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#114&115 are grist for the "to photoshop or not to photoshop" discussion. Same photo, first without the razor burn, then with it. I like 114 better, myself.

I have to admit folks, I am passionate about mouthful-sized tits and when they are accompanied as here with an arse and pussy both designed for exploration with my tongue then this girl hits all my buttons!

Long and lean, Delfina has my attention in this excellent set. This has a great mix of poses and is shot well.

I'm starting to really appreciate Vladimiroff behind the lens. Only like five sets so far but I have enjoyed all of them.

Great pussy. looks delicious.

Very solid photo shoot, nice job! Delfina is a lovely gem, every square inch (or cm) of her is a joy to witness. Appreciate the shot where her hands are actually "down there" for a reason, instead of just being a meaningless pose. She parts her lovely lips, giving us a glimpse of her heavenly delights inside. Some here feel that is too explicit for MetArt, but I for one think it's wonderful.

I love it when we get to see a clitoris peaking out from under it's hood!! Its my favorite part of a woman and it is relatively rare that we have the honor of seeing one.

Hi, what's up with her. Is she ill between pic 114 and 115 ?
Or is it fuc..... Photoshop

Delfina is a goddess. I love her face and small perfect breasts. I'd like to see her with natural body hair. Shaved is such an ordinary look.

What a lovely way to start the day!
There is joy and excitement in Delfina's beautiful eyes and prominently displayed between her creamy thighs.


Love those close ups of her gorgeous rear end.....

I love the way that luscious pussy opens like a flower between 94 and 95. Mmmmmmm

Delfina is long, lean and toned; very nice! Great eyes, nipples, and butterfly shots. I'm happy to see K continue to select Vladimiroff's sets for publication. Kudos to Delfina and Vladimiroff. Good on ya K!

Yes, K, please continue using Vladimiroff's work.

That's an outstanding set of pictures in my opinion. Love the fill length body shots showing Delfina's lovely legs.

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