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If there are more photos of Dafna please inform me of this. She is gorgeous and a 10 to me. Beautiful in every way.

Dafna is very pretty and IMO, she has a perfect body. Legs, butt, tummy, breasts....everything about her is just perfect.
She's a fabulous woman. A 10+++++!!!!

IMO, metlover said it best.


I think Dafna is just flat out, drop dead, gorgeous!!! What a woman:))

I've been to the Balkans, but never made it as far East as Ukraine or Russia. There is a myth that Ukraine is a place full of beautiful woman, Daphna is proof!!! Slavic women are the best!

She is perfection, I would give anything to have a night (or day) with her. Arkisi also gets kudos for being one of the few Met photographers who really "gets" what excites men. His closu-ups are so erotic and sexy, and her open lips makes it perfect. Note to the other photographers- what's the point of having a beautiful women completely undressed and pretending what's between her legs isn't worthy of attention? Anyway, great set, gorgeous woman, thank you!

wanna fuck her

fille superbe, corps époustouflant , vulve et anus à consommer sans modération.

She reminds me of a Klimt painting, only Klimt just wished he could get half this erotic. A warm welcome to you, lovely Dafna.

Wow...what a smokin' hot newcomer! Dafna is what Met Art is all about. I'm surprised that no one has mentioned her awesome nipples. Beautiful, Dafna. Please come back soon. We want to see more pictures of you!

Who are the insane people rating this girl below a 9?

Wow! Absolutely stunning!! Best "debut" in a long time!! Hope to see a LOT more of the gorgeous Dafna.

What an awesome debut!!! Daphna is very pretty, but I can't keep my eyes off her beautiful pussy!!!

Fantastic set. Would love to see the gorgeous, sexy, sultry lady on Sex art then perhaps we can see more of that delicious pussy juice running out of that awesome hole. Totally edible.

Smoking HOT ! Sweet girl that wet dreams are made from! :)

Looking forward to seeing a lot more of you sweetie

Smoking Hot!

Dafna is a beautiful, sultry woman and this is an excellent debut. I hope we see many more sets from this model / artist combination!

Explosive! Wonderful shots contrasting your sweet open pussy and your dark, tight, exciting anus. Really sexy! Welcome, lovely Dafna.

That is one awesome pussy! The color and texture make me want to dive in. great closeups, you can almost smell it!

Agreed! Her pussy looks delicious!! Actually her whole body looks incredible. Dare i call it perfect? Great ass too for sure! Great debut Dafna! It also helps that the set takes place in the bedroom. I'm I the only one who finds bedroom shoots the most erotic location?? We need more like this set!

I certainly agree, too! Pretty Lady! Sweet smile, those eyes that beautiful body! And...La texturas de lujo en esos hermosos coño labios! Y los tonos de color de rosa! Asombroso! ;) More of this awesome woman!

Daphna is a small girl with an inmense dose of mysterious beauty.Very sexy
Her face and hair are different in such an intangible manner.Very attractive.I wouldn´t be able to concentrate in the photo task beside her.Bravo,Arkisi,Magnifico


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