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Wish I could talk to her for hours. ...while being body to body. yummy looking doll.very sexy and sultry looking.

Diana, it would be a privilege to lick your legs.

With "dancer's legs" like this, she could just wrap them around my head and squeeze and I'd die happy!

Need to compliment Koenart for excellent exposure control while shooting against a bright and white background. So many times we see the background overcome the exposure and photography of the model. Well done.

I wouldn't want to emphasise my age Sailor, but more like bursting a blood vessel would be closer to the mark!

Must we only rate the overall set? I rate the set on whether it has done justice to the beauty of the model - and tanned Diana even looks good in half-shadow (as if you have caught her undressing?)
Now we need to see that body with an all over tan.....

Diana is a wonderful creature.

It is not aesthetic and technical of MetArt.

You sound in a real bad way Sailor but please think of the rest of us - do you think my nerves aren't a little frayed after carefully studying this set several times over?

Simon, you wouldn't have a pulse if Diana didn't fray your nerves.

Yep, especially when she pushes it. ( :

Seriously... Diana needs to register her butt as a WMD ~ "weapon of mass discombobulation."
Really... just TRY to hold a coherent train of thought while looking at that...

Maybe a term from Dancing With the Stars will fit. WMS or Weapon of Mass Seduction.

WMD = Weapon of Major Distraction!

Why even try? Just revel in her glory.

Oh, I was not for one second proposing that anyone actually TRY to do that... it was more of a rhetorical question, I suppose.
Yes, indeed, revel in her beauty and glory. ( :

It's 'cos she's a gymnast : )

What an amazingly beautiful woman! Lovely breasts, fantastic legs, and a perfect pink pussy. This woman has presence. She fills the room with her sensual power. I love her

The set is nice but it needed a bit of fill light on the closeups. The rear lighting overwhelmed the close in shots and stole the color and depth of field. It sucked the life out of that oh so perfect pussy.

I, too had issue with the lighting. It's not bad enough to keep me from enjoying Diana and her most excellent legs.

On a second time through I see that all the shots suffered from the same lack in inside light. When a model is kept in shadow by powerful back lighting the photos suffer because the shadows kill all the color and destroys the depth of field so that everything appears flat, grainy and colorless. The model is fabulous but the photos are not.

For me most of these pics seemed more like what we used to call "snapshots" than real pro shots. I agree did not do this model justice...

Welcome back with these wonderful erotic pictures, Diana!

10/10 for both Koenart & Diana.

I'm overwhelmed by photo #109.

More, more, more photo sets of this kind!

How can anyone give this beautiful creature a 7? She is as close to perfect as anyone on MetArt. Personally, I could stare at Diana by the hour. Every square inch of her is delicious. I do have one request, however: Diana you have long since hooked me and reeled me in. You are, hands down, the queen of Latvia, and I'm yours forever. Please smile once in a while. xoxoxo

One of her mystic enchantment is composed of her unsmiling!
And sometimes there IS a mysterious Mona-Lisa-smile anyway (e.g. ##73, 76, 77, 86, 87, 92, 104, 117, 118).

Look closely, Sailor!

You have a point, and believe me I noticed it. I just think that Diana's classically beautiful face would light up with the occasional smile, rather like Rylsky's model Ilze, who has a similar kind of beauty.

A nice smile will often change a 7 to a 10. Not that Diana, even in her foulest mood, would ever be a 7; and far better a nice smile than some strange leer that the photographer has told the model looks sexy. A nice smile is as good as a nice arse for me.

Unfortunately the low score probably had nothing to do with Diana. Since we must only rate the overall set sometimes the model suffers from the photo quality.

You're probably right, hipshot. I tend to rate only the model (my bad), and I won't downgrade a great model because of a bad photographer. Koenart isn't bad, but he isn't my favorite. I'd like to see what Rylsky or Catherine would do with Diana. Despite my hyperbole in the original comment, I really do think she's special.

Sailor's rating system: 1. Is the model a woman? 2. Is she naked? 3. Is she a Ukrainian? 4. Does she taste good? 5. Are most of pictures in focus enough for me not to need my glasses?

Not always in that order depending on his libation de jour.

And last but not least, model gets a +1 if Ry, or Catherine shot the set...

Just what the hell is wrong with those values? They are time-tested and fundamental. They have sustained me through some of the darkest hours of my life (especially if there was a nearby Ukrainian lass to calm my nerves).

I have to say that out of focus shots always get a zero from me. Not sure about the Ukrainian thing but the others are spot on

Nuttin' 'tal wrong wit happy, Sailor! ( :

Just what the hell is wrong with those values? They are tune-tested and fundamental. They have sustained me through some of the darkest hours of my life (especially if there was a nearby Ukrainian lass to calm my nerves).

Ha ha! Magnificent summation, swlpf!

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