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Deltagamma, you have very nice shot here. Hopefully in the future you could add some foot close up.

Ain't it strange how a model's tattoos will appear and disappear from one shoot to the next, one site to the next?

Fantastic job! Need a lot more of Csilla' pussy and feet!

Very beautiful pussy Csilla. I could lick you for hours...

perfection I just love to see girls so open about their 'sweetness'. It's alos great to see such perfectly manicured nails alongside her inner most secret! Can't understand why some models have grubby chewed nails.

glad to hear you liked Csilla's many features, I can't agree more with you. There are not so many models with such nice hands and nails.

I think most of our models actually work for a living, or have recently. Many I'm sure come from farms also.

good catch rachsback, I think this is one of the reasons, most of the models I have met have a regular job, not always hands-friendly

Makeup can do so much but a girl who has to work can not hide the wear and tear on the hands. The fastest way to tell a models true age is to look at the hands and feet. These girls for the most part are students working for extra money. Most jobs that are available to young girls are not hand friendly.


I really liked this set, Csilla you are one beautiful girl. I keep liking the few b/w shots. This time it reminded me when I was into b/w film and could develop it myself because the print shop would not print because of the xxfactor. Now we have digital!

Hi Dutchman, glad you liked the b/w shots, sorry you don't like the necklace... actually I had included more b/w and desaturated shots but they must have gone lost during the upload, what a pity.

I forgot to mention, I wish there was an app. on this site where you could photoshop out big bulgy necklaces. They really interfere with the beautiful flow of a woman's curves and just plain gets in the way.

Csilla, you are beautiful and sexy. Delta, you are talented and clever!
Very nice set, and I LOVE the "paracord" necklace!! ;o)

Damn thing got me this time!! LOL

necklace lovers-necklace haters 2-1 so far... ;)

Love the girl and the shots; hate the stupid necklace.

Hi wheelerrr, I know that not everybody may like the necklace and other accessories, but as you may imagine when you shoot more than one set with a model you also need some variety, and accessories can help sometimes. I could have Csilla taking it off earlier, but I was probably hypnotized by her beauty and forgot it...

Csilla, you are sexy and beautiful!! Delta, you are talented and clever! ;o) Great set!!

Thank you rachsback, too kind (for me) & too right (for Csilla) ;) so glad to hear you like the set!

Csilla continues to impress, as does DeltaGamma in bringing her to us. Very much a hometown girl or girl next door type as fer_realz says, and I think wearing her own clothes in the shoot certainly promotes that sort of feel to the shoot, as does some of her shy expressions. Among her attributes is her pretty pink nether area which naturally opens with her legs and gives us peeks of her pearl (a rare treat at this site). IMO, This set has more about pink than her nice body shape and figure, but that is quite alright. DG says he likes to differentiate in settings, and it follows also in poses and such. You can't do everything in every set.

I will add this set to my collection, for Csilla is a keeper for sure.
DG, thank you for another treat with Csilla.

Hi kilroy, you are always welcome with your valuable comments and your notes. I totally agree with what you wrote about the girl-next-door feel inspired by Csilla, she is so naturally down-to-earth and shy. And about the pink.. surely it's something irresistable, magnetic.. You can figure out how one could feel while shooting.. and the result follows this feeling. Csilla is very good at posing, one of those models who is very comfortable with the most erotic poses and also adding a touch of sweetness.
I am very glad to know that this set will be included in your collection, looking forward to adding another piece soon..

What a treasure Csilla is! I gave her 9 on the first sets, but changed my mind; she is definitely 10 plus and more, now all three sets are 10 and saved into my treasure file boxes; look forward to see more of this super attractive lady...wow!

Hi spunky, it's nice to find another fan of the lovely Csilla, I am really pleased to read you liked our work so far and that your consideration even increased. We will try not to disappoint you with the next sets ;)

Thank You Very Much for your great work Deltagamma and your comments & input as an insider are wonderful as well! I do appreciate even more of your great artistic works, and definitely, I look forward to see more of your work and beautiful Csilla in the future!

very rewarding words spunky, cush things are my "artistic food" and motivate me to work hard and create more viewing pleasure for you and the other viewers. I am also looking forward to showing you more of Csilla and other beautiful models soon!

I figured out how to pronounce "Csilla," It's not "si-silla," or "chilla," it's "lovely."


LOL "Tis a far better thing to appear a fool...." etc etc etc ;o)

(I guess that goes for me most of the time too!!! lmao!!)

Hee hee! Well, I had to think of something ;)

Maybe it's "Zilla," and she's on her way to destroy Tokyo in a most lovely way.

LOL "My God...it's Zilla!!"....lmao!!

Nice retort! ;o)

That Hollywood!! They sure have trouble coming up with an "original" idea!!! Remake and rehash anything that was halfway popular at ANY time in history!! They need to go somewhere for ideas other than comic books and old film archives before they end up, in a "modern world", as relevent as a "pubic hair discussion"!! LOL

The uncreative Hollywood has about run out of old TV series, comic books and video games to make movies out of. Zilla vs. Shave-a-saurus, there is a fresh idea!


...and the sound of barber's scissors and hair trimmer wakes him up at 3 am with the cold sweats!

Shhhh... if you mention the "shave-a-saurus," you'll wake the "Doug-a-saurus" and we'll ALL be sorry! LOL

(Love ya, Doug, really... )

LOL I doubt that the creature sleeps at all...

No, but he has extremely sensitive ears... he can hear a pubic hair fall from a mile away! ( ;

To be sure, Csilla does not strike me as a girl, but nevertheless, she has that "girl (I wish lived) next door" quality. Her smile is so warm and her expressions are so genuine, and she just looks like someone you could easily meet on the street any day and get to know very very well.
I have been a fan since her first set, and this set did not disappoint whatsoever. I eagerly await more visits from the lovely Csilla. ( :

Hi fer_realz, your description really fits to what Csilla is, she really gives that feeling when you actually meet her, it's great that you can tell it simply looking at her pictures here, very good catch.

The photocraphers seem to love chairs to show poses of the models.
Too much chairs. They destroy sweet imagination - better the soft
surrounding of the bedroom...

I can't shoot all the sets in a bedroom Eridanus.. and the perspective/depth of field on a bed are not always ideal to show the beauty of a model. I like to differentiate settings when possible. Next sets with this model are on couch/sofa.

Stunning open legs and from behind shots.Everything is beautiful in this set.

Great to hear that H WU, it's really easy and pleasant to shoot with Csilla, she makes this job really special.. She will be happy to hear you enjoyed our work, we'll come back with more nice sets soon ;)

Sweet pictures of a sweet lady.

Csilla is certainly not shy, but it just doesn't seem proper to say anything raunchy about her ~ so lovely pictures, lovely lady is the only thing more to say, except ~ thank you Csilla and thank you deltagamma74 for this pleasing visit.

Why would anyone say anything "raunchy" about ANY of the models???
And who would think it "proper" in ANY circumstance!?

Can't agree more B36P, if you met Csilla the first thing you would love about her would surely be her sweet lovelyness, her almost shy way of getting compliments, like when she reads these nice comments and almost can't believe she is liked so much.

I wish we would get much more photosets shot by DG here at MetArt!

I would sign that petition!
He is my favorite artist on the site!

We can agree on that!

Hey uuusssee, I am so very glad to read that.. I'll do my best to appear more often with my sets and my models for uuu to sssee.....!

Clever rascal...;o)

Wow, i really enjoy this. Another great DG release. The necklace is a perfect accessory for Csilla and her body. She sure spreads joy alright, and shares everything else. 10!

Hi MAP! always a pleasure to hear from you and find out you loved one of my sets. What to say about Csilla.. she was made to share her treasures!

Delta Gamma, Your beautiful little Hungarian vixen is back for another visit. This young lady is as beautiful as any woman could hope to be. And she is so very cute. Her eyes are so very expressive, I feel I could recognize her voice in a crowded Budapest cafe. I bet she is a sweetheart.

Hi Neil, Csilla is a REAL sweetheart.. everything about her is sweet, and her voice is a sweet melody..

Fantastic stuff once again from Csilla and Deltagamma, the shorts were a great idea, the shots of their removal truly tantalizing and the spread legs, man the spread legs!, awesome display, I for one am hoping for a lot more from this amazingly gorgeous, beautiful girl.

I am glad to hear that bobblehat, Csilla has become one of my all time favorite models to work with, she is truly perfect to shoot with. I am working on her next sets, it should be available for publishing soon.

This is indeed great news!

Third set with Csilla, a sweet and beautiful hungarian girl who spreads joy and happiness along with her legs.
This set is also from last summer, our first day shooting together, it was a beautiful sunny day in Budapest in a nice area of Buda, quiet and ideal for shooting. I asked Csilla to wear something casual and sexy, so we thought about the jeans shorts she had on when she came to the shooting and just a necklace, nothing else. What to say about the shooting itself, Csilla really made me melt down with her sweet and spontaneous eroticism, her smiles throughout the whole session, the look in her eyes.. the perfect Metart girl. This was the last set for that day, during the last part Sunshine joined us and had make up done, then it was her turn. I am looking forward to bringing many more sets with both of these Hungarian treasures soon.

Better late than never...been away for a few days. Another wonderful shoot with this lovely and fascinating model. Thank you!

Really appreciate the inclusion of the two black and white frames at the end. Don't know if these were taken before make up or if it is just the nature of b/w contrast...but Csilla's freckles are cute!

Looking forward to them already DG. I do like the idea of the models in their own clothes, for me it allows us to see the models self expression somewhat, as opposed to being more the photographer's interpretation of the subject.

I am glad to hear that bobblehat, I do agree and I must admit I am doing it more often because I've read in the comments that several members have the same feeling about that.

Absolutely a brilliant idea... it brings a spontaneity and genuine feel to the shoot. ( :

We've seen many models wear blue jean short-shorts. Why would anyone suddenly assume that they're part of the model's "personal wardrobe"???

Nobody would assume so, unless the photographer specifically mentioned it in his comments.
( :


We all have Homer days, don't we? :D

(Must be all that Duff Beer!!!)

"so we thought about the jeans shorts she had on when she came to the shooting"

No sudden assumption, just going on DG's comment.

Oh! Right you are.... LOL

Some days I have a hard time paying attention! ;o)

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