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Sexy,sexy Dakota!I love this woman so much!It all starts with photo#5 with that look she gives us,#9 with those sexy,sexy,eyes!photo#35 is just plain hot!photo#50,dakota lifts that sexy cheek to show us that sweet butt hole.....how i would love to give her butt a nice soft lick!!photo#52 with dakota`s sexy beasts and those amazing nipples,if you look close at her right nipple it looks like she has two nipples so hot!Dakota`s amazing ass in photo#89 WOW!Dakota is a woman i would love to make love with!One of the hottest women i have ever seen,Ukraine at it`s finest!

Dakota should get sales commission on black bras and panties after this photo shoot!

She sure makes 'em look GOOD. ( :

I like 'north' Dakota, but I LOVE 'south' Dakota!! Gorgeous as ever!!
Scrumptious girl!! Very nice set.

Great gallery ... Beautiful woman ... love her butterfly, but like MarkusluvSofi, I would prefer pubic hair ... :)

1 thing I love most about Dakota A is that she has such a natural classy beauty. Even thanks to her makeup, even though I normally prefer natural. Her hair is long, dark, and beautiful.
Sexy in black always, it fits her well. Image 48 is hot, and 51, she's got a sexy ass. I will also say that even though I like larger breasts, her puffy breasts are very attractive and those nipples just, how shall I say, look delicious. And that labia of hers, unfolding like a pink butterfly, so pretty.

A request to Dakota, would love to see her next set with some pubic hair, trimmed or natural. Doesn't matter to me. Maybe even some armpit hair.
Lets bring out the natural in Dakota :)

Dakota caught my eye with that lacy lingerie, particularly those sultry panties.
Then she unveils that spectacular butterfly.... WHAM! KAPOW! like an old-fashioned comic book!
Pretty darn impressive set of a wonderfully beautiful young lady.

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