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I do not think that Dafna will return with more photo. This is a shame for she is a gorgeous woman. To me she is a 10!

Dafna has a fabulous body. No, make that a PERFECT body and beautiful face too!

She looks like a Greek Goddess, a Helen of Troy!

Please find a way to bring her back Arkisi.

Yes, a Greek Goddess indeed! She's incredible, drop dead gorgeous!

What a pretty girl! Keep her away from the peroxide.


It is frustrating to see such a beautiful model, but such poor photos, all bleached out by overexposure, and poorly focused.

Great model and a great set. I love her breasts and firm shaved pussy. Speaking of those lovely breasts - they are rated as "small" in her bio. Who came up with that bullshit? Dafna is a solid MEDIUM in my eyes. Click on the thumbs up if you agree.

In a world that seems to be obsessed with "bleached" blond hair it is refreshing to to this enchanting dark haired model.
I love blond haired models as long as it is totally natural. Blond hair on brunettes does not appeal to me.

"Bathrooms and beaches always get me down..." No creative ideas, so let's go to the bathroom...? Very few of these come off as "sexy"...

I hate this muck-effect.

That's either the world's biggest door... or, she's TINY !

She's a pocket babe rocket.

Flawless, feminine, incredibleness.

Thanks, Dafna !

Dafna's is a beauty and her most striking feature is her breasts, with their shape and bright pink nipples. I wish they would have been accentuated more. I am not a fan of commodes as a setting, and her hair should have been controlled better.

She's hot

I love Dafna's sexy body and she poses well for the camera. I like this set and the erotic poses.

Arkisi gets it. I can always depend on him to get those awesome close in shots that I like so much and the subject here is lushes!

Dafna,¡Sí! Usted estas hermosa! Eres estas muy abierto y tu coño es cremosa dentro! Eres está muy excitado, puedo ver! ¡Sí! Niza, cariño! Me encanta a ver usted abierto y sonriente! Gracias!

This is a very sexy set. There is something extra sexy about bathroom pics.

Dafna has a beautiful body - her firm round breasts and dark swollen nipples are sensational. Love the shots from below featuring Dafna's moist open pussy...

Dafna is a natural hairy girl - would love to see an unshaven set of this beauty..

I prefer her smooth and bald down under! :)

I have never met a Gypsy girl but in my dreams Dafna could play one!

Wonderful set. Single minded attention to that amazing pussy but some really sexy other shots too. What perfect nipples and smokingly sexy face!

Great work Arkisi .Every pore of Dafna oozes sex.

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