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well, I am underwhelmed. From focus problems (if you do a portrait shot and the shoulder is in focus but the eyes are not, you failed) to the choice of nail varnish. Simply not impressed.

and for the naysayers - take 97 as an example. Where is the focus? Eyes? Nope. Moouth? Nope. Ass? Nope. Pussy? Nope. Nothing is sharp&in focus. Or 95.

Such a pic should not be included. And there are more.

Dido A is simply stunning wearing her gorgeous black and pink sexy dress and high heels they truely compliments her long blonde hair lovely face gorgeous brown eyes and her sexy smile against the magnificent garden foliage the stem of the reeds flowering like silky white feathers and forest landscape the natural light in a tantalizing sensual sexy strip tease as Dido A slowly lifts up her dress revealing her firm tanned well toned tanned hips legs and thighs in both lovely close ups with her muscular arms her hands upon her thighs in image #4-#5 as well as those stunning images of her revealing her lovely tanned firm breasts erect nipples in images #7 to #12 gently cupping her breasts whilst finally peeling of her dress off within sensual looks upon her face both the glare of the white mirrored and the colors of the landscape highlighting her toned,tanned body magnificently :) I simply adored image #03 with Dido A standing upon the white mirrored platform wearing those gorgeous high heels slightly bending over with her firm slender toned legs slightly apart revealing her cute firm round ass with her g-string riding up between those sweet tanned cheeks with a beaming look within her eyes sexy smile her long blonde hair flowing down her shoulders :) One has to adore those striking poses of Dido A's flawless tanned body beautiful breasts erect nipples her firm thighs slender legs firm round ass with her long blonde hair cascading down her back in images #18-#21 The natural light casting a lovely glow with both her long hair and body :) There are to many gorgeous images within this set from Dido A to mention from Dido A lying fully stretched lying on her white platform in image #22 to her sitting sideways her with her black g-string to her lying sideways spread legged peeling her g-string to one side revealing her tanned inner thighs lovely pink vulva in different angles images #23-#32 her lovely face breasts in full view to images #33-#35 with Dido A kneeling backwards fully stretched out upon the mirrors edge showing her g-string between her sweet cheeks of her cute sexy ass her long blonde hair hanging down breasts fully exposed with a sexy smile upon her face with a magnificent close up of her kneeling legs crossed her hand pulling her g-string down her ass her firm body raised up high her long hair flowing down her breasts in images #33-#35 :) The refection and the glare of mirrored white platform and the background lighting within the gardens foliage highlighting Dido's body beautifully ;) Images #41-#44 are truely striking the way Dido A lays back on her back stretched out her firm breasts erect nipples flat against upon her chest her long firm legs high in the air her cute ass in full view with her g-string wrapped around her ankles and high heels showing a quick glimpse of her outer labia lips with the most sexiest smile on her beaming face and brown eyes her long blonde hair tucked nicely under her back just showing enough to highlight her facial features finishing off with a gorgeous close up of dido's gorgeous face and breasts nipples fully erected :) Just as images #45 to #54 with Dido A kneeling near the edge of the mirror her gorgeous face lovely brown eyes blonde hair full of sensual expression :) Her small round breasts erect nipples with both her firm toned tanned abdominal muscles thighs and legs spread apart revealing her lovey shaved vulva catching a glimpse of her reflection within the mirror in both sensual poses within image #45 and specialy #46 with Dido leaning slightly to one side gently cupping a breast her long blonde hair cascading down her shoulders !! I loved the way she slowly kneels over the mirror slowly bending right over it with her back arched Dido's lovely face full of joy her breasts and nipples pointing downwards with her magnificent taunt tanned body in full view her legs slightly apart her ankles and high heels well behind her until Dido A is lying on her arms with her cute ass high up in the air with a very serene look upon her face the tips of her breasts touching the floor within images #47 to #51 both the different contrasts oolours of the white mirrored platform the natural light of landscaped garden forest behind dido A highlighting her magnificent body !! :) I really loved the way Luca Helios use's the different contrasts of both and dark lighting as well as the white mirrored platform to highlight Dido A's terrific body showing glimpse of her body within its reflection as well as the outdoor garden setting towards the end and Dido A looks simply stunning within images #90 to #93 with her lying sideways upon the white platform within both serene sensual poses with her blonde hair cascading down her lovely face gorgeous brown eyes breasts nipple her hand upon her tanned thigh with different sensual looks within her within magnificent close ups and panoramic views catching a glimpse of Dido A's creamy labia lips :)As for Dido A amongst the tall flowering reeds and foliage ~ I have to say she is simply beautiful basking in the sun the clear beautiful sky highlighting her well tone tanned shapely body but my favorite one has to be image #82 it truely shows Dido A's gorgeous face long blonde hair cascading down her back her taunt neck her breasts at their fullness her nipples fully erected showing both her firm taunt tanned abdominal muscles her well built arms holding one firm slender leg by her knee of her shapely tanned body and as for my favourite close up of her gorgeous facial features has to be image #86 it says all about Dido A gorgeous face :) Luca Helios captured her beauty marvelously within his camera lens and Dido A is still as confident as ever in front of one in either Sex Art or Met Art as for those gorgeous high heels of hers i can only dream about having a pair for myself :) Thank You Dido A and Luca Helios for a sexy sensual erotic set :)

And you say you're "not" bisexual???? Could have fooled me.

Good heavens, rags! I am guessing you're somewhat enthusiastic about Dido? ( :
(Yeah, I know, old, cheezy comment forum joke... but it still makes me laugh)

Beautiful set, I loved the setting with the sunlight, and such a special girl. Some of us are happy when the shoes come off! Fantastic set all around. It gives off such a feeling of happiness and carefree enjoyment of beautiful things.

Interesting coincidence that as I began browsing this portfolio, the song that came up in my music rotation was Henry Mancini's 'Dreamsville' from 'The Music From Peter Gunn'. Certainly set a proper mood.

(This *may* qualify me for a certain 'old farts club' Þ )

Yeb Floyd, it does and welcome to the group....

Thanks, but I feel I have a long ways to go before I'll ever live up to the many 'experiences' others have had!

How could anyone NOT fall in love with this delicious creature, but I'm thinkin' this set is a few years old...

This set may in fact be several years old... but it looks fresh and new! ( :

Dido took that dress off way to soon.

i agree

No, actually she didn't. ;o)

It's always nice to see pictures of Dido again. She's always beautiful and sexy and this set is no exception. She's been on my short list of favorite girls since her debut. Come back soon, sweetheart!

Yay! The fabulous Dido is back! Mr. Helios always does perfet sets with her(perfect ones too)I keep thinking Dido is one of Nancy Murrians' discoveries as she prefers small models with tight bodies, just like she is.(she was a model, before she married Richard Murrian and became a far better photographer in my opinion.) Go to the Archives and check out "Red Nancy"or "Nancy in Austria"She is a really Hot latina with a strong resemblance to Salma Hayek.I keep confusing Dido with Zusie who is one of ms.Murrians's discoveries, as is Nella. Check the archives on Nella, she didn't know diddley as a model until Nancy took her in hand.

This woman is becoming more than prime, she is supreme, adult status is very pleasing to these old eyes. More of her lovelyness please..........

For "heel-lovers" -- the set is PERFECT !!!

Dear Dreadnought as you well know by now that i'm a female as for those high heels that Dido's is wearing are simply gorgeous :) They truely compliment's both her Dido's sexy black outfit :) As well within her strikingly sexy sensual poses with those well toned tanned thighs hips legs of hers :) Alas at my height i can't wear them as i tend to trip A over T with them plus their not really suitabled out in the desert nor our lousy street pavements and this set is simply PERFECT !! At least the monsoon rains have finaly come:) Cheers Dreadnought

Hi pretty angel! More and more lovely in so many sets since 2007. It's almost Biblical -- seven years of feast and no famine in sight. You have matured into COMPLETE perfection! Xxxxxxx

The beautiful Dido is back, this time with Luca Helios, and the change of photographers makes all the difference. She is sexy, vibrant altogether alive in this set. She does wonders for that little pink-and-black number at the beginning, and I was sorry for a nanosecond to see her wiggle out of it. The rest of the set is just yummy.

Well since it is Lola/Dido I could go on and on and on. Her last set got some bitching about lack of movement. Not today. She is back with Luca and always seems to do good with him. But today, except for heel haters, I think she will satisfy. And she got rid of them. Very good outdoor set. As many of you know Dido also works over at Sex Art and I have a flash for those like me that think she is top. Alis has a new video of her which Jonathan previewed a couple of days ago. It turns out she is one hell of an actress in addition to be damn right sexy. Away from MET/SEX she did a video with one of our long lost, primarily, ERRO models, Suzi Carina and it was explicit and hot. Even in hardcore she is so perfect. I know I'm biased where she is concern, but damn....

I know Sailor has adopted ALL the Ukrainian girls on the site. So I will lay a claim to Czech Republic ones. And just think what that country has given us: APF, Dido, Caprice, Grace C, Mia Sollis, Sylvia Deluxe. Luce, Miela, Indiana, and to many others to list. Prague here I come. Aren't we glad the Soviet Union fell apart, I doubt we would have any if the were still comrades...

Hi guys You have forgotten all the Slovak girls(Slovakia is the other half of Czechloslovakia) and so I get Angel, Danae Danae's special friend Antea not to mention Czechs like Nella, Iveta, and Sapphira. Bwu-wah -ha-ha!

Every dog gets his day! LOL

Or Ry for that matter...

Indiana isn't Czech, but even if she was you couldn't have her. I've also got dibs on Luce, Miela, Mia Sollis, Conny Carter and any other beauties that might have slipped my mind. And I also want Boardwalk and Park Place!

You are right. The Czech Republic has an amazing number of beautiful women—and Prague, by the way, is one of the great cities in Europe. : )

Did you go past go, and collect 200 Euro's. Ok on 3 of your four but Mia Sollis? How about a Tug of Lust...

You're on.

Now if we can just get Mia to agree to the "prize" we both win...

's OK, y'all two go on and tug away... whilst I sneak away with Mia.... ( :

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