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Burn that lampshade. And never insult that dress with that color again.

Welcome back Christina with your naturally look of your hair color,so i love you ! You are my albsoloutly favorit 10++++++++

OMG !!!!

A model that knows how to wear a pair of heels !!!

My second "10" in two weeks !

Gawd I love a girl with peach fuzz! Or what I call angel fur. To me that is so damn sexy! I like this hair color or the darker shade she started out with much better than the blond look. Cristina has a magnificent body, great legs and a very pretty face not to mention a winning smile. Gorgeous breasts and a sweet looking pussy though Tony seemed reluctant to show it more than a token shot or two. However I didn't love that bright red gown and red panties. Just to bold and over the top for me. White or a light pastel would have been better. And those shoes are downright dangerous looking.

All and all a 9 for me but it could have been a 10 so easily.

Cristina's beauty is difficult to describe in words. And I love her pert firm small tits.

What looked to be a very creamy pussy was hardly paid attention to in this set. How sad!!

Very nice.
Believe the better shots do NOT include the extreme heels or objects on the "drop down" ceiling. They are somewhat of a distraction from a young lady that needs no distraction.

Welcome back to Cristina? Or welcome back to Antonio?
For both of which give us another masterpiece set.
10+ Cristina - 10+ Antonio

shaved or unshaved is better than trimmed

Caballo I don't know where you are located but Christina's "Main Page" has the following on it: Cristina has been one of my favorites for years. But I also prefer Cristina with darker hair. Her "natural" color, I do believe! The "Cinivia" set by Tony Murano is her best set, IMHO! Great photography, good sequences of photos. Y Cristina está sonriendo, ella está abriendo ancho y ella está chorreante mojado! Ella es asombroso! It is time stamped as 3 hour ago. In my time zone this was posted 37 minutes ago. Que Pasa?

I did go back and review the set you refer to. Snce I don't haba espanole I loss the meaning of the last sentance. What I did note in Cinivia is just how explicit she was shown. If that is what made it your fav, I can easily undertand. And compared to today... Well today we get none of her butterfly, which Ihave been told is a polite way to refer to "those" shorts. Other posters in the past have commented about her multiple hair color shots. IMO the red tint here works well. While she is still beautiful here, today, IMO this is not the best we have had of her.

Cristina is a beautiful girl with a gorgeous body that I would dearly love to taste.

Sailor if you got to "taste" all the ladies you say you want to, then I must question if you are also an epicurean. But then again you may just be a very cunning linguist.

Oops, was that a slip of the tongue...

Go to your room!

Ok, Daddy...

Ha ha ha!
Point to swplf2!!!

I want a rematch!

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