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Lovely to see that Daisy is enjoying being photographed nude so much that her pussy is literally dripping wet.

Image 114.... oh so good... that pussy and that anus, so delicious. I could lick them all day.. YUM

Lovely to see pretty Daisy getting extremely wet as she is obviously enjoying posing nude.

This model's rating of 9.21 for this set baffles me. I don't get it. The set only rates 5 in my opinion.

Great set! Daisy's pussy, ass and tits looks so sexy!

The remnant strands of hair round her anus - a lovely touch.

What a set. Daisy is really stunning in all positions, standing, kneeling on all four, spreading wide her beautiful legs, sticking out her kissable butt, and always a coherent guideline....a big smile and showing her tasty pussy. You don`t need rocket science to know what METART members expect fron these chicks. THANK YOU DAISY!!!!

Nice shoot, but it would have been far better if Daisy had dumped the silly waist-wrap far earlier.

What an exciting, hot set! Daisy's perfect face/hair/makeup, her perfect tits, and her to-die-for wet pussy, shot by my hero Arkisi. Hard to beat that combination. MetArt has me addicted to sets like this.

This is a very nice second visit from lovely Daisy! She is a very attractive young woman and had many sterling physical attribeauts (sic).

Today I will only mention my favorite of her physical features. I say this with the utmost respect and as a sincere compliment. Daisy has a beautiful big butt!

Many thanks to Daisy, Arkisi, and K for this much appreciated visit.

Daisy: plucked and ready for action!

Love all the closeup shots of her wet pussy juice !

Regardless of who shoots her, Daisy is pure Gold!!

Love the top that she's wearing at the beginning... and the fact that she's not wearing anything else. :)


Undoubtedly the No1 babe on Met Art!

Not even in in the top 500.

Different strokes, etc, etc. Sexy lady, but I'd rank her #3 - of today's featured models.

Over at Rylsky Art, Daisy takes the name "Daisy Gold," which is highly appropriate. Her every pose is pure gold.
I especially enjoy the creamy evidence toward the end of the set that Daisy is enjoying this set too... ( :

Image # 103 & # 108, amazing!!!!!!!!!

Lovely follow up to her first set. Gorgeous dark blond hair, A lovely smile and pretty blue eyes, immaculate grooming top and bottom, lovely vulva. Perfectly presented with fantastic closeups and full body shots as well as some nice facial portraits. A nice well balanced set.

10++ for both from me

While Daisy's grooming is very good, the close-ups reveal that it's not quite "immaculate"...;o)

Hope to see much more of this lovely Daisy!


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