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Nice Job by Koenart!!! Welcome back Diana:-) Nothing to say, Her body is to die for completely, form Head to Toes... I like all of Her!!! Kiss kiss to You beautiful Angel, Miau:-)

very beautiful young woman. absolutely delicious! The TV in the bedroom is a mistake.

What's working for me here: The model - 10, awesome, hot, adorable, wow!!!

What I'm less than crazy about: most of the poses. Only downloaded 4. This is a HOT woman and I don't feel most poses show her off to her best advantage.

My goodness gracious..................

Just forgot - the only thing I DON'T care for in this set, is part of the setting itself. The dark blackout drapes in the background from the initial series of photos is really distracting. They look like a kind of black pillar in the background and, in a number of photos (1,3,9, 11-17 & 19) actually appear to be sprouting out of Diana's body & head. A fault of Koenart in framing, not Diana's.

I've always had a soft spot (...er ... better make that a hard spot ... what an unfortunate turn of phrase) for Diana and those absolutely wonderful legs. This woman could strut a catwalk with those legs along side the finest high fashion models in the industry. As a matter of fact, not knowing what kind of "dancing" she did/does, I could easily see sitting in a darkened nightclub all night long just to see her work. Or for that matter, watch her in The Nutcracker (um ...er ... yet another unfortunate turn of phrase.)

This is what gorgeous women with fabulous legs do to people - turn them into blathering idiots.

With all of the 'posterior poses' by today's four models, I think today should be known as derriere day.

Works for me!

Photo #54...."welcome home from work honey, have you had a tough day? Are you hungry? Want quick bite to eat? :-)

I would think, finding Diana in that position, nothing would be quick.
Savoring her deliciousness for a very long time....

#54 is nice but #53 is killer!

SPECTACULAR!! THIS is the MetArt I joined!!!
Diana holds a special place in my heart and has always been high on my list of 'very' favorites. This is a nice set, but I think I have to agree with the 'hipshooter' about the tasty "money shots"... There's never "too many" of those! (Although I suppose there COULD be...)
All in all, a ten of course. Never anything less for Diana, regardless of artist or setting.

Yes there can indeed be to many money shots. Especially if the item in question is not to my liking! Like faces, there are ones you just can't get enough of and others that you'd rather not look at.

"money shots" I like that.

They could dedicate an entire site to Diana's bellybutton. I'd subscribe.

If they featured her legs just one day a week, I'd subscribe. Diana is the total package, but those lovely long legs....damn!

They are incredible....every time I see a set of Diana ZZ Top's "Legs" starts playing in my head.

Just, a really really nice set of a fantastically beautiful woman. Diana has seldom looked better. It would have been nice had there been a tad more spice to this set but Diana's beauty shines through marvelously.
And damned if she doesn't belong in the PP Club...

PP, yes, but I admire her long legs most of all. This is a very good set of Diana, a keeper for sure.

Her legs are indeed great but my all time favorite legs belong to Lily :o)

Lovely, from the top down! What a woman, great face and hair, awesome breasts, hourglass figure, PP+ and a pretty pink anus and legs to die for. A little sparse on the rear shots and only a couple intimate closeups but they are nice shots! Nice well focused and color perfect. This lady is choice!

Another great set from Diana and Koenart

Diana is a perfect beauty. In Picture 52 she shows her open pussy. Just fantastic.

Wow, just... wow!

Excuse me while I try to regain the power of speech...

Beautiful woman.

Great I.D. GREATEST 'movie' ever!! And then there's Halle Berry's titties...:o) Yummy!! (Speaking of beautiful women...)

the digressor

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