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Can anyone dispute that Diana has about the best legs on this site? And how appropriate that Koenart and Diana give us such poses that accentuate them to the fullest!

And remember, black panties may not be the greatest thing in the world, but they're the closest thing to it.

They're very close, however, I maintain that simple white panties trump black panties, in most situations. ( :

Well, Great Pantifex, There's not much chance of color trumping with so little proper presentation. Just happy to get what we have here.

I have often complimented Koenart for bringing us so many lovely Latvian (and Baltic States) models.

This is such a great set of images of lovely Diana that I will use one of my limited, discretionary 11s for it.

My thanks to both Diana and Koenart.

What sort of service can I render to MetArt for a limited grant of11's?


If I made the rules, each and every Member would automatically have a limited number of 11s to distribute as they saw fit to a Model, Artist or Gallery that they REALLY like.

In return, Members would be expected to realize that an 11 is the ne plus ultra compliment they can give and stop at 11, with no irritating use of 11+, 11++...

It is just a silly way that I theorized might give an insight into Members true favorites ~ frankly I don't get the difference between a 10 and a 10+, 10++... as is currently used by some Members.

A beautiful woman is a beautiful woman ~ full stop. A pleasing gallery is a pleasing gallery ~ full stop. A talented artist is a talented artist ~ full stop.

So you would not let me have an 11+ infinity? That just shortened my birthday list.

A line needs to be drawn somewhere.

When they put your toes in the fire; who are your favorite Models, Artists, or Galleries; or maybe even your singular favorite Model, Artist or Gallery.

Great job! Diana is such an Earth-Angel! Need a lot more please.

Very nice --

Thank you.

This is not only a very nice set of Diana, but deserves special mention as a rare set that doesn't contain one photo that chops her head in half or off completely! It really irks me that so many "artists" pay little or no attention to this!!!

Not a terrible day for toes, either.


A very nice Set Koenart!!! ♥Diana's♥ perfect Body and Her angelic Face make us dream the Paradise... She's really superstunning from Head to Toes:-) Thank You to be here ♥Diana♥ and come back soon, please (another video of You would be nice:-)) Kiss kiss ♥ ♥ ♥

Diana looks pretty in black with those sexy long legs in that awesome body.

This woman's beauty is truly worthy of the name "Helen."

Whoops, misprint. I typed this on the wrong set. My apologies.

You have not wronged me sir, no apology to me, if you please...
Go to Helen, and hope her sur name is not Waite...;o)


Appropriate, nonetheless, for our darling duchess of Courland.

A model that knows
How to delight with a pose

A member who rhymes.

And delights many times!

A member who rhymes,
And delights with his prose.

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