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Dido is a beautiful blond little gem that offers his intimate female beauties no shyness, to the bottom . "Brava e Bella".

The environment could be less poor.
The photographer would have to shoot she, that is small in stature, from the bottom so as not to crush them prospectively

Nice & beautiful hair she has! I'd like to see THE close -ups surrounded with such gorgeous hair.

She has done remarkable work in the past.

Really boooooring set of pictures! You really couldn't think of any poses than standing by a wall and wiggling?

I'd say that Dido deserves a spot as a MA signature model. I have always loved those brown eyes, nicely contrasting to her blonde hair. It's very hard for me to say this because I have enjoyed Dido so much over the years, but I have to agree with hipshot, 5seadog and others. Despite my appreciation of Dido, this set is not very interesting, very repetitious and stationary.

I can't believe that a set of Dido is scoring as low as 7.80. I went back through all her photo sets going back to 2007, and most were in the 9s, with some in the high 8's, but none In 7's, even the two from this same photog shot in 2008. Sad.

Thank you to this beauty for so willingly opening up her delightful charms.

I have to say that this set is unusually boring for a top model. There is literally no movement throughout the entire set. Just shot after shot of her in the same spot never changing location. This is unforgivable in an outdoor set. I have seen far to much of this lately. The photographer puts the model in one spot, sets up his/her lights and shoots a hundred+ photos in one spot. Hard to create interest when you start with a naked model and do 129 photos of her standing in the same spot on a rock wall. The only saving grace is there are a couple of fantastic closeups of her awesome labia.

hot girl, lousy photographer. No connection here at all….

Dido is totally hot,but I have never considered Mark a top photographer. It takes a lot to make Dido boring, but Mark manages. If Dido wasn't so beautiful,he'd really be in trouble. Fortunately Dido works in other parts of the met universe as well. She has some knockouts on EA, and Iveta, Danae, and several other Czech ladies are there along with Dido.

Maybe true Sailor, but this amazing woman has been giving us phenomenal sets since 2007. What a run! Even monotonous poses can't put a damper on her amazing beauty. Thanks as always lovely Dido.

I agree that the choreography of this shoot is rather blah, but at least Mark knows his camera technique better than most others here, who oddly seem more popular. Good photography, good focus, good exposures, but yes, rather repetitive. A few really nice shots though!

I love her. Always have. She deserves better.

Dido is a beautiful girl with a lovely body. There's a good photo shoot here somewhere. This isn't it.

Que Pasa, where you been...

Away for the weekend raising hell. Got back Sunday night.

Missed you...

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