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Spoiled by too many shots of model's bum and cunt being out of focus.

Csilla is absolutely gorgeous, and her beautiful pussy makes me drool!

A very nice debut from little miss creamy cunt.

Welcome Csilla.
Come in MetArt with an explosion of femininity.
Brava Csilla !
Fantastic Csilla.
Fantastic photos of Csilla.
Fantastic Csilla naked, opened without veils, without shame but with all the beauty of her womanhood.

and here is our poet, enchanting words gaetano maria!

Delightful, very so! More, more, more!!! :-)

Hi Andrew, nice to hear a new voice here, another tasteful viewer who will have to be satisfied with more Csilla soon ;)

Would like to see more of Csilla. She has a very pretty pussy and feet.

You will see more of Csilla and her assets mariom, just wait. Hopefully in april already ;)

Fantastic model, great set!

nice to hear that Ouchstopit!

DG - Csilla (pronounced SILL-ah?) appears to be a big hit from what I see in the comments. As for me, you know I like those tall leggy types like Csilla and Sunshine. Csilla has a great smile, not a bit of shyness that I could see in those brown eyes. As for her enjoying showing her intimate parts, I certainly enjoyed seeing them and glad you included some nice closeups. Pink is definitely her color ;-) and the nightie and sheets worked well in the scheme of things. I liked how you let the bed sheets get more disarrayed as the shoot progressed, as they should with a lovely unclothed woman on top of them. The only thing more I would have liked to see would be a few standing poses front and back. Please put that on the list for next time. This is one of the strongest debut sets in quite a while, exceeding even my expectations.

You mentioned SexArt, and so did F, so is it for sure she will appear on that site as well?

Hey kilroy, very close, it's pronounced Chill-ah ;)
If you like both Csilla and Sunshine you will be happy if I arrange a shooting of them together, they are friends.
I am glad you liked how I arranged the shooting overall, and if you want to see more of her standing just wait for the other sets of her, you will have enough to enjoy, so no need to put it on the list ;)
It's great that you consider this debut set so well done, Csilla was also totally happy to find out how much love for her there is here :) So keep writing nice thoughts and you will make her smile once more ;)
P.S. For SA it is not sure, I have to submit my work and we'll see ;)

I just looked at some of your other comments with bobblehat and hipshot down at the bottom. A G-G of her with Sunshine would be awesome! Even better on SA - I might have to sign up for SA, at least for that month!

I think that the maximum we can hope for now is G-G just here on MA, but you never know ;)


Ciao Mascalzone, glad you liked the Grande Bellezza of this model, she will be happy to read your enthusiastic comment ;)

I hereby add "Grande Bellezza" to the Magwich Manual of Recommended Descriptive Vocabulary.

...it is a marvelous descriptor... I will remember it as well. ( :

(Hereafter, if you see the abbreviation "GB," you will know what it means... )

Honored you liked the hint Magwich ;)

Pretty girl, but photographer obviously is fixated like a teenager upon pussy as nearly the totality of the woman.

Hi Topnife, this seems to be your usual comment: nice model/bad photographer.. Are you a photographer yourself? can I see your work? ;)

You can see such work quite well in the award winning coffee table book: "Hiding From The Grande Bellezza"

OMG, DG and Magwich, you two win the "big laugh of the day" award for Saturday with that exchange.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the laugh which came from my belly. Such laughs are very therapeutic. ( : ( : ( :

p.s. DG, I have a feeling the pics are "in the mail." I have no doubt they will be with you in no time at all. :D

Lack of fixation = lack of totality

May our photographer fixate on all that is possible.

Huge congratulations deltagamma, you found a diamond in the rough. Csilla is a breathtakingly beautiful natural girl and she's sizzling hot on your photos. This is a sensational debut set, one of the best all-time. I like everything, the pink nightie is very sexy, the location is pretty nice, the poses are excellent and I'm not surprised Csilla's mouthwatering pussy mesmerized you, the close-up photos are exceptionally great. It's good to see she really enjoyed the shooting, she was in a very joyful mood, her smile is one of her biggest asset (the last two photos are phenomenal), beside of her perfect body of course. :)
I'm extremely satisfied with this set and I'm happy Metart published it today. All I can say is please bring back this angel as often as possible, because she's a star in the making. Big thank you again for this treasure and I'm looking forward to her next sets, hopefully I don't have to wait too long. ;)

hey jkutyna, nice to read from you again, it's always a pleasure for me, especially when you have so many compliments for the model and the photographer too :) As you write Csilla was in a very joyful mood and it was easy to make the best come out of her because she is a very sweet girl.
I have talked to her right now and arranged a new shoot in april, so be ready to see her again soon ;)

Nice to hear from some fresh new voices

Having seen Csilla model elsewhere, I am overjoyed to see that she has arrived at Met-Art. She is incredibly gorgeous and (thankfully) not the least bit shy! I hope to see many more sets of her.

Please tell me where you've seen her exactly, I'd like to check out those photos too. I tried to look up her data, but I didn't find anything. Thanks for your answer in advance. :)

as Dave Lee correctly writes she works for a hungarian agency, nudeattack, that's how I booked her and Sunshine too. She appears under other names (Cosmo and Rikku or Rukku) elsewhere

the girl has been shooting for more then a year now. she works for nuddattack.hu. it is a Hungarian model agency.

nudeattack.hu. sorry..he he

Our photographer's affinity for distinctive and elegant beauty continues.

Our model has an exceptional flare of hip. I would like to see it accentuated. Posterior elevation works best when we can see the small of the back. A well chosen thong never hurts.

We lose focus a little to soon in 72, and some fingers and toes are chopped.

The last images with the ear showing through the hair are charmingly cute.

Carry on, good photographer, carry on.

Hi Magwich, your comment is very pleasant, thank you, and I will take into account your advice for my next shoots.

Amazing. I love the bit of exposed clitoris in image 33.

That is truly amazing because almost all the models on MA appear to have no visible clits. It is something I noticed long ago and I look in every closeup but seldom if ever find one? I have always wondered if this was a deliberate exclusion on K's part or maybe a geographical thing? At any rate it is a pleasant surprise.

My personal hunch is that it is an anatomical phenomenon, Hipshot. Most women's clitorises simply aren't visible without considerable effort.
In fact, this phenomenon is the genesis of many venerable jokes... ( :

A considerable effort worth making. Leave no curve unshown. Extra compensation would no doubt encourage a greater number of artistic expressions.

Viva la grande Bellezza.

Indubitably, Magwich. I totally concur. ( :

I am so glad to find out all this love for Csilla and appreciation for this set! I am on my way yo the airport and won't have a lot of time to post today but I can tell you that she is really enthusiastic about the very nice comments by you all and that she is already looking forward yo our next shooting, so I am already planning to arrange it in few weeks.
Thank you all for the great support and appreciation, will write more later.

DG, you are a genius!! And this Csilla is magnificent!! I hope there is a LOT more of her in our future!! Excellent debut set!! Bold and Beautiful! Csilla, you are truly a sweet treat!! XOXO Welcome and please hurry back! ;o)

Hi rachsback, so nice of you :) I confirm that there is much more of her and it's just a matter of time to see it, just stand by ;)

Csilla = Love the Model/Hate the Name. As a member with an unpronounceable screen name I sympathize. First of all welcome to our world. There is no question you belong here. I know DG will share all of the wonderful comments about you, with you and as your set today shows you will be ALL smiles. I have little to add since every comment has been positive and has expressed perfectly what you have brought to us. Excellent debut set. It is obvious the DG brings out the best in you, hope that you enjoyed making the set as much as we enjoyed viewing it. I, too, was all smiles going through it. I will anxiously await your next set with DG.

P.S. Don't be afraid of SexArt --- Go for it!

swplf, I hope you won't mind that I have assigned a pronounceable pronunciation to your unpronounceable screen name. I just say "spliff" like the slang for a joint. ( ;
I hope you won't object!

fer_realz, thank you for taking responsibility of the pronounciation.. I am replying to your other post with the correct way ;)

Thank you for the correction, DG ~ my father is a linguist so I find the question of differing pronunciations in different languages endlessly fascinating. ( :

(As for Csilla, I pronounce it like the second half of "Priscilla")

very close, it is actually supposed to sound like Chill-a, not so difficult after all ;)

Hi F, I was waiting to know what you think about this model and I am very happy that you have positive and interesting critiques. About the name... I can agree.. I explained below the reason of the choice, but in the end what counts is the model ;)
You are right she is all smiles, she is such a sweet and smiling girl, I think I would never have enough of shooting with her, and even when she doesn't smile she has those big bright eyes who smile for her. Pure honey.
About enjoying shooting this set you are right once again, she did enjoy it and for this reason she probably also agreed to try posing in more erotic poses for the first time and I hope you will be able to see her SA debut soon.

Primo ass!

THIS is what Metart is supposed to be , pretty or beautiful women who spread their gorgeous legs and show the power of the pussy!!!!!! MORE! MORE! MORE! What an incredible debut!!! 10+

Hi trickydicky1, I totally agree with you ;) As I wrote before here Csilla really belongs to here and you will see her for a long time ;)

What a Great Lady.... Those eyes, this Perfect Body, her greatat legs and feet and her sensuality... Wow

Hi Leon13, and welcome in "my" comments section, it's nice to read you liked Csilla, it will be a pleasure to show you more of her

This girl is absolutely incredible, super cute, warm inviting smile, mouthwatering laser smooth undercarriage, and I sure love all the poses showing off that perfect ass

HI metlover, with such a name you could not but love this girl and her sweet perfection and the love she puts in posing ;)

This is an absolutely magnificent debut of a perfectly gorgeous young woman. Csilla is so very beautiful, cute and seductive. A truly special new model. I hope we will see much more of her soon.
My compliments to DG for finding such a rare and precious gemstone. And of course, my warmest regards and best wishes to Csilla. She is wonderful.

Hi Neil, I was sure you would like this debut, as you say she is special, and I can tell you that the feeling you have about her as a person when you see her in the pictures it's the same you would have in real life, because she is really down-to-earth, sweet, happy by nature. I thank you for your very welcome compliments and I will relay them to her later.

DG, you've got a winner here! Csilla seems very comfortable in front of the camera, and is very generous in her posing. She has a very pretty smile and other things that are very pretty as well.
This set was a very pleasant surprise. I hope Csilla comes back for more! ( :

fer_realz, yes she is a real winner and she was born for showing her intimate beauty and her sweet smile, so you can be sure you will see more of her very soon ;)

I am completely bowled over by Csilla's beauty and sexuality. She certainly has a big big wow factor . Thank you Deltagamma74 for your discovery. More of her please.

Hi ergo, nice to hear that, I really hoped that Csilla would be appreciated and now I am really happy for her, she can't wait to please you all again soon.

This is a very nice debut of a very attractive young lady. Csilla has a sweet smile when she turns it on.

As always I appreciate the background details that deltagamma74 provided for today's visit.

Welcome Csilla, I hope we are favoured with many more visits. Thanks deltagamma74 for introducing Csilla to us and good luck in your quest(s) for more new models from the accessible parts of Europe.

Hi Baggy36Pants, it's always my pleasure when I see such warm appreciation of my models and my work, it's one more reason to keep bringing new stuff and exploring Europe thoroughly in search of hidden treasures.

I envy you your travels, DG... I gotta get into another line of work! ( :

WOW! A new star is born in the Metart heavens! This is the cutest most perfectly proportioned new girl since Jeff Milton. I was in love after the first few photos and it just got better as the set continued and more was revealed . This is not a premier this is a force to be reckoned with. Most new models tend to be shy and at least somewhat reserved but Csilla is anything but reserved. No shyness here this doll has everything and she isn't afraid to put it all out there for our approval. All I can say is she has my 100% recommendation! She is cute, perfectly proportioned with outstanding body features not the least of which is that fantastically moist and exquisite vulva. Her smile and cheerful presence is delightful.

Deltagamma captured it all. Every intimate detail in one of the hottest premiers I can remember! Great photos of a fantastic new girl that I predict has a bright future here in the Metart family.

Welcome Csilla, I am looking forward to MANY happy returns. I predict a red banner in this lovely young things very near future.

You are totally right hipshot, a new "star" is born, and it's not by chance that her name is Csilla (actually it would have been Csilla G but that last letter on MA is assigned to the 7th model with the same name), since Csillag in Hungarian means "star", and she also has a star tattoed somewhere (some members found out already).
It's great to read such enthusiastic comments here, and when you in particular have such a reaction on a model it means that she is really something out of the ordinary, so I am glad twice. I will put all my efforts to bring the best out of her on a regular basis, she deserves to belong to the Metart family for a long time.

Csilla, a new Hungarian honey after Sunshine. As honey she is sweet, naturally smiling from the bottom of her heart, a real pleasure for the eyes and a very pleasing experience to shoot her.
I have shot this set a few months ago in Budapest, warm days and a satisfying job, having even time to visit both the Buda side and the Pest part.
As soon as I saw Csilla in front of the door of the apartment I chose for the shooting I had the feeling that she was the ideal model to work with, such a bright smile and a kind of shyness that suddenly turned into a sweet mix of sensuality and happy eroticism when she started to take her clothes off. She really gives the idea of enjoying the fact of showing her intimate parts to the viewer.
Being the first shooting together I chose this setting for the first set, with a soft window light for a few initial portraits and a comfortable bed for the erotic poses.
Yesterday I wrote Csilla about her upcoming debut on Metart and she was looking forward so much, truly happy about it.
I hope that you all enjoy her today and show how much you like her in order to see her again soon here (and on Sexart).

As always thanks for this lovely set and the chance to enjoy another beautiful model. I really like the window shots and the way you captured both the light and shadows on her form. As you have written she seems to have a beautiful natural smile. Love her incredible long legs which make her seem even taller than she is.

Love your work. You have become my favorite MA/SA artist!

Best to you!

Hi Jake!
I am honored to be in such consideration! And I am really happy you loved this model, her natural smile comes along with her natural beauty, ad well as natural is the harmony of her body.
I will keep up with my work and try to bring more of this beauty.

DG, at first glance, this looks like a wonderful set! I'll have more time to look at it later, but she has a great smile, especially on those last three shots. An anticipated set from you deserves much more than the quick run through of this morning, so more later...

Hi kilroy, as usual It's great to know you love my ork even at first glance, I will be waiting for your final feedback after you look thoroughly at the set. Sit down and enjoy it slowly ;)

...as one would enjoy fine wine. ( :

I think we're very lucky that her posing allowed this shy girl to "come out of her shell" as we say here in the States. She really looks like she enjoyed the process, which is what made the whole set so arousing and enjoyable. ( :

Well said fer_realz, this pearl came out of her shell and I was the lucky witness, so I wanted to share this treasure with you all ;)

Another fantastic discovery courtesy of the brilliant Deltagamma. Csilla is gorgeous and my goodness is she not shy, displaying herself beautifully for the camera in a series of absolutely fantastic spread leg shots, I'm in heaven.

I hope we get to see a lot more of her in the future, a duo with either Sunshine or Lauren would be completely mind blowing!.

Hi bobblehat, I am very glad to hear you liked Csilla.
As you wrote she really know how to please the viewer and your wish of seeing her in a duo with Sunshine is very realistic since they know each other and they actually met during the 2-days shooting.
I am ready to show you all much more of her soon!

We will be waiting eagerly. She might even get me to sign up for SA
even though I can't really afford it. If this is her Met debut I have got to see what she does on SA!

She could be a good reason herself for finally signing up for SA hipshot ;)

I really like SA but my limited income dictates that I must limit myself to one site and MA has more new sets and new girls than any of their others so I stay here with only an occasional journey to SA.

Very Very Cute, more please!

Sure I... will.. show more of her ;)

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