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Women like this just make the world seem like a better place.

A GORGEOUS girl, for sure ! Like other members, there are LOTS of things
I'd like to do with her.....

lick her from head to toe, for example, with of course , a longer stay on some places.....

She must taste so good !

An incredible combination of a pretty and lovely face with an incredible sexy and desirable body. Since I saw her boy-girl video on sexart I just confirmed what a goddess she is and this set keeps the heat on!


Dido: 20 comments so far! Every one complimentary. Thus the ? why is she no longer a "top" model here. When ever she appears on any of the family sites the comments go wild with praise. But she is now rates way down her. I think I have a reason but I am not sure. I noticed this with Paloma when she first appeared she shot to the top and slowly feel off. I think when ever a good new face pops up a mass of members hit the 10 button. Once we have voted I doubt that we all keep hitting 10 for every series and thus as an average it drops. It says Dido is now a 9.01. I find it hard to bevieve that anyone ever gave her less than 10 so how does it drop. Since we don;t know their formula it is a mystery.

One of the big problems is the scoring system. It tends to force all the really hot girls into a very close race. Why, Simply because there is nothing between 9 and 10. So when we vote we tend to be either over or under scoring. Since anyone with less than 9 isn't even on the list of top models it says than giving a girl a 9 is going to knock her down and maybe off the chart. I think that between 9 and 10 they should have decimal input. I frequently vote a girl 10 when see is a 9.1 or 9.2. Lets face it the quality here is so high that anything less than 9 is almost unacceptable

I completely agree with Hips comment. We need decimals.

I agree.


Dido is pretty! It's really pink inside I'm sure, just couldn't see much in this set to know if it is.....

A dream girl in every way! Her face and hair are great but THAT BODY is completely off the scale! Every detail is perfection and WOW those closeups are mind boggling! That is one of the most lovely pussies anywhere. She has every right to be proud of it and it would be sacrilege to hide it. I am constantly amazed at the wide range of natures creativity when it comes to that most intimate part of a woman. All the way from irresistible as it is here to gross. #69 the first view of it spread open is stunning and it just gets better from there. Dream girl fits Dido perfectly because one couldn't dream anything better! The body alone would place her high on the list but add to that her beautiful face, bubbly personality and ease before the camera and you have a true goddess!

Luca did a fantastic job with this set. It is about as technically perfect as it gets! Outdoor shoots are tough but this one is perfect! the beautiful background with it's complimentary colors, the play of light and shadows, everything tailor made to highlight is magnificent woman. Dido is spectacular but it's the artistry of Luca that make this set really special.

Dido: Originally she appeared as Lola Myluv which may or may not be her real name. She was born Feburary 19.1988. She began doing even hard core at 18. In Feb of 2007 both Erro and Met began using her. To date she has done 10 photo sets and 3 movies for Erro's site, 25 photo sets and 3 movies for Met-Art. She also has appeared on Met Models amd it's successor EB and several sets on TLE. Since its inception she has done 10 photo sets on Sex-Art and 2 unbelevable videos. She is highly rated and a fan favorite on all sites. She has been shot by a lagre number of top photogs. When I say she is one of my favs if not my top one I am in good company, as the comments today show.

Thanks for the Bio, It would be fun to have more complete info about the models. I would like to here more about their real personalities and how they are to work with from the photogs.

Hi hipshot131: You are by far the top blogger on Met. I do not know if you are also a member of Sex-Art and Erro's site. Over at Sex bobblehat, myself, and member called Leendart are kind of a threesome blog on almost every movie. Originally SA had a feature where the interviewed various models. This was a Zolman thing and after his death it stopped. I have been lobbying for a similiar feature to return, to do exactly what you say, and give us more info about the real girls. I am known to be long winded and so I will care on here, at least today. For one thing I have noticed that several of our top models (More on that distinction in may other post here today.) have a lot more hardcore out there before they got on Met. Most noticeable with Caprice, Carina, and Monica/Tubbea/Carmen. They all are much younder in the real hardcore I have found. Sex-Art is changing that somewhat in that we are now getting "mature" fucking both g/g and b/g again from them. Erro at one point had his videographer shot him doing still sets and we got to see him at work, which was very revealing. A couple of Carina's video show her getting ready and playing around, again very telling. Luca has a pair of videos of Monica where she plays around on camera dressed before the shoot. All of these add to our "understanding" them. At least now on Sex-Art the producers/director "are" taking part in our blogs. Alis and Bo have both responded directly to me the way you have got from Adam here. Hopefully we cn get them to listen to our request and learn more from the girls and photogs.

Hi swplf2, Ive seen you a few times on the blog. I am here long term but I am also trying out SA. A big thumbs up on that one. All of those things sound very interesting and I would love to see that kind on content. Just like the videos here give us more insight into a girl seeing them "off camera" doing interviews or just messing around would be very nice. Input from the artists would awesome. There are a couple of photographers that have been on the blog here and I think it is great. These are the things that could really set metart apart from all the other sites. There are several Of Metarts girls that I would love to know more about. Especially to see if they have the playful friendly personalities I think they do.

Thanks for the dialoge. Amen to your reply and we will do this again I hope...

Dido a sex kitten. Love her photo shoots but even more would love to have her squat over my face and lick her from clit to asshole!

all her photo sets are great. this set is just another work of art!

Very nice! (for an outdoor shoot) It's been waaaay too long since we've seen this beauty here! Dido NEVER fails to thrill and excite!! Sooo gorgeous!!

Dido is absolutely stunning in every detail. She's on my "A" list of my favorite models at MetArt. It's nice to see new pictures of her. I think I like her bedroom eyes the most?

Amazingly beautiful girl, Luca captures her magnificently from beginning to end. I love the relaxed shots with a gorgeous Dido sat back, legs spread proudly displaying her beautiful bald cunt.

Dido is a sex goddess. She has done girl-girl hardcore and masturbation, both photo sets and videos on a few of Metart's other websites. All she has to do to turn me on is look at the camera! All the photographer needs to do is focus and properly expose the photos. Dido is a real pro, beautiful, sexy and a great model.

If you're interested in b/g, check her out on SexArt a few days ago ;p!

Going there now!

... and don't forget to read the last sentences of her M-A_Bio. It fits like a fist on the eye.

OK, yeah, right. I'm always on the "look out" for beautiful Ladies standin' around naked! Flash me, honey!

Can't decide which is her most amazingly outstanding feature; her incredibly beautiful face, or her breathtakingly beautiful, perfectly formed pussy. What a goddess.

Just three words from me; Ella es extraordinaria!

I need to add "All Over!" to my comment.

Dido, a dream girlfriend.

Nice work Luca, but it's not to difficult with someone as delicious as Dido.

Perfect girl...she is just to enjoy..from toes to head..mmm nice work..and lovely to see her taking off her shoes

Two words: Oh Yeah!

Gorgeous girl!!! I luv her beautiful pussy!!!!

yep---It's awesome!

Radiant loveliness which certainly "urns" a 10

An angel !!

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