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There is just something about Cristina's face and smile (well OK, and her hot body too!) that redefines religious experience. If I were admitted to heaven (very unlikely), I would ask for nothing more than for her to be mine. I would ravish her day and night!

❤ the shag!

Scrumptious 'frosting' on the cake that is today! Really good set of the really adorable Cristina!! I never tire of her sexual energy, which bubbles over in ALL her sets! She always looks like she could not be happier doing anything else, and I couldn't be happier to see her each time she comes around. A true 'dream weaver'!

Very demanding, this color choice. A demand to see. I meet the demand -I have no choice.

I will be bold. I meet this demand with another. Pink, blonde, blue: Show that blue, good photographer, show that blue.

So effective is this color, quibblers should quit.

One might easily (and understandably) miss those long lovely fingers in 63.

Pretty girl. Curtains should match the carpet...

Cristina is such a gorgeous woman, who also happens to belong to the PP club from WAY back. For evidence, I introduce images # 43 & 44. ( :

Lovely set of a lovely woman. Love the strip and her lovely body and smiling face. This is my definition of the perfect trim job. It retains it's natural color, shape and size without obstructing the important parts. I would love to see all the girls trimmed this way. I think it is the perfect compromise. Clean, neat and natural looking with clear unobstructed view and no hair in my teeth! 8^)

Bravo Hipshot -- !

I agree completely -- compromise fuels the engine of civilization.

To borrow from Zero Mostel -- "Something for everybody--".

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