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Ain't it strange how a model's tattoos will appear and disappear from one shoot to the next, one site to the next?

Fantastic job! Need a lot more of Csilla' pussy and feet!

  • Zane
  • 2 months ago:

Very beautiful pussy Csilla. I could lick you for hours...

perfection I just love to see girls so open about their 'sweetness'. It's alos great to see such perfectly manicured nails alongside her inner most secret! Can't understand why some models have grubby chewed nails.

glad to hear you liked Csilla's many features, I can't agree more with you. There are not so many models with such nice hands and nails.

I think most of our models actually work for a living, or have recently. Many I'm sure come from farms also.

good catch rachsback, I think this is one of the reasons, most of the models I have met have a regular job, not always hands-friendly

Makeup can do so much but a girl who has to work can not hide the wear and tear on the hands. The fastest way to tell a models true age is to look at the hands and feet. These girls for the most part are students working for extra money. Most jobs that are available to young girls are not hand friendly.


I really liked this set, Csilla you are one beautiful girl. I keep liking the few b/w shots. This time it reminded me when I was into b/w film and could develop it myself because the print shop would not print because of the xxfactor. Now we have digital!

Hi Dutchman, glad you liked the b/w shots, sorry you don't like the necklace... actually I had included more b/w and desaturated shots but they must have gone lost during the upload, what a pity.

I forgot to mention, I wish there was an app. on this site where you could photoshop out big bulgy necklaces. They really interfere with the beautiful flow of a woman's curves and just plain gets in the way.

  • Doug
  • 2 months ago:

There is such an app -- it's called Photoshop! :)))

  • Doug
  • 2 months ago:

Tho I get your point -- it would be nice for them to offer a complimentary, limited edition version of Photoshop for their loyal members to mess with. Photoshop MA, or whatever. Probably would result in some improved images :-)))
Then they'd have a special place where these could be posted, complete with votes :-)

Whaaaaaa..... Doug... is ADVOCATING the use of photoshop ~ ?!?
Wait, who switched the freakin' universe on me while I was asleep?!?

  • Doug
  • 2 months ago:

Photoshop is a great program. I have used it to sharpen, clarify, otherwise enhance digital images. But it can be used for opposite purposes -- to destroy captured data, to paint over things big and small, often resulting in a fake, fuzzy-looking image.
Sadly, that is how it is often used here, I'm supposing for the pleasure of hair-haters, but also to "remove" tats.
We should never be able to see -- easily, at least, it being used to destroy information. We shouldn't notice it is being used at all -- the image ought to look like a clear, clean photo. Something you can believe in.
That's fine if you want to fuzz things up, etc, turn your photo into a painting -- just be honest about it.
That honesty has been lacking here -- one of the reasons I've hit on it so hard.

the photographer ❂ :-)

OK, a valid distinction, very well explained. ( :

  • Doug
  • 2 months ago:

Kristel-kleer? :-)))


Csilla, you are beautiful and sexy. Delta, you are talented and clever!
Very nice set, and I LOVE the "paracord" necklace!! ;o)

Damn thing got me this time!! LOL

necklace lovers-necklace haters 2-1 so far... ;)

Love the girl and the shots; hate the stupid necklace.

Hi wheelerrr, I know that not everybody may like the necklace and other accessories, but as you may imagine when you shoot more than one set with a model you also need some variety, and accessories can help sometimes. I could have Csilla taking it off earlier, but I was probably hypnotized by her beauty and forgot it...

Csilla, you are sexy and beautiful!! Delta, you are talented and clever! ;o) Great set!!

Thank you rachsback, too kind (for me) & too right (for Csilla) ;) so glad to hear you like the set!

  • Doug
  • 2 months ago:

Shaved, shaved, nuthin' but shaved (x 1 :-)

Coming onto this site and complaining about the number of shaved models is like going to a basketball game and complaining that they're not playing hockey. Ranting about it doesn't make you some kind of crusader, it makes you a troll.

  • Doug
  • 2 months ago:

Never said I was a crusader*, never denied I am a troll :-)
Call me what you will, I have things to say like others, and I say 'em. Whether they make a difference or not, it's outta my hands.
Think they have, tho :-)

*till somebody else did, at least :-)

the (sometimes) happy crusading troll ☺

BTW, look at Kristel's first sets and you'll see what brought me here, if not why I still have (a small bit of) hope :-)
I still can't understand why more people here wouldn't like to see a good-looking girl "both" ways, but only shaven, as if she's somehow not attractive if she doesn't denude herself.
Really makes me question their manhood :-)))

Keep on chargin'! :-))) ⚡

"... as if she's somehow not attractive if she doesn't denude herself."

You know that's not the case, but admitting it wouldn't fit your (hopeless) agenda. It's about being "not as attractive", not "not attractive". Anyone who has a preference prefers that preference. Nobody in their right mind thinks "hmmm, I wish she wasn't as attractive sometimes".

You're not really questioning anybody's manhood, you're just being a troll.

  • Doug
  • 2 months ago:

That is how you may feel, but tell me how that's different from demanding that she be shaved, as many people who don't make your distinction seem to be saying here.

"I wish she wasn't as attractive sometimes" = shave :-)

And that's one of my big points. I won't go into why she's less attractive to you and others with a bush, but I do suspect it has something to do with a lack of manhood :-)))

Sorry, fella, I'm a troll :-)

And what would that make you :-? ☺

  • Doug
  • 2 months ago:

Oh, I keep forgetting this is a shaved site. Forgive me! :-)))

But btw, wouldn't u guys like to see somethin' different for a change :-?

Guess not! :-)))

the outsider ⚡ :-)))

Come on, Doug, give it a rest (It is Sunday after all)!
A coveted set from one of my favorite photogs, and you have to grab the spotlight once again with your ramblings on the evils of pubic shaving, complete with double-spacing, smileys and all.

As in the Zsanett set, not one mention about her down-home charm, pretty pink (SHAVED) pussy, warm smile, and the rare opportunity to have a DG shoot.

Lets let it be about Csilla instead.

  • Doug
  • 2 months ago:

Too late! :-)

One of the reasons I mentioned it here is because Delta suggested Csilla might let it grow a bit.

I guess we will know if she did.

Any bets? :-?

I'd bet she won't :-)

Blame it on the Shave-a-saurus! :-)

Till that blessed day arrives, I've seen quite enuf of Ms Csilla, thank you :-)))

the vandal ☺

  • Doug
  • 2 months ago:

...or was that Sunshine who might let it grow?

Nuttin'-but-shaved causes me to mix these girls up! :-))

After awhile they all looks da same to me! :-)))

the jaded ✖ :-(

From 'Don Quixote'--

Just then they came in sight of thirty or forty windmills that rise from that plain. And no sooner did Don Quixote see them that he said to his squire, "Fortune is guiding our affairs better than we ourselves could have wished. Do you see over yonder, friend Sancho, thirty or forty hulking giants? I intend to do battle with them and slay them. With their spoils we shall begin to be rich for this is a righteous war and the removal of so foul a brood from off the face of the earth is a service God will bless."

"What giants?" asked Sancho Panza.

"Those you see over there," replied his master, "with their long arms. Some of them have arms well nigh two leagues in length."

"Take care, sir," cried Sancho. "Those over there are not giants but windmills. Those things that seem to be their arms are sails which, when they are whirled around by the wind, turn the millstone."

Don Quixote eventually regains his sanity, recognizes the folly of his ways and sees the windmills for what they really are--windmills--and that he cannot change them to fulfill his wishes.

...in other words, give it up, you ain't gonna change anything here.

Doug Quixote??? And the windmill sails represent revolving straight razors.

Apt metaphor, kilroy!

  • Doug
  • 2 months ago:

Trouble is they ain't illusory! :-))

Cervantes Jr. ✑ :-)

  • Doug
  • 2 months ago:

Well, it's good to see I'm inspiring literary thinking! :-)

But surely you're not sayin' me seein' "nuthin' but shaved" is an illusion, do ya :-?

I mean, speaking literally :-)))

Yes no illusions here...this primarily a shaved site, so you should stop pretended it's something else.

Not just this site, but perhaps most of the nude/adult sites, then there is society at large, etc., etc...

Not something one person can change.

  • Doug
  • 2 months ago:

Fortunately I am not alone, even on this site! :-)

the team player ⚑ :-)))

Not something that NEEDS to be changed... The "art" that is presented here, is a reflection of our "global society" at large. And just like "financial globalization", there is much resistance from all corners. For most humans, "change" is a very slow and painful process. Much wailing and gnashing of teeth! Take doug for instance...PLEASE!!! lol

  • Doug
  • 2 months ago:

I doubt globally in this case. But otherwise true, as we can see here, change comes slowly with a lot of teeth-gnashing. A whole lotta resistance, including kicking and screaming :-))

When you think of it, unshaven pussy (at least :-) is not all that horrible. But people here aren't used to it, so, sorta like "cold" water has to be gotten used to, pussy fur again will be. More than that, it will be luuvved, as it always has been.

U dummies have just forgotten that :-)

Hey, I'm not sayin' it always has to be hairy. Just that it be hairy as well.

U guys are a buncha 'fraidy cats. U, the models, their photogs. And thaz just for a start :-)))

U'll get over it! :)))

the globalist ☯

Yeah...you're right doug.... The rest of the world is all fucked up and YOU are the "Savior of Manhood"! The Jesus Christ of Pussy Hair!! if you will... I see that you truly are delusional.

  • Doug
  • 2 months ago:

Just tryin' to help a certain faction of this world return to normal :-)

A thankless task involving a lot of kicking and screaming :-))

Sorta reminds ya of miscreant kidz :-)))

the good parent ☞ ☺

At the risk of repeating myself.....delusional!!

Especially that byline...LOL

  • Doug
  • 2 months ago:

Hey, it takes tons of faith to be a good parent :-)

I have faith in u guys :-)

Call me krazy! :-)))

the devout ✞ ☺

  • Doug
  • 2 months ago:

Far from me to pretend that it isn't!

I'm trying to help it to "grow" :-))

Beyond its pathetic limitations :-)

I really think it would like to, even tho it might not know that with complete consciousness :-)

So I hammer away, sometimes softly, sometimes not :-)

Checking its reflexes, etc, for its own good :-)

the physician ✚ :-)

The only thing you're "helping it grow" is a big wart! That wart has a name... It shall remain nameless on my lips!! ;o)

  • Doug
  • 2 months ago:

Call it growing pains, the ugly duckling before the beautiful swan :-)

Have faith in nature, my friend! :-))

Hold off on the Compound W and surgery! :-)))

the guru :-)))

We WOULD like to see something different for a change doug....

Maybe you could treat us to a "no more doug comments about shaving"... Or "this is a shaved site".

I guess your short term memory is leaving you because I've seen a LOT of bush these past few weeks, but THAT fact you seemingly ignore, or just really don't remember...

Cry me a fuckin river will ya!!!

  • Doug
  • 2 months ago:

It only seems like a lot of bush.
Actually I can only think of one, and even it was trimmed.

Nope, I'm gonna keep my mantra up. Today's as good as any for it :-)

This is an ossified industry, where shaved is almost all there is.
Even tho it might like to change, it can't.

There are solutions, but it's gonna take will and courage. The willingness to take a chance on being different, on breaking new ground, on being a pioneer.

Nuthin' new under the sun, really. It's the same old story.

Eventually things will change. I have no doubt of that. Whether I'll see it in my lifetime -- thatz another question! :-)

the philosopher ⌛

"It only seems like a lot of bush"...(in other words, your telling him his opinion is wrong)

"There are solutions"...( sounds rather ominous and 'threatening'...but I'll give the benefit if doubt and simply suggest the 'solution' is to try another site)

"Things will change..." (Again, ominous...)

I've read these words before in history books...and I just realized you are a fascist...

  • Doug
  • 2 months ago:

Funny, that's how I see the shaved regime! :-))

You tell me I'm wrong and what to do -- does that make you a fascist too?

Yep, it's a fascistic world :-)

the politico ☒ :-)

You're M.O. has become so predictable--you always try to turn the statement around.

Again, I have never told you what to do, nor have I ever told you that you are wrong...I have SUGGESTED a number of times that you find what you are looking for on another website. You, on the other hand tell people that they are "wrong" all the time, e.g. "It only seems like a like of bush", or "how do you know she looks better shaved than with hair?", or "you are all sheep"...it's your way or the highway (and that's fascist to the core).

You state "there are solutions"...and again, I agree--simply go to another site. I'm not asking the site or its members to change. Your "solutions" however, REQUIRE that this site and everyone on it change instead of you (again, fascist to the core).

  • Doug
  • 2 months ago:

Look back over the last month or so and see how much "bush" is actually displayed.

For your edification: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fascism

I turn things around because I find that what people accuse others of and blame them for is exactly what they themselves are guilty of.
Applies to me as well. So I try to be mindful of it, not always successfully :-)

Again, you're too hot-headed to understand what I'm saying. I want diversity here -- for it to not all be the same. That's really considered the opposite of fascist -- you can look it up :-)

But instead you're telling me, "my way", or "our way", or the highway. Don't you see this?

Shut the fuck up, or get off this site. Luv it or leave it. Isn't that your message to me?

Or do I misunderstand?

One other thing. Have you asked yourself why I merit this continued response from you? What is it that I am saying that you find is such a hot button, if not threat? Consider and analyze just why I'm such a fascinating problem for you to wrestle with.

Don't have a fit -- I'm just suggesting :-)

Of course I don't deny I'm a provocateur. But not just to be one -- I really want to see this site get better -- by offering more diversity.

Are you able to tolerate an opinion, a view, a desire quite different from your own?

Good test of "fascism" :-)

As I've told you before, I'm here solely because of one model. Thus I have absolutely no interest in joining another site/network.
I've got work to do, dude. So you'd best swallow some of your own medicine, and try a bit more tolerance on for size.

Just a suggestion! :-))))

I mean, it's just little old me v. Hair-haters Inc :-)))

Dear, dear Doug-

Please let me respond to your comments...I will do so, with great care and thought.

First, let me say that I have been a regular on this site pretty much since it started in ’99…for the longest time I chose to stay in the background and not join in the commentary with other members…but I have been reading what people say for a while and my observations of your comments are as follows:

1. I just looked back at the last several weeks of model sets and the respective commentaries. You posted to at least 50% of the sets and your typical first post has been either “where’s the bush?”, “you would look better un-shaved” or “where’s the bush?...oh yeah, this is a shaved site”…additionally, you usually follow it up by calling every member a “sheep” or some other derogatory comment…

2. Your repeated attacks of most every member of the site (e.g. you are all sheep) occurred long before I started to respond…and I finally got to the point where I felt compelled to answer you and tell you I/we don’t appreciate the constant put-downs.

3. Your posts are generally of the ‘bullying’ nature—something else I don’t appreciate. Take, for example, your recent derogatory (and unprovoked) remarks towards a photographer…it may have been an accident, but when the photographer responded, you continued to berate their abilities…that’s bullying pure and simple, or you just like to antagonize (as I’ve said before)…

…and before you respond that I am bullying you, remember, you start it by posting aggressive comments first—take a look and see if I have ever attacked you in an unprovoked manner…all of my posts have been in response to your posts that appear to bully or berate first...you stop call people "sheep" or "idiots" and I guarantee I'll stop calling you on it.

…now, my responses…

Your Comment: "Look back over the last month or so and see how much "bush" is actually displayed."

My Response: Not sure why this is directed at me, as I have never stated what my preference is for this site (e.g. shaved or unshaved)...I will grant you that based on pure totals, it is probable that there have been more shaved than unshaved girls.

Your Comment: For your edification: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fascism

My Response: Mussolini was the founder/creator of Fascism. In his own words, fascism was three things:

1. “The Government is supreme and the country is all en-compassing and all within it must conform to the ruling body” (which is often a dictator...in my mind you wish to be the government and the dictator...more importantly, it sounds like you want everyone to conform to your way of thinking...I, on the other hand, have said time and time again, you are welcome to your beliefs and desires...but as so many have said--myself included-- you berate everyone constantly about the lack of hair AND more importantly, the fact that many do not agree with you...I only berate you for being monotone in your complaints and for the appearance of being a bully…but if that makes me a fascist, then so be it…

2. “The country must grow and the implied goal of any fascist nation is to rule the world, and have every human submit to the government” (you appear to want everyone to submit to your way of thinking…and once again, I have stated many times I don’t care what you think…more importantly, I have never told you what to think, I have only stated that I tire of your insistence on beating us over the head with your monotone monologue on hair…would it surprise you to know that I have given you “thumbs up” for other comments of yours, that do NOT have anything to do with hair?…)

3. “Any type of questioning the government is not to be tolerated. If you do not see things our way, you are wrong. If you do not agree with the government, you cannot be allowed to live and taint the minds of the rest of the good citizens” (in my mind this really applies to you…you CONSTANTLY tell everyone that preferring unshaved over shaved is wrong…calling everyone idiots or sheep (or both) to boot does not help your cause.)

Your Comment: “I turn things around because I find that what people accuse others of and blame them for is exactly what they themselves are guilty of. “Applies to me as well. So I try to be mindful of it, not always successfully :-)”

My Response: Glad to see that you admit to this…a thumbs up for you.

Your Comment: “Again, you're too hot-headed to understand what I'm saying. I want diversity here -- for it to not all be the same. That's really considered the opposite of fascist -- you can look it up :-)”

My Response: I am not hot-headed, just confronting what appears to me to be a bully…as for “wanting diversity”, it appears to many of us that the “diversity” you want is strictly your version of diversity. Diversity should be up to the membership at large—that is the true opposite of fascism.

Your Comment: “But instead you're telling me, "my way", or "our way", or the highway. Don't you see this? Nope! Shut the fuck up, or get off this site. Luv it or leave it. Isn't that your message to me? Or do I misunderstand?”

My Response: Go back to the monotone monologue statements…plus, as previously stated, the topic of hair is almost always the first and only thing you say…not telling you to shut up, just asking for diversity in your posts…

Your Comment: “One other thing. Have you asked yourself why I merit this continued response from you? What is it that I am saying that you find is such a hot button, if not threat? Consider and analyze just why I'm such a fascinating problem for you to wrestle with.”

My Response: As mentioned several times already, you come across as a bully—and I don’t like bullies…if that’s not the case, then try to not berate members, e.g. “you are all sheep and idiots”, or the photographers, e.g. “get a better camera and viewfinder” and finally the models, e.g. “you’d look better with bush”

Your Comment: “Don't have a fit -- I'm just suggesting :-)”

My Response: Don’t worry, I won’t 

Your Comment: “Of course I don't deny I'm a provocateur. But not just to be one -- I really want to see this site get better -- by offering more diversity.”

My Response: You say “provocateur”…I say “fine line between that and antagonist or bully”…and let all of the members decide on the diversity of the site…once again, we’re all very clear on your stance…wouldn’t need a reminder for a long time either…

Your Comment: “Are you able to tolerate an opinion, a view, a desire quite different from your own?”

My Response: Yes, I happily tolerate your opinion…and once again, the difference is that I don’t constantly berate everyone with monotone opinion as you do. Question for you--are you able to tolerate the site as it is?...this site is diverse in its own way, from many other sites out there...if you don’t agree then how tolerant are you really?

Your Comment: “As I've told you before, I'm here solely because of one model. Thus I have absolutely no interest in joining another site/network.”

My Response: Sorry, but I REALLY have to call you out on this one…when you post to many sets that “she would look better with hair” then either you are NOT here for just one girl, or you chose to be a “provocateur aka an antagonist”…if I was here for just one girl I wouldn’t waste my time looking at AND commenting on other girls…

Your Comment: “I've got work to do, dude. So you'd best swallow some of your own medicine, and try a bit more tolerance on for size.”

My Response: I’m certainly not perfect and I may have even come across as “not tolerant”…but only at the appearance of someone being an antagonist and/or a bully…

Final Comment: I state all of these things with the intent to NOT provoke anger or distain, but to provoke inner reflection…

…Just a suggestion!

  • Doug
  • 2 months ago:

I see you discovered that one of my main criticisms of this site is that it presents almost nothing but shaven/denuded -- very good!
I call that sheepish, and I call people who accept and buy into that lack of diversity without a peep sheep. Among other things :-) I call all the people who perpetuate that lack of diversity sheep. And hacks. Sell-outs. Fools. The MA sheeple, and their good shepherds, if you will :-)
You're right. I'm a tough critic. Is there a rule against that?

Goin' down your list, one thing I would suggest you keep in mind is the context in which I am saying things -- a "conversation" between 3 people ongoing for days.
Also, you clearly don't know what you're talking about regarding my recent exchange with a certain photog. So it's little wonder you saw it the way you did.
You know neither the context nor the technical elements referred to. You just saw me "bullying." Beware -- there's more than meets the eye! :-)
Also that people tend to see what they want to see -- not what actually is :-)

As far as "fascism" goes, just try to understand what I have in mind by it -- enforced conformity, intolerance of diversity and individual freedom. Which I do believe this industry is by and large guilty of.

You have to realize one thing: I'm here to state my opinion and change this place. From the very start that has been my intent. It's no wonder you have a problem with me. And that many others do. I'm a threat to your cart of shaven apples! :-)))
You're absolutely right -- that's not nice of me! I don't care! :-)))
As I've said before, I'm not here to be nice. Tho on occasion I may be :-)
I'm here to promote the re-appreciation of women's body hair. That is, the wholeness of women's bodies. Very much of what I say flows from that.
And I take it on the chin a lot here for promoting that, because many guys here *hate* that hair, and thus women on a certain level. In my o-so-humble opinion.
My ends are noble, even if my means are mean, huh :-?
Those haters deserve nothing less! :-)

So on occasion I say something. And it often causes quite a stir. I should be glad. I AM glad! It means to me I must be doin' something right! :-)

I talk a lot about (the lack of) hair these days because to me there's not much else current to talk about. Without that hair most of the girls don't interest me at all. But if you look around you'll see I still do review a few sets and talk about other things. You're just focused on one side of me :-)

"I'm here solely because of one model": IOW, if not for her, I would have had no reason to join MA :-)
Have a look at the diversity she models, and you could understand a lot of where I'm coming from, what I'm seeking to promote :-)

BTW, you're the "antagonist" here. Look up the words you use! :-)
Just a friendly suggestion :-)

  • Doug
  • 2 months ago:

After a look at another "new" set...
...I'm back to upsetting your sheep-cart of denuded, airbrushed apples... :-)

Sorry to imply I think you or at least many of your fellow-subscribers lack taste! :-)

But I'm a bully for truth ☺

Yes, if only for your version of truth, as you do not have a monopoly on that....and thank you for admitting as such.

I haven't seen posters state that they hate hair, but I have seen applause for lack of it---in other words don't assume we are all haters...

To imply that I lack taste would also mean that you are aware of my tastes...and I'm pretty sure that's not the case.

Crusade on, dude...as others have mentioned, seems silly to buy a red car, only to complain that it's not blue...

I have seen applause for lack of hair... but I have also seen applause for its presence. In just about equal measure.

  • Doug
  • 2 months ago:

Have a look at how I just answered Browning under Tayra's 6/10/14 set...
You'll see why I'm here.
And maybe some more of my thoughts on "taste."
A good word to look up, since it can mean several things.

What I have in mind in particular is guys here not apparently being able to discern the "airbrushing" of women's shaven skin. And/or not caring about the destruction involved.

I just happen to like all of a beauty's body, etc. And I want to see that here. I have seen it here, more or less -- it is possible to see that here (within reason :-) So when I see "photoshopping" instead I have a fit. And I lash out at MA, et al, about it.

As a photographer and lover of women I deeply resent it and think it is very wrong.

So when I see people here seeming to give it a pass, like it doesn't matter -- well, you can just imagine what I think :-)

U don't even have to imagine! :-)))))

Like I said....failing memory.

  • Doug
  • 2 months ago:

Yes, the blessings of age ☹

Yeah....It's a real blessing...

  • Doug
  • 2 months ago:

Great for confabulating! :-)))

So is Exlax...

  • Doug
  • 2 months ago:

Be a creative pooper! :-)))

Go back to sleep you genetically challenged hairy biped!

  • Doug
  • 2 months ago:

Big thumz for brilliance! :-)))

How do it feel to be the champion of idiots :-?

Dumb, cowardly idiots, I might add :-))))

Actually, come to think of it, they might not be so dumb after all, keeping their mouths if not their thumz shut :-)))

the entertainer :-)

  • Doug
  • 2 months ago:

Sounds like you're talkin' about all of us poor creatures! :-))

the naked ape ♔ :-)

Csilla continues to impress, as does DeltaGamma in bringing her to us. Very much a hometown girl or girl next door type as fer_realz says, and I think wearing her own clothes in the shoot certainly promotes that sort of feel to the shoot, as does some of her shy expressions. Among her attributes is her pretty pink nether area which naturally opens with her legs and gives us peeks of her pearl (a rare treat at this site). IMO, This set has more about pink than her nice body shape and figure, but that is quite alright. DG says he likes to differentiate in settings, and it follows also in poses and such. You can't do everything in every set.

I will add this set to my collection, for Csilla is a keeper for sure.
DG, thank you for another treat with Csilla.

Hi kilroy, you are always welcome with your valuable comments and your notes. I totally agree with what you wrote about the girl-next-door feel inspired by Csilla, she is so naturally down-to-earth and shy. And about the pink.. surely it's something irresistable, magnetic.. You can figure out how one could feel while shooting.. and the result follows this feeling. Csilla is very good at posing, one of those models who is very comfortable with the most erotic poses and also adding a touch of sweetness.
I am very glad to know that this set will be included in your collection, looking forward to adding another piece soon..

What a treasure Csilla is! I gave her 9 on the first sets, but changed my mind; she is definitely 10 plus and more, now all three sets are 10 and saved into my treasure file boxes; look forward to see more of this super attractive lady...wow!

Hi spunky, it's nice to find another fan of the lovely Csilla, I am really pleased to read you liked our work so far and that your consideration even increased. We will try not to disappoint you with the next sets ;)

Thank You Very Much for your great work Deltagamma and your comments & input as an insider are wonderful as well! I do appreciate even more of your great artistic works, and definitely, I look forward to see more of your work and beautiful Csilla in the future!

very rewarding words spunky, cush things are my "artistic food" and motivate me to work hard and create more viewing pleasure for you and the other viewers. I am also looking forward to showing you more of Csilla and other beautiful models soon!

I figured out how to pronounce "Csilla," It's not "si-silla," or "chilla," it's "lovely."


LOL "Tis a far better thing to appear a fool...." etc etc etc ;o)

(I guess that goes for me most of the time too!!! lmao!!)

Hee hee! Well, I had to think of something ;)

Maybe it's "Zilla," and she's on her way to destroy Tokyo in a most lovely way.

LOL "My God...it's Zilla!!"....lmao!!

Nice retort! ;o)

That Hollywood!! They sure have trouble coming up with an "original" idea!!! Remake and rehash anything that was halfway popular at ANY time in history!! They need to go somewhere for ideas other than comic books and old film archives before they end up, in a "modern world", as relevent as a "pubic hair discussion"!! LOL

The uncreative Hollywood has about run out of old TV series, comic books and video games to make movies out of. Zilla vs. Shave-a-saurus, there is a fresh idea!


...and the sound of barber's scissors and hair trimmer wakes him up at 3 am with the cold sweats!

Shhhh... if you mention the "shave-a-saurus," you'll wake the "Doug-a-saurus" and we'll ALL be sorry! LOL

(Love ya, Doug, really... )

LOL I doubt that the creature sleeps at all...

No, but he has extremely sensitive ears... he can hear a pubic hair fall from a mile away! ( ;

To be sure, Csilla does not strike me as a girl, but nevertheless, she has that "girl (I wish lived) next door" quality. Her smile is so warm and her expressions are so genuine, and she just looks like someone you could easily meet on the street any day and get to know very very well.
I have been a fan since her first set, and this set did not disappoint whatsoever. I eagerly await more visits from the lovely Csilla. ( :

Hi fer_realz, your description really fits to what Csilla is, she really gives that feeling when you actually meet her, it's great that you can tell it simply looking at her pictures here, very good catch.

The photocraphers seem to love chairs to show poses of the models.
Too much chairs. They destroy sweet imagination - better the soft
surrounding of the bedroom...

I can't shoot all the sets in a bedroom Eridanus.. and the perspective/depth of field on a bed are not always ideal to show the beauty of a model. I like to differentiate settings when possible. Next sets with this model are on couch/sofa.

  • H WU
  • 2 months ago:

Stunning open legs and from behind shots.Everything is beautiful in this set.

Great to hear that H WU, it's really easy and pleasant to shoot with Csilla, she makes this job really special.. She will be happy to hear you enjoyed our work, we'll come back with more nice sets soon ;)

Sweet pictures of a sweet lady.

Csilla is certainly not shy, but it just doesn't seem proper to say anything raunchy about her ~ so lovely pictures, lovely lady is the only thing more to say, except ~ thank you Csilla and thank you deltagamma74 for this pleasing visit.

Why would anyone say anything "raunchy" about ANY of the models???
And who would think it "proper" in ANY circumstance!?

Can't agree more B36P, if you met Csilla the first thing you would love about her would surely be her sweet lovelyness, her almost shy way of getting compliments, like when she reads these nice comments and almost can't believe she is liked so much.

I wish we would get much more photosets shot by DG here at MetArt!

I would sign that petition!
He is my favorite artist on the site!

We can agree on that!

Hey uuusssee, I am so very glad to read that.. I'll do my best to appear more often with my sets and my models for uuu to sssee.....!

Clever rascal...;o)

Wow, i really enjoy this. Another great DG release. The necklace is a perfect accessory for Csilla and her body. She sure spreads joy alright, and shares everything else. 10!

Hi MAP! always a pleasure to hear from you and find out you loved one of my sets. What to say about Csilla.. she was made to share her treasures!

  • Neil
  • 2 months ago:

Delta Gamma, Your beautiful little Hungarian vixen is back for another visit. This young lady is as beautiful as any woman could hope to be. And she is so very cute. Her eyes are so very expressive, I feel I could recognize her voice in a crowded Budapest cafe. I bet she is a sweetheart.

Hi Neil, Csilla is a REAL sweetheart.. everything about her is sweet, and her voice is a sweet melody..

Fantastic stuff once again from Csilla and Deltagamma, the shorts were a great idea, the shots of their removal truly tantalizing and the spread legs, man the spread legs!, awesome display, I for one am hoping for a lot more from this amazingly gorgeous, beautiful girl.

I am glad to hear that bobblehat, Csilla has become one of my all time favorite models to work with, she is truly perfect to shoot with. I am working on her next sets, it should be available for publishing soon.

This is indeed great news!

Third set with Csilla, a sweet and beautiful hungarian girl who spreads joy and happiness along with her legs.
This set is also from last summer, our first day shooting together, it was a beautiful sunny day in Budapest in a nice area of Buda, quiet and ideal for shooting. I asked Csilla to wear something casual and sexy, so we thought about the jeans shorts she had on when she came to the shooting and just a necklace, nothing else. What to say about the shooting itself, Csilla really made me melt down with her sweet and spontaneous eroticism, her smiles throughout the whole session, the look in her eyes.. the perfect Metart girl. This was the last set for that day, during the last part Sunshine joined us and had make up done, then it was her turn. I am looking forward to bringing many more sets with both of these Hungarian treasures soon.

Better late than never...been away for a few days. Another wonderful shoot with this lovely and fascinating model. Thank you!

Really appreciate the inclusion of the two black and white frames at the end. Don't know if these were taken before make up or if it is just the nature of b/w contrast...but Csilla's freckles are cute!

Looking forward to them already DG. I do like the idea of the models in their own clothes, for me it allows us to see the models self expression somewhat, as opposed to being more the photographer's interpretation of the subject.

I am glad to hear that bobblehat, I do agree and I must admit I am doing it more often because I've read in the comments that several members have the same feeling about that.

Absolutely a brilliant idea... it brings a spontaneity and genuine feel to the shoot. ( :

We've seen many models wear blue jean short-shorts. Why would anyone suddenly assume that they're part of the model's "personal wardrobe"???

Nobody would assume so, unless the photographer specifically mentioned it in his comments.
( :


We all have Homer days, don't we? :D

(Must be all that Duff Beer!!!)

"so we thought about the jeans shorts she had on when she came to the shooting"

No sudden assumption, just going on DG's comment.

Oh! Right you are.... LOL

Some days I have a hard time paying attention! ;o)

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