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If photographing vaginas/vulvas is so easy, how come so many photographers can't even get them in focus?

Nobody ever said it was easy.

I see no 'girl cum' .

She got my rocks off..

Cristina is very hot. I would like to see her pussy completely unshaven. Her beauty and body are unsurpassed. Nice set. Outdoor light is superior as the natural colors of the model are shown.


  • 2 years ago:

This work combine a beautiful model an exuberant nature and sensitivity of an excellent photographer. Shooting vaginas is very easy, but the woman is more than a vagina, and this is where the competence of a photographer that can show the intimacy and sensuality of the woman even though she fully clothed. We have examples in some photos of Metart.

The elements do come together nicely for a quality set here. It takes a great outdoor set to impress me, and with Cristina as the subject, this one does that.

The only thing I would like to point out is that the external female genitalia is called the vulva. The vagina is internal - the sheath - that her doctor would see. It's a common mistake even among women. Sorry, my obsession with correct terminology (and with vulvas) compels me to make that correction. Okay, I'll get off my soap box now.

I'm also big on correct language usage, but this may be a lost cause kilroy. That term (vagina)is so engrained in the male psyche that it's likely never going to change. "Vulva" sounds too much like a car to ever be associated with a "pussy"...for the vast majority of us...;o) But I applaud your efforts.

Beautiful eyes, brilliant smile and a really nice butt.

Damn!! How'd ya like to stumble onto this scene while looking for a good fishin' spot?? lol Cristina's beautiful and this set is not all bad for a "seaside" set. Rocks are much better than sand... Definitely a set worth taking 'home'...

I've seen better sets of Cristina. Nice to see her again though...

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