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Demetra is such an angelic-doll! Love to see her cute feet. Would like a lot more of her please.

Fabulous upskirt photos from Rylsky from #29-45 and more than a hint that Demetra is enjoying being photographed nude. She is very sweet and cute. Why aren't there more galleries of Demetra?

Oh, yeah.
I love it when they're enjoying it!

She's a beautiful girl, and I love her unshaven. I hope she will come back.

Great job and beautiful model. She moves nicely in the initial shots with her dress and you captured that well. Thanks for a great set.

Wow. Nice looking young lady. Nervous arousal between her legs. Got what I paid for.

Demetra is lovely, what a sweet-looking young lady. I can't help but notice that she is getting wet, what a turn-on! I remember one guy saying he doesn't necessarily think of sex when viewing these photos, but it appears that not only DO guys like me think of sex, but perhaps the girls too. Can't wait to see more of her, she is a gem.

RedPilot, that was me. Please believe me, I realize I am in the minority on this topic (especially as a member of this site).
I must admit though that I've always thought this way. I've never thought of a woman as a sexual object.
I've only had sex with woman that I cared deeply about, I've never even wanted to have sex with a stranger or someone I wasn't involved with.

I'm not claiming a high road on this.
In no way do I judge anyone who thinks differently than I do.
Actually, out of all my friends....I'm probably the only one who feels this way. I know I'm the oddball.

  • Mg
  • 2 years ago:

I don't agree. Rylsky did a great job, and the lighting was perfect from my perspective..Very clear images showing the shy nature of the shoot in great detail. I would have like to see non-hairy skin though but otherwise this was sensational. Congrats Rylsky..can we see more of the same?

She was presented on RylskyArt.com

Ry: She's new, she's young, this could be the first time she has done this, the boo birds should give her a break. I am sure with you as here mentor she will just get better. While it says "brown" I see red in her hair. It could be an asset. The only problem I see, you probably do to. The white background isn't the best with such a "pale" girl. The ones on the wood at the end because it accents her skin tone. I am willing to bet the next set you post of her will "correct" any shortcomings here. This very cute girl will only get better working with you.

I am disagree, sorry. Any white or bright background is perfect for white skin to make it show to you real skin color with healthy rose skin in "shadows".

so in 10 your forgot to photoshop her - neurodermitis?

what else was smoothed over?

"thermo damage" (dunno correct English description of this issue caused of hot electric hairstyler) on her face, yes this was one of reason of uncomfortable feeling this day.

...if you are seriously interested.

Do you mean she was burned by the cirling iron? That could happen to any young lady.

Yes, Neil, correct. But it was not our visageist's fault.

yes, I am seriously interessted...

I don't mind blemishes but I do understand why it was retoushed away and I feel sorry for the girl. That is something you don't really need. Even less on the day of a shoot.

My problem with photoshop: if used too heavily it makes the girls look like plastic/silicone dolls - and I am more into living people than high tech materials. Sadly there are many sets of different girls that were destroyed by photoshop that way.

I hope my photoshop is not make silicon look. At least I try to check it.

And, please, read written below very slow and trust me or visit Russia and formed USSR for not 2 weeks but 2 years to see what i will say right now and check it...

the reasons for girls who asked for photoshop usage was so many times discussed:

girl want to feel that this will be pleasant for her eyes and you get her as member sometime BECAUSE she see herself on my monitor and she like it no matter what people will say to her (90% of ppl here will say to her that she will never get marriage and the model who naked and spread wide posed is same as prostitute). do you know any name of Russian official erotic website or magazine? you know why you will never know it? I bet you know.

we have here XXII century of beauty of girls, early XX century of politics, and full mix of ancient and modern in "morals". 90% of people watching porn and save it regularly for wathch it again and again, but 90% of those who will recognize a model will say that she must be killed with stones immediately. if girl agreed to live with it and to know what ppl will say - please LET HER USE A LITTLE OF PHOTOSHOP, sir.

Jeez, and we in the US think WE live in a sexually repressed society! The girls who model are very strong, brave and forward-thinking.

As far as the usage of Photoshop, I don't mind seeing natural blemishes (moles and such) on a girl, because that's part of being a human being. But, if it makes the model happier to have such things removed from pictures by Photoshop then I'm OK with it. I would also be OK with the Photoshopping of the curling iron burn and things like a scratch or bruises on her skin that she normally wouldn't have.

a little bit photoshop is ok ;) Making her look like a cheap plastics doll is the problem.

And no, you did not overdo it.

a good (bad) example is Liydia A. she looks like made from PVC in some sets.

The last time I heard about former USSR-country based website was Galitsin's. And we do all know how that ended. Were those charges real? Who knows?

Galitsin's site was a site of photographer from Russia, but access from Russia was blocked and NO russian members was there. Just remember if you had any Cyrillic word on his site. Even Russian IP was blocked.
The site was acessed from Western Europe + Asia(mostly Japan) + North America members only.

I was at least somewhat on board with this until she lifted her arms. The nature girl look works for some but not all. You can't show us 30 pictures of that smooth porcelain skin then unleash the hairy pits on us. And an "unshaved" tag would have been a nice touch for those of us who don't particularly care for that sort of thing.

This girl looks like a scared child....not a fan of this one..

Very Beautiful Rylsky, great photography.

Ah beautiful feet and a wet crotch, get a 10 everytime !! Nice job Rylsky

Very nice welcome to this pretty face and gorgeous body.Looking for more Demetra sets in the future.

Demetra is gorgeous. I love her unshaven look. But if the model is unsaven show it! Sadly Rylsky hides the hair here, as in a lot of his sets, with clothes, with head hair in the way, with overexposures, and too many poses that do not show it.


my answer is not about I hate you. it is about please describe what you think was missed - you will make sense for future work of photographer+model if it is possible. but if comments are about either "how nice" or "here as in many sets"... if you want to see what you want - just describe it, please.

And only thing I really hate is when fair white-porcelain-creamy milk skin (especially on a white or bright background) called "overexposed". Do you really forget that this type of skin exist on Earth???

Do you really think that after your "advices" Rylsky will have interest to present to you what you "asked for"? Be useful if you REALLY want something for you, not just scream to photographer. Better kill him then and be happy. OR BE USEFUL.

Delicious armpits

More tired Rylsky and a sad washed out model. Cute girl, clearly uncomfortable, or subjected to horrible direction. Really average effort.

Demetra does seem a little shy and uncomfortable (clearly not "sad") especially at first. How is this horrible direction? Could any "direction" erase feelings from the model? She is human!

She does seem to open up more as the set progresses and ends up with a shot of her cute smiling face. Maybe next time she will be more at ease. Not because of direction but by gaining experience.

I must agree that this was not the best day in her life. We tried to change and make what we can, but if you see her expression as sad or no good - it is my fault.


Demetra is so very pretty, so very cute, so very sweet, and so very sexy. What a doll. She has such charmingly pretty eyes and youthful flawless fair skin. And such a perfect figure. She seemed to be just a little uncomfortable at the begining of the set, but by photo number 24 she is grinning and perfectly at ease. I like the photos of the slow removal of the dress, very intriguing. Rylsky caught some very nice up-skirt shots too. The beautiful Demetra did a very good job on this wonderful set. She is wonderful.

This delicious young thing is definitely to the manor born—beautiful face (those pouty lips!), perfect little breasts, delectable feet and a pussy to die for. Welcome Demetra. You cannot come back too soon or too often—and congratulations, Rylsky, on a wonderful discovery.

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