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  • clay
  • 9 months ago:

wow. picture 37 is nuts. and by nuts, i mean thats what ill be busting hahaha but seriously. WHOA! she's one of my top few favorites plus possibly my favorite pose. YOWZERS!

perfect new set of Dakota A, she looks sexy in black, and love her hair the way it's styled.

Dakota is Very beautiful,and om the last page in particular ,proves what I have said,I.E. if a good model has room to put her feet, she can model. But that does take skill. Dakota does need to read up on hand gestures, in shot 54 the rabbit ears she's making are too high. Or she could be kissing them if she turned them upside down,that's the old vampire greeting "kiss my fangs ".

Miss Dakota make me wanna pack a bag for Bismark YESTERDAY!

  • H WU
  • 10 months ago:

Dakota is beautiful at every angle.

OMG Dakota gets my heart racing.... images 17 - 20 are absolutely phenomenal. Amazing set.

LOL I meant 17 - 22!

It would take surgery to get my face out from between her lovely thighs...

Her sets are 100 times better at Femjoy...

I've been to FemJoy in the past but don't recall seeing Dakota there. Off topic, I was going through a Sofi A look-alike phase, so that's probably why. Still am kind of, but I'm surprisingly getting bored of her. Maybe there is just something that she hasn't yet done that feels new. For Dakota A, 100 times better seems like an exaggeration. Is it something to do with lighting, her face. I know her face seems average at times, but that can be for any model honestly, looking into her face long enough even in her average photos you can likely start to see through the faults into her true beauty.

not even sure I should call them faults. because every woman has some unique appearance to them that makes them beautiful. Dakota A is in the range of cuteness, with her adorable eyes and full lushes kissable lips.

On both ends I might add, oh.. yes i would.

If I could afford it, I would join there based solely on your observation. Dakota 100 times better than this gallery might kill me, but. . .

  • clay
  • 9 months ago:

her name is like DAKATANA on there. different than dakota but not much different. can't agree or disagree with the 100x better comment. like you said.. that might kill me, or my hand may kill my penis, which would lead me to actually kill myself since my existence will officially be 100% worthless at that point LOL

Another very pleasant visit from lovely Dakota.

I wonder how long, and how many people, it takes to prepare a butterfly? The results are certainly well worth the effort and I thank all involved for that.

Damn straight, Baggy... Dakota's butterfly is spectacular. No two ways about it.

Such a sweet face and lovely hair but when your manage to drop lower the treats continue. Dakota has awesome legs and a butt to please just about anyone! I love a girl who substance like this.

Karl did a nice job of showing us all butt that full butterfly.

Overall a nice set.

Check out 17 - 22, hipshot. ( ;

Karl,you always shoot lovely brunettes,and you do it near the bedroom
door,and then inside the bedroom,the best place to be for a naked beauty.
Along with the lighting and the poses,you´re developing your own style that I love.Last but not least,you get to your highest capturing the most
alluring images from Helen,The Smiling Goddess and your perfect muse.
Once I see the first picture,I Know this work is yours and you never dissapoint.

Thank you

The seller

Lovely Dakota, you didn't unfurl that truly astounding butterfly in this set, so instead we get a chance to contemplate anew how perfect your face, and body, and whole attittude are. Huge kisses!

Check out 17 - 20, Myshkin. ( :

Fer I am gonna go out on a limb here and say that you really liked pics 17 - 20 or was it 17 - 22. Lol. Just poking fun though, glad your that enthusiastic about the set.

Don't worry, JB, that limb'll hold your weight. Yes, I did like this set a lot... however, the reason I pointed out 17 - 22 in particular is that these gentlemen complained of a lack of butterfly, when in most of that sequence a very pretty butterfly is quite visible. ( :
Not that I'm an actual lepidopterist, but this kind of butterfly really makes my day... ( :

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