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Absolute perfection.

Primo ass!

Primo Legs!

Don't forget DAT BUTT!!!

Primo butt!

One of my very favorite girls. Love the beautiful panties on that gorgeous ass!! She could have left those on a bit longer as far as I'm concerned. Very nice set, but then I don't believe Diana has ever done a set that wasn't thrilling, from start to finish. This is a girl that truly "moves me"...;o)

Btw... I LOVE a woman in fur!! It's very "natural" in my mind...takes me back to the caves of antiquity...;o)

A thumb for your first comment Rachsback. It will be interesting to read what "you know who" writes in response to the muffin you served in your Btw.

Sorry..."you know who"??? I can't think of anyone who has expressed their views on "fur"...(??) And the only person to be called "you know who" is very likely gone. Oh! But you probably are referring to the "caves of antiquity" part of that...LOL Yes, he would have used that as a springboard to his dogma! LOL I just might miss him...lol

Gone --- ???

Did I miss something ?

Perhaps Middle Earth imploded and killed all the trolls...

;-> (loooooool !)

The fur top sucks but Diana looks great in that panty.What a beautiful body to enjoy.

Super Sexy ♥Diana♥, but from Head to Toes, Miau!!! Doll, Doll, Doll!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

Good sweet lord, someone please hand me my heart medicine... Diana really puts the "fun" back in fundament!
Pardon me while I rest, I'm gonna need some recovery time from this exposure to one of the most stunningly beautiful women on MA.

Lately I've noticed that for my personal preferences, Koenart either strikes out or hits a home run... no middle ground.
This set is a grand slam.

So true

Fur is torture.

You are absolutely correct Heathen. Traditional harvesting of fur pelts is torture!

An animal is shot...dead! And then skinned... Where is the "torture"?? I think it only "tortures" people that are against killing animals for ANY reason...except to eat them of course... And the way our "food" is treated and processed is "real torture"! And that's a "fact". But the "opinions" on this issue are as diverse as our taste in women is. Re-exam your definition of "torture"... Then ask a few Vietnam vets what THEIR definition is...

Sorry, that is the norm. Most of the fur industry deals with wild animals trapped and kept in tiny cages where the go insane. Do to the volume that they "produce", most animals are NOT dead before their skins are removed. This is not my opinion this is industry standard. Likewise, many trapped animals die very slowly (or chew their legs off) before the trappers put them out of their extended misery. And then their is the Canadian seal hunt...gruesome.
Yes, I agree Vietnam Vets (and the Vietnamese) have experienced have likewise experienced tortute...but what is your point exactly. Just beacause a person has experience torture, that does not mean that other innocent beings DESERVE torture.
And yes, factory farming is torture.
We can (and should) do better. Torture is not necessary.

I've seen (not watched, but seen) far too many vids of live animals having their fur literally pulled off them while they scream in pain to make light of this subject. For some reason, some outfits find it more profitable to de-fur animals while they are still alive than to take the trouble to kill them first.
Makes me want to retch and renounce my humanity.

I seriously doubt that the "industry standard" is to skin animals "alive"! I would have to see "evidence" of this, and not very likely to take someone's word for it. My point was that there IS "real torture" going on in many parts of the world, and it involves "people". And maybe I WAS thinking about how fur was harvested a hundred years ago, by people that depended on animals for their existence...including their skin. I was NOT thinking about an "industry" whose sole purpose is "profit". I think it's dangerous to believe "propaganda" coming from ANY direction, and the animal rights groups have plenty of that to spread around.

Rock, these are videos we are talking about, not propaganda.

Fer... I believe what you were seeing is NOT an "industry standard" method of harvesting fur. These are extreme cases of cruelty that are used to raise awareness of these horrific practices, and eventually put an end to them. But there are many cultures around this large planet that have very different attitudes toward not only women, but animals as well. And if you can imagine "it", somebody, somewhere on the planet is doing "it". And by "it" I mean "anything"! I detest "generalization" and the original response to the comment was just that...a generalization about the "fur industry". I'm no defender of the fur industry, believe me, but I detest "generalization" and the original response to the comment was just that...a generalization about the "fur industry". And "propaganda" is what you make of it...;o)

Oops... Got a little tongue-tied there I did...lol

I respond with respect and not with judgement!! :)

What if it's a really good faux fur?

Then that makes Diana G even hotter!

Faux fur is a humane alternative to traditional harvesting of fur pelts.

Even non-traditional harvesting (see my comment above).

There ya go!! ;o)

In this case it's ugly even if it is fake. To me it looks like road kill!

Diana goddess of war. She is indeed lovely and her body is perfection. Can't say that for the awful top she was wearing. I think someone should take that thing out and bury it to put it out of it's misery. Other than that this set was very nice indeed. Gorgeous woman and a fantastic body, well presented in a nice photo set.

I thought Diana was the goddess of the hunt... I believe Mars/Ares had the war department held down.
At that, if this were Diana, she wouldn't have to hunt hard at all, her prey would just roll over and show her his tummy! ( ;

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