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One of the prettiest girls encountered on this web site. It's really sad that women with this combination of class, elegance, beauty and poise, don't get more shoots.
Delfina is a true beauty and I hope to see her re-visit us one of these days.

I am one of those weird foot guys….but this woman…. I just….I can't even…. Those feet of hers are absolutely PERFECT. What I would give to tickle those lovely pink soles….

I'm a little late to the party today, bit I have got to add my 2 cents on this striking set from Vladimiroff of a (imo) top 8 MetArt model... Delfina.
Her big blue eyes, perfect taut body, bright smile and other "Blooming" attributes have been hallmarks of all 3 of her previous sets. I am glad to see they continue with this wonderful offering.
I have always found a woman pulling her panties to the side and revealing her inner most secret, extremely provocative and images 25-28 are like gas on a fire.
What really set this set apart for me was the true debut of her perfect derriere. Featured prominently mid set...Absolutely succulent!
Well done My Dear! Cannot wait to see you again.


She is amazing. One of my favorite models. I was very happy to see another set from her. Maybe wet or oil on the next set? Please? wink wink

Yes, Viking, they are the most PERFECT pussy lips....they look almost sculpted, 12 just for the lips!!!


Delfina respectively her photo sets are scandalous underrated!

10/10 for both Delfina & Vladimiroff!

The Apocalypse MUST be close at hand!!!

Once again I'm obliged to agree with you...;o)

Delfina is extremely beautiful & so elegant, and has the most perfectly formed pussy & anus imaginable..


A real true natural Blond! A very rare thing indeed! The color scheme in this set is absolutely spot on. The golden hues of that magnificent body blend perfectly with the clothes and work fantastically with the white background and oranges of the paintings. I have to say the that pussy is the cleanest, most perfectly balanced and exquisitely formed I think I have every seen and one of her strongest assets. That golden skin and the all over tan make this one very desirable package. Her natural blond hair is perfectly lovely. My only con is the eyes. There light color and her tendency to keep them startlingly wide was a bit to much for me.

The photography is very good and the closeups of that awesome vulva are spectacular. I would have liked to see the necklace gone early on because it did nothing but get in the way and distract from the subject of our lust.

Delfina has my favorite hair color scheme (blonde layered over darker), but "natural"? No. Not unless she chose to add dark roots artificially.

Look at the hair on her pubs it is definitely blond. It is natural for blonds to have darker roots

Worlds most perfect pussy lips ?


For "world's most perfect pussy lips", there's only one girl for me...


What this girl Delfina has is the most gorgeous and captivating eyes!! Just incredible!! And for sure, a gorgeous and inviting body!! Very nice set!! I'd like to see more of this girl that looks familiar and has a familiar (to me) name...(???)

And then we have the exquisite pussy of the incomparable Zelda!!


Or for those more fortunate among us.....


These are but a sample of the amazingly beautiful pussy to be seen here and elsewhere on the Met'work... But I sure have to agree that Delfina's is among the very best!!

LOL I guess she looks familiar!! What with this being her fourth set!!! LMAO!! I missed her last one, and totally forgot the first two!!! Shame on ME!!! And shame on Met for making it so long between her sets...;o)

LMAO!! I must really be losing it... I just discovered Delfina's first two sets in my files...:o| lol HELP!!!!

....wait... "losing" ? Am I mistaken, or didn't that happen a long time ago? ( ;

Looking at photo 137, for example, it's hard to argue...

Senseless to "argue" about "opinion" anyway...;o)

I would have to say they are pretty damn close!

Her eyes, her nose, her hair, her curves, her bronze skin, her softness, her sweet ass, her gaping vagina. :) THANK YOU Delfina for sharing it all for us! Thank you.

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