her gorgeous eyes and her smile.

The curtains and rug don't match but I certainly am not complaining. More pubes, but tastefully combed / groomed to still provide an unobstructed view of her pussy would look good. Russia is such a vast country. I wish I knew where this wonderful little oasis is.

Appears to be the Caspian coastal region of southern Russia, just north of Georgia. If that's actually a volcano in the bacdkground, it's eroded to a point and must be an ancient, inactive one, but I don't believe it is a volcano.

Ha! I was thinking Hawaii...

Hawaii? Probably the Big Island. The volcano back drop is a good clue. She is posing by desert cacti and a wall of pumice stone. Good guess!

I don't believe you will find "prickly pear" in Hawaii...but I could be wrong. Just a bit of research will tell the tale...

Well....my research reveals that the prickly pear is native to the North American continent's southwest region, but I suppose like many other species of flora, it could have been introduced to an area of suitable climate. Therefore this could indeed be Hawaii, but I'm still leaning in a different direction... That's a LONG way from Russia to do a photoshoot....unless you're Sports Illustrated..;o) (or have their kind of funds for such a jaunt..)

Cristina is a gorgeous girl with beautiful blue eyes!!! I must say though, I prefer her as a brunette. Good set overall, but it would have been much better with a few good pussy close-ups!!!

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