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I missed this set originally, Probably because she wasn't a complete favourite with me either. She certainly grows on you though and a girl with nipples like that deserves to get them eaten as much as I could. I suppose I can dream can't I...Now I have to start an argument, I don't like the photography in this set one little bit, it's too light or too dark and my eyes were hurting by the end! So thumbs UP if you want to eat her and thumbs DOWN if you disagree with me about the photography!


Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! But please lose the tutu...

as someone who does not rate a set or model because of her pussy shots:

interessting face. Constanty oscilliating between 'oooh' and 'uuuh'. Nice set overall. Too bad she never took the shoes off.

As stated by fer_realz, the model did not immediately win me over, but the more I looked the more I liked. The close-ups are stunning, and thank you Vladimiroff for taking one shot where the focus is INSIDE her vagina. It's not often the labia are open like that, allowing a peek inside, and you're one of the few photographers who realized the clit is not always the best place to focus. Very nice set, stunning model.

"Don't bother to get undressed. Nobody will notice."

beautiful woman who is completely edible from head to toe. I love to see a clit peaking out from under its sheath as in photo 95. an erect clit makes you feel wanted!

I wonder how many women feel that way about an 'erect penis'...(????) ;o)

Also....I'm not sure what you think a "clit" is Ernie, but there sure isn't one visible in this set....anywhere. It's under a "hood", not a "sheath" and Delfina's is neither swollen nor 'peeking out'.. And this is not a matter of symantics. Please become better informed. Our future depends on it!! ;o)

Ahora, se trata de una bonita, abierta mujer! Dulce labios coño. Dulce mujer, usted extendió abierta! ¡Gracias, cariño! Eso es preciosista rosada mariposa! Gracias, por mostrarme dentro de tu preciosista rosada!

Extremely seductive & sexy model very well shot by Vladimiroff.

Very delicious with those closeup pussy shots. Thank you Delfina.

This lady was not an immediate favorite, but after seeing what great upskirt she gives -- with sassy, seductive smile -- I am reassessing. This set is definitely a 10.

Those greenish pics are very artistic.Delfina looks like an alien.Bravo,Vlad!

The seller

Stunning girl with luscious 'lips'!! Just as I started viewing this set, Bolero came on and was perfect background! Fairly nice set for the most part... Absolutely beautiful girl!!

Lovely spreading butterfly.

¡Sí! Hermosa rosada mariposa!

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