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One more terribly repetitive set. Guys, you have to do something with this common issue.

This is a great set. I like the way it was shot with some clear, straight on shots of the model. For a set presenting the girl for the first time, that is what it should be. Save for later the pouty poses and exotic locations. For an initial look I want some good square on shots of the girl, front and back, up and down. The texture and shapes of the models tits and her pussy are captured well. They are youthful and erotic. Having her topless in jeans is a very nice start to a simple strip.

This is a gorgeous set Catherine ,erotic and sensuous . 9 from me. xx

Deveshko--Vooooo. Zdorova fotki Katya. Kak vcegdo.

Another beauty from Catherine. This was a beautiful set and many lovely close ups of Dalia's body. Dalia, I think you have the perfect belly button. You are a 10 and in my favorites! Come back soon!

Dalia is nothing less than a goddess. Divine in every sense of the word. Her every feature is gorgeous. Including her eyebrows and breasts. Thankfully Catherine is the one to photograph her. This set is one of the greatest on this site and Catherine has many of them. Amazing beauty. I hope to see many collaborations of this model and photographer. Thank you both!

Catherine, Keep up the great work. I love this set and the model. Met has a variety of photographers and models so anyone that does not like this set should keep it to themselves and check out the other sets. Its that simple.

I see a future in a Levi's commercial for Dalia.

Very nice Katya! Very beautiful new model. I don't get all this complaining about skin tone and washed out color! These photos look very good to me!! A beautiful new flower in your garden!!

horrible photography. Redundant, redundant, redundant!


Catherine, this is not the quality of work we are used to.

Dalia is a gorgeous model with pale-skinned body. Too much lighting tend to wash out Dalia's body color and facial features. For example, in photo 16 I could not distinguish Dalia’s boobs.

Also I have noticed too much similar photos in this set.

I hope, Catherine you do more control on the lighting.

... but it is the poor quality I'm used to see.

I viewed the set again and again. I photo 1 I saw only the blue jean and just a ghost of a girl wearing a blue collar. In photos 2 and 3 I saw clearly a blue collar. This is not even a low resolution set. There is no resolution at all. Sorry, but I had to remove it from my computer.

Boring, boring, boring


Awesome, Dalia has a severe beauty which may not appeal to some, but my goodness it does to me!.

What a very sexy young lady, the opening topless in blue jeans shots are a delight allowing us to nicely admire her beautifully rounded, small breasts before she removes the jeans to display herself so magnificently, whilst still maintaining a very commanding and regal demeanor. I enjoyed this set a lot, a followup with more colourful surroundings would be fantastic.

I love sets where the models wriggle out of tight blue jeans. Thanks Catherine!

The high res zip doesn't work, downloads corrupt archive. Tried both at 10am and now at 2pm, same result


This is just a "No!" That says it all for me.

Dalia is lovely. With her hair tied back and minimal makeup her look is somewhat extreme, but I agree that it seems to suit her personality. I look forward to seeing what else Catherine and Dalia cook up...
Oh, and BTW, I'm happy to be the first to nominate Dalia to the PP Club. ( :

Catherine, I must say, as a long-time admirer of your work, this set with Dalia leaves me a bit torn.

On the one hand, I really like the "cool" expressions delivered by Dalia in this set. They appear to fit her perfectly. The use of a black, collar-like necklace sets off her face from the rest of her pale-skinned body. Also, the extended use of the deep-colored jeans helps distinguish Dalia from the bed and background.

On the other hand, i question your use of two large white softbox lights on either side of her. With Dalia's pale skin and light-colored hair coupled with the minimal use of makeup, I think the lighting tends to flatten out Dalia's facial features. The portraits seem almost 2-dimensional. No blush used reduces her face to a rather atonal flat surface. A bit more makeup could have given her face some more definition.

The third problem I have is that, for my liking, there appear more similar photos than usual in your sets.

Those points being said, I continue to like your work with most models, Dalia included. They're not the "usual" soft-core work offered on such sites and I look forward to seeing more of Dalia in the future.

Dear Catherine and Dalia - don't listen to the complainers, and ignore the low score - this set blew me away!

Dalia is like an ice princess - cool, confident, and very beautiful. Those crystal clear blue eyes are a delight, and they match her pale skin and fair hair. Her supple slender body looks wonderful photographed simply on a white bed. The low contrast between her skin and the background is captured perfectly (some photographers over expose these kinds of shots, and sometimes you can't tell where skin ends and sheets begin because the photo is too bright.) And as a 'bum man,' I absolutely adore photos 52-57 and 79-84 (wow!)

Thank you both for a lovely set. Please accept these compliments and warm regards from me, despite the rudeness of some of the members on this site (just ignore them - your work is very much appreciated.)

I agree nihil.
It's a slight deviation form the "norm"; thus the lower score, but to me that's a huge plus. Variety keeps me interested. I absolutely love the low contrast lighting, hair, and minimal makeup. Great choices.
Dalia is beautiful and I love the confident focused look in her eye.
My only minor critical critique is that thing around her neck; I bet Dalia has a slender, beautiful neckline that would have otherwise been accentuated with this hair & lighting.

Oh and I love girls in jeans; +1 there too ; )

After so many fingers, I now give you a thumb! ;o)

For this new wonderful flower of 'Dahlia', a different set from other for lights, for colors, for clothing.
Very simple and very carefully studied in detail.
Very intriguing Dalia in topless jeans.
'Brava' Catherine !
10 and praise for two

Let grow some hair below as an visual asset - you are tooo naked ...

Is it erotic photography? Come on! That lady looks like a master and only
lacks a whip.Maybe submitted to the wrong place.A big no no for me and the lowest score for the photographer.

The seller

I fully agree!

Fierce Russian diva. Her look is "tight" or "extreme" . However you describe it I approve .

Hot Sexy Gorgeous does nicely for me!.

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