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Hot legs and wonderful feet!

Diana you are getting more gorgeous as you get older; sadly I cannot say the same for myself. The only thing that increases as I get older is my waistline.

Welcome to the gentleman's club of the old fart, Ianbof!
I find myself in the same place... the calories cling to my middle and defiantly refuse to leave, even though I've cut my alcohol intake by three quarters! (Of course, the soda and ice cream seem to have substituted for the alcohol...)

I like how he alligned the couch seam and Diana's tan line in no.73
It created a sense of balance and focus...

By my count, we went 4 for 4 with wet pussies today. I applaud the models, photogs and K for all 4 sets today!!

I think this is one of Diana's best sets, very flattering to her wonderful long legs. As a leg man, I appreciate that emphasis. She also has a nice tan today and looks exceptionally sexy. Great work Koenart, for capturing Diana so well for us.

I love everything about this model.

Diana is very beautiful, specially her eyes and hair, figure, and skin tones. I do wish she would smile more even if they are subtile ones like Ulya I gives us.(Ulya is also known as Klodi on the net) The smile in shot 106 is just not enough. Diana and Koenart get a 10.

Always a pleasure seeing the absolutely stunning Diana on Met. Sadly, though, this set felt like mostly just a point and click affair to me.

Diana has never been more elegant or more mouth-watering. Koenart is not my favorite photographer, but he has produced something special here. It helps, of course, to be photographing MetArt royalty, and Diana is at her most regal in this set. Look at the gorgeous lines of her body when she's stretched out on that couch. In photo 57 those glorious legs seem to go on forever. In photo 50 her natural grace turns what might be an awkward pose into a study of feminine beauty. And she even favored us with a smile—sort of—in the final image. When that exquisite face finally lights up with the real thing, full wattage, my life will be complete. 10s all around.

It is crazy, but when the girls drop down her panties they will turn round. Why? I want to see first their magic triangle, not their behind. Is it the fault of the photographers or the impulse of the girls. I don' know.
consequently, there are too few pictures of girls in standing position with closed legs. met-art is going to be kind of spread-art!

Eridanus - I agree with you for the most part. I also greatly enjoy the frontal view standing position with legs together like you said. This is a favorable pose for a model like Diana, who is slender and leggy (There is no shortage of those poses in Erica's set today). Behind poses are fine, but I always look with interest for that one full frontal standing pose that shows all the curves.

This is still a great set, one of my favorites of Diana.

I think there is a bit of truth in that instinct concept but it is a fact that there are a lot of guys that love to see a girl bend over while taking off her panties. For me? Either works as long as they don't do that pulling the crotch to the side bit. I hate that!

Magnificent! and then some! Tall and lean and dark and lovely... That song must have been written for her. This truly is a goddess in every respect. That long and lovely body, those amazingly toned legs, Fantastic butt, Gorgeous face and hauntingly lovely green eyes. This is a woman designed to drive men crazy. Every single feature is flawless and scaled perfectly to make the overall image one of the sexiest women alive! Every single photo is pure sexual fantasy. I found my self mumbling wows and oohs and OMG as each new photo materialized on my screen. If asked my description of feminine perfection I need only say Diana G!

Diana and Koenart created a masterpiece with this set. Thank you both for making this day special.

If you smiled you would look even more beautful!

Indeed. 105th proves your comment.

I love Diana! She has so many amazing features its hard to pick her best one. Obviously her eyes are breathtaking. Her face is stunning. Her legs are second to none, but after seeing her tight anus and delicious open cookie in pic 63 it would be hard to not pick one of them as her best feature. Either way this girl is one of the best of the best...

Thanks for sharing your incredible beauty with us Diana! Now i can go to sleep a happy happy man..

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