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Picture #37 is a masterpiece: Pretty Dakota smiles impishly with her perky breasts poking through an open blouse, whilst she elegantly slips her lacy knickers down her thighs with her legs beautifully apart to reveal her lovely pussy. To capture a moment like this is pure genius.

Nice set! Dakota's feet looks so scrumptious!

I could eat that pussy all day!

Absolutely breathtaking!! Nice set of photos too.

Perfect set of erotic photographs!

Feminine, warm, inviting, submissive, and very sexy.

Fantastic work Dakota and Goncharov.

Thanks to everyone involved.

Dakota, too bad your pussy is so beautiful I almost forgot to take in the beauty of your breasts, ariolae, and nipples!

And don't forget her scrumptious pussy and butt!

Drop dead gorgeous!

I really like Goncharov's take on Dakota... from the pretty lacy panties to showcasing her very yummy looking butterfly, all the while not losing sight of her very, very pretty face and cute little body.
This single set justifies the whole month's subscription, IMO.
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i fuckin love her face. i wanna suck on her lips and lick her cheeks. the ones up top n down bottom. her eyes mesmerize me like the twilight zone theme song lol

If I offended dakota or broke any rules then I sincerely apologize, but if not,I regret nothing. Im sure she was intending to turn guys like me on when she took the job and she does her job very well. Perhaps I get too into detail but as you said noone wants to read what I write, feel free to not read what I write then. Problem solved

Clay is only saying what you are thinking folks. What is this site for? It's to turn you on!

Lol thanks dutchman, glad somebody understands, guess I have to keep it pg with what I say or end up getting a bunch of panties in a bunch. Geez

Nobody cares. And nobody wants to read that. Grow up and learn some manners.

Agreed. Such comments say more about the writer that about the model.

Dakota looks even more beautiful when she wares her hair back (in my opinion). Great set.

Her hair certainly looks nice in this visit.

I think that this is my favourite set of Dakota. It doesn't contain my single favourite photograph of her (Rylsky nailed that one) but every shot is a sweet delight.

I love the way she starts out wearing a buttoned up shirt and the cutest playful smile, and slowly reveals more as the set goes on. Absolutely lovely.

Dakota is a wonderfully gorgeous woman, with nearly perfect feminine features and attributes.

Madame, or rather, Mademoiselle Butterfly! How amazingly lovely you are. And for sheer raw sexiness, you and those amazing lips can't be beat.

It is very nice to see lovely Dakota again. She has many attribeauts starting with her great eyebrows which naturally draw me to her beautiful eyes. Her areolae are spectacular, especially when wrinkled like in # 39 and others. Her puffy outer labia and prominent inner labia are especially nice as presented in # 32! In summary Dakota is wonderful, imho, and she earns kudos for this great visit, as does Goncharov.

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