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Great physique, couldn't admire the facial features. I generally appreciate Catherine's style of having the model's hair up, but this makes Dalia's face look somewhat masculine, which completely defies the rest of her physical attributes. Perhaps I am not alone in this view as the score for this set is rather low.

Hi ProctorGuard) You are very sure all have noticed. Hair retracted in a ponytail, give the model's face austerity. I did that intentionally, because the background is very concise and simple. I'm glad to hear that you like my style of work. Thanks)

I loved this set! A lot! This is another example of Catherine trying new things. What I loved about this was the honesty. This was a celebration of naked flesh. Never has a photoset looked so real to me. This is real skin. She really looks naked, her feet really look bare, everything is exposed to wonderful sharpness! Thank you so much Catherine!

Hi Ouchstopit) There are models that I very much like. Dalia model in this list is not included. But there is something there, I can feel it, but to me it's hard to describe. Perhaps is exactly what you wrote. Thank you very much)

What a wonderful set of a beautiful woman. Catherine proves again she's the queen of photographers. Queen? Hell, forget gender... Catherine is the reigning monarch!

Catherine is truly a force to be reckoned with... with no dispute, one of MA's signature photographers of all time. ( :

Thanks wheelerrr) I'm very flattered to hear such words)

Dalia's eyes are killers. Rarely does one see such beauty, even on this site. Her attitude is wonderful. Her nipples are interesting and erotic, very detailed. Wonderful set by Catherine!

Hi Gary) Thank you very much) On the one hand in her face is coldness, but her nudity is something unusual that set it apart from other models. I already wrote to me it's hard to explain.

A message to new members:

If you ended up scared as hell after that,(I know, I know...I'm an old member and I'm also short of breath,and got palpitations),don'tcall the Doctor,let alone worry about your identity,loss of desire,or the meaning of life itself.This page is huge and although
It would not appear to be the case,this is a very good photographer,capable of doing sublime sets,See,for instance,"Statement",with Bogdana,and many more.

The Seller

Mmmmm hyperbole much, seller? ( ;


The Seller

"Well"!? That's a deep subject for such a shallow mind...

Have to admit your comment is,let's say,clever,wich is unusual.I'm concerned about your health,Mr.Rock

The Seller

gswkJu, I don't understand your comment. Are you praising this set or not?

That's okay, we've learned that "gswkJu" is Romanian for "enigma".

It was not in my mind praising this set whatsoever.gswkJu was a random password assigned to my membership because I first came here from Nubiles.net.Now I cannot change it.I would appreciate you called
me "Seller",as this is my favourite monicker.

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Gotcha gswkJu! ;o)

Still sellin' the same old shit huh...?

My friends call me Seller,you can call me gswkJu or whatever. :))

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( :

She's an attractive woman and IMO it's the best set of the day (2 in a row for Catherine), but Dalia sure looks much older than 21 to me.

I need to make a correction, Catherine has had the best set of the day 3 days in a row with Lenore, Chanice, and now Dalia.


The Seller

Very pretty Dalia. I like her lean athletic body. Catherine has so many beautiful new models. Very nice.

Hi Neil) I am very glad to read your message. I was concerned about by your absence. I also like her slimness)

I do love a petite, girlie six-pack. :)


Dalia is gorgeous, hot and sexy. a gorgeous model with pale-skinned body. Too much lighting tends to wash out Dalia's body color. Please Katya do more control on the lighting and background color. Dalia was very comfortable and happy being nude. In most of the shots Dalia spread out her legs wide open allowing Katya to capture the beauty of Dalia’s pussy. Amazing and hot view of Dalia’s pussy, front and rear. But I request Katya to approach more Dalia’s pussy to give us a more detailed view of her pussy lips shape, color and texture.
I also request Katya close ups of Dalia’s amazing boobs and nipples. Also a better close up of Dalia’s face to show the beauty and color of gorgeous eyes.
thank you both Katya and Dalia. please Katya give Dalia a hot hot kiss from me

Hi kkronful) I'll pass your kiss, Dalia at our meeting. I will definitely make more big plans, about which you wrote, in my next work. Those parts of the body that you pointed out really require deeper attention. Thank you for such a detailed comment, I will try to accommodate your wishes in the future. I'm glad you liked the model Dalia. I also attracts its slimness. Be healthy)

Do not know if it was a camera filter or a exposure setting that caused what could have been a great set to be bleached out and of doubtful focus. A real shame and NOT Emily's fault. Loss of detail in the photos disappointing.

i have complained about lighting and soft focus many times.

Catherine please reply.

K please reply.

I'll consider your discontent and your remarks in the production of new sets.

  • 1 year ago:


I have requested that Catherine reply to you over this. The style of shooting is up to the photographer, I think you would receive a more detailed answer from her. Thanks!

Hi K - Content Manager) I answered kkronful. I hope he is satisfied.

Hi K and Katya.
thank you for your reply. i wish we see high resolution sets with sharp focus no soft focus.

i had a promise from Catherine to give us detail closeups for the nipples, ass, the pussy and the face of the models.

The current rating for this set: 7,87! For the first set: 7,68!

Not more to say ........

Gorgeous slender beauty, nice to see more of Dalia, I especially liked the plentiful and divine spread leg shots, what a gorgeous pussy.

Hi bobblehat) I like a slender body and freshness of model Dalia. She behaved very frankly and was confident. It was first set for that model. Thanks, I'm glad you liked my work.

A very elegant and beautiful looking lady Catherine has brought us today. I think it would be good to see Dalia let her hair down for us.

Hi monkeryma) I will in the following set disband hair model.

Catherine keeps bringing these new beautiful girls.That's 3 days in a roll.Dala is sweet and beautiful.Hopefully to see more of her

Hi H WU) I'm glad to work best for you. I hope in the future you will see more beautiful new faces.

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