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With Diana, it's 'automatically hit the hi-res zip file'. No need to do a preliminary perusal.

Scrumptious!! The 'cheetah' bed clothes were a perfect background to shoot this beauty on! Excellent set!

Diana G is simply beautiful within this latest series by Koenart :( I loved her sexy lingerie she wearing it really shows her tall slender tanned body,brown hair gorgeous face green eyes breasts against the back drop of the suns rays rays gently flowing through the curtains per image #24 and the lovely close up of her in image #23 as well as the leopard skin linen of the bed they both enchance her lovely body ~~ She is truely an exotic beauty as she lays upon her bed with some very sensual delightful provoctive poses as Diana slowly peels of her Lingerie slowly her lovely tanned breasts perky nipples in an very sexy strip tease image #29-#50 until totaly naked-I loved the way she spreads her long slender body along the bed in various gorgeous sexy poses showing from showing her sexy ass large outer labia lips to lying sideway on the bed long slender tanned legs wide open her long brown hair hanging down over her breasts revealing her lovely vagina in images #82-#83 ~~ To standing up upon the bed leaning against the wall in images #109-#111 in very lovely poses :( I Simply adored image #21 it really shows her feminity wearing her lingerie whilst lying on the bed as well as images #114-116 lying on the bed and the lovely gorgeous close ups of Diana G's lovely face breasts perky nipples ~~ As a female i can see what the guys like about her and have to admit myself she is a beautiful model/woman and have to agree with some of the Guys ~~ A lovely smile goes a long way Diana to highlight you beauty never the less Koenart portayed all of her lovely assets within this series :( :(

Not bad rags25, but why the sad faces :( at the end? Don't you want a happy face? :) Anyway, I too like the set, #40, 117, 118 and all the great ass photos are my favorite. Rags, I wonder what you look like...

C8C791 Its A typo error ok and i'm not sad about Diana G's latest series I loved it and if you want to know now what this Australian woman looks like i'm 6ft tall and have the shame body as Alyshia A even after having 2 children that may give you a good idea :)

Sorry Rags, must be another typo, on your part. There's an Alysha A, Alyssa A, Alyssa F and Alyssia A but no "Alyshia A". Are you a blonde, brunette, black or redheaded beauty?

"Statuesque" sounds so cold and impersonal ~ and yet, so few terms capture the perfect form and line Diana exhibits in this set. She uses that gorgeous body with such mastery, like a lead ballerina, yet manages to remain deliciously sexy at the same time. Absolutely stunning.

Diana's flexible athleticism is very sexy, her slender body and exotic face are incredibly beautiful. But I wish she would smile for the camera.

If she smiled, just imagine how those (already magical) eyes would glow.

I do, whenever I see her. : )

Diana is one of those women who pretty much define feminine beauty. Look at her once, and there is no reason to look any farther. She's perfect—eyes, face, body line, feet, breasts, pussy and anus. It's all glorious, all breathtaking—and one of these days that beautiful mouth will actually form a smile to complete the vision. 10,000.

I completely agree with Sailor but in my opinion Koenart was not enough inspired this time. By all means he didn't tap the full potential of Diana.

agreed, though I never felt that Diana was buried by bad photography, I also never felt that the set was in danger of soaring to new heights.

That, and the fact that Koenart (among other photographers) need to be more careful with framing (cutting off body parts especially) and background item placements - lamps & poles seeming to grown out of heads and arms in odd places. I agree that a couple of smiles tossed out by Diana would have gone a long way to make an all-over better set - especially in partial head shots like #s 118 & 117 - there've been sets she's done before where she's smiling and that goes al long way towards making a mediocre set just a little bit special.

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