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#4 is a notable vision. Our model appears much more naked than she is. The sense of skin is far greater than one might expect from such a narrowly vertical presentation.

Our artist photographer, though invisible, shows well here.

I love this girl... Everything about her is absolutely stunning.

Being a leg man, I am very fond of Diana. Very good set.

Being a leg, calf, heel, toe, butt, navel, finger, foot, eyes, hair, lips, earlobes, back, nipple, mons, lips man, I am very fond of this model.

She gets me hard in every set she's in. Her legs and ass have to be amongst MetArt's best. She has a pretty face too.

I think I could agree with all the above. Those legs!

And a pussy to die for...

Koenart show us another Beauty with a body to die for completely... Diana in the kitchen... The sweetest Dessert to die for too:-):-):-) Thank You to exist Diana and kiss kiss all over...

Diana is cooking in the kitchen. Be careful, she's hot!

Everything about her is pure perfection! For some reason she has an animal attraction for me. Everything says careful what you wish for, This woman makes me feel that I would be well advised to bring a wheelchair to help me get out of there in the morning because my knees would be to weak to support me! The term Amazon fits this woman to a T

Even the name Diana is from mythical times. My reference was to her sexual power and her exquisitely fit body. No doubt about her breasts except that they would need to indent the armor to accommodate those nipples 8^)

The word Amazon comes from a Greek word meaning without breasts, according to some people.

The (Greek) legend had it that the Amazon were a tribe of women who used men merely for reproduction. They were a warrior tribe, and one of their chief weapons was the bow and arrow. Their archers were so dedicated to their art that they had one breast removed so that it would not interfere with their archery.

Well I'm here to tell you that you can indeed find breasts at Amazon!! They have EVERYTHING!! ;o)


Seldom has Diana looked better than in this set, IMO. It would have been nice of course had she been in more of a smiling mood... but everything else about her is sheer perfection.

Diana always makes me go weak at the knees! One of my favourite models.

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