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good set. gorgeous model

Gorgeous girl with a smoking hot body!!!

Alright guys, The most beautiful woman on Metart? I think not but surly in the upper level. The title of most beautiful is used way to much. In all honesty that is a call that is almost impossible to make. The level of beauty that Metart brings us makes such a title almost impossible. It's a matter of who is making the call and who he is viewing at the moment.

Having said that I think Diana is most definitely one of the best. Like most guys here I love long shapely legs and hers are pretty damned hot. She is perfectly condition, flexible, athletic, and very hot! I love the tan lines, the small labia, nicely formed breasts and her flexibility. I love the panties and bra. Plain white panties are so hot on a nicely tanned woman and something that she would actually wear in real life.

For the photography, Not the best. The focus, depth of field, variety and closeups are good. However the setting is rather generic, the lighting to harsh and the colors are washed out and need more contrast. A lower warmer lighting would have improved the sensuality of the model and the set.

Diana is the sexiest girl on MET Art. Her beauty is magnified by good photography and an artistic eye.

I love this girl. Everything about her is a massive turn on....

Great set. I have a fetish with legs, specially with the calves. I love Diana's toned calves in this set. I need to find me a latvian/russian/ukrainian wife. Most beautiful women in the world! At least to my tastes!

Agreed! There are some excellent legs poses, such as 60 & 113,114. This is a great set of Diana and her nice legs.

I love her smile. At the risk of sounding unappreciative, wish she used it just a bit more. Just adds flavor to an already delicious woman.

Good one Rockhard - spilled protein shake. Permission to use that one...

DAMN this girl is YUMMY!! Nice set...very "artistic" set..;o) Perfect lighting too.

Diana knows thaqt I love her face, her feet, her pussy, her breasts and her bottom. That's why she made images 43 and 60. Thanks, sweetie, but I know it wasn't just to please me. You like to see me walk into walls, spill drinks down my shirt and misspell my name. Lovely job, Diana and Koenart.

LOL You too!?? I just spilled my entire protein shake!!!

This is a great set of a beautiful lady. I especially like Diana's legs, derriere, and puffy outer labia. Her lingerie is perfect, simple and form fitting. Its nice that Latvian ladies are appearing more often and I thank Koenart for his contributions to that. Kudos to both Diana and Koenart.

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