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Great set!

Awesome set, well done Dakota and Karl.

Beautiful hair and bare breasts (not covered by hair), you can

what a loser...dude probably has a morbid shitty life.

Det. Headlopper is investigating why a young Ukraine princess would call herself Dakota A. Dear, do you know where the Dakotas are ?? They are two states in the USA. They are very much like Russia, frozen half of the year !! The other half of the year is spent thawing out just to be frozen again. I think you should have called yourself Arizona. Hot, real hot, really hot, then sort of cool, then some brief cold, then warm, then back to the hot thing again. Tell me dear, what do you study in the University of Theater ?? Want me to guess from the poses ?? Theirs not much for the Headlopper to investigate from the bio stuff so he uses the photos to form solve his cases. Let's see ?? How about this, a really super sexy sultry girl who likes things hot then really hot. Why then dear did you call yourself Dakota ?? You don't look to frozen too me.
The only time you look like you would need to be warmed up is when I would have to pop in in the menstrual microwave and stir you up.
Looks like you like to fight at that time of the month, true ??
It's a long and bloody battle dear, want to fight ?? Some men are afraid of women and those battles, not me !! I'll knock you on your ass and the battle will begin. What's a matter dear, pissed off ?? Oh come on you love this stuff and so do the other girls ?? Hot, cold, warm, defrost.
Menstrual microwave of women, put them on the turn table and watch them spin around. Close your mouth dear, you know I write the truth ??
Princesses who love a good fight ?? Right dear ?? Just keep you at room temperature, so I don't need to thaw you out ?? Why don't you move to Arizona and I'll keep you warmed up all of the time ??
From the files of Det. Headlopper

This guy is a filthy, vulgar pig.

Suffice to say that it would be nice if smooth56 toned it down at the very least. I think it's supposed to be witty and clever, but personally I don't find his comments worth the time to read.

But this vulgar man who is? As found on MetArt?

This is very violent. Is this a joke? Messages of this kind encourage the moralists of this word to ban entertainment like Metart. Some misguided people imagine that any images of nude women imply women's vulnerability, and therefore, encourage violence against them. While you certainly have the right to say whatever you wish, realize that comments such as yours give ammunition to those who wish to shut down websites like Metart, and censor any images of nude women in film, magazines, art galleries, etcetera.

Beautiful woman...love the set and those beautiful natural breasts...more of her please...

This lady is powerfully sexy.
I love her confident smile. ( :

gorgeous young lady

Bravo,Karl!You´re unique when it comes to capture the very essence of
girls in a natural environment.

The seller

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