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Whether you like this set or model, or not, Koenart is improving his work. He has certainly matured as an artist over the past year. No more sets wherein 20-25% of the images are straight on closeups of his model's vulva. He is showing a much more subtle touch. Keep up the good work!

Diana, You are a goddess, You have every right to be proud of your beauty. Both your face and hair and that excellent body. Naked or fully clothed you are beautiful to look at.

Sadly the photography and the setting do not do you justice.

I really hate these back lit window shots. The overbalance of the lighting destroys all detail.

I also don't appreciate out of focus pussy shots. I pay for in focus shots of all body parts.

Also I think most of the poses are boring and don't stimulate the imagination much.

Get it together.

Diana looks great in street cloths, but looks even better looking out the window naked. I'd love to come home and see her waiting for me looking like that!

She doesn't look her usual glum self in this set I'd give her a 10 anyway,very nice indeed.

This is another set which appears to have been photoshopped to add that fuzzy graininess that i find very displeasing. why use a high resolution 21 megapixel digital camera, then ruin the resolution in photoshop??

It must be difficult to control all variables when in front of such a beauty.

I luv Diana - she is gorgeous and has a nearly perfect body!!! Why so many shots where her beautiful pussy is out of focus? Come on Koenart!!!

Diana is so incredibly feminine in this set- the lighting is superb and the poses wonderful!

Model may be nice enough, but technically this set is below descent standard -- noisy/blurred pics, questionable composition and inaccurate focusing etc; rating this set "7" I feel very kind...!

Fully agreed

You SHOULD feel kind about that 7! 3-4 good shots out of 130 earns a 3 from me. Between bad focusing and bad lighting, this could be the worst set I've seen here yet! And what's with the blue hair!?


Stop being kind. The only reason you may have given this set a 7 is because of Diana. The set made her look bad, which I would have never thought possible.

Magnificent. Diana is gorgeous and shows us every inch of her fabulous body in this set, to awesome effect in some stunning shots sat on the window sill, legs spread wide.

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