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Every set of her is awesome!

Dido is the perfect poster girl for Met Art. She is stunningly beautiful and 100% sex appeal. I don't comment about too many girls, but Dido really gets to me. I can't wait to see your next photo set, sweetheart!

I loved this latest set by Dido A She looks ever so beautiful from the start with her sexy black outfit to which she peels off in a beaufiful strip tease :) showing her taunt tanned body of hers quite nicely with the scenery and natural light shining thru the window highlighting Dido A magnificently :) I have to admire the way she displays her body within different striking poses and close ups in front of Luca's camera not a care in the world.I simply loved Dido withing images #85 to #93 perched up against the window in both magnificent panoramic and close ups of her possing sideways showing us all her lovely assetts to us all !!! Images #96 to #98 a priceless sensual photos of Dido licking the tip of her knee to mention a few :) Luca captured her beauty very well within this set he focused his camera on Dido A's body face that sexy wry smile of hers not one out of focus maybe because i've got freash eyes and a female member :)

I did not think it possible, that this young lady could be more beautiful... This set is absolutely breathtaking!
Thank you Lovely Dido, for your tantalizing features, bright eyes and delicious smile. Truly impressive.

So very true Livin The Dream She gets more and more beautiful as she ages gracefully Dido a is a remarkable stunning beauty thats for sure :)

If getting hard is a measure of a model's beauty and sexual appeal, then Dido is one of the best models here.

I had this great rant typed up about focus, but then realized it's the same as photoshopping....all the bitching in the world by us isn't gonna change a damn thing! I like this model a lot (one of three that brought me to Met) and this is a very nice set of pics of her, but it could have been a LOT better.

I dare say that if she came walking in the room as she looks there, I would never notice the shoes :-)

Dido is absolutely stunning! Seems like Luca had an off day with the focus. If your gonna do 3-5 shots of basically the same pose, I shouldn't have to wait till the severely cropped close up for a clearly focused shot of Dido's perfect lady bits. Would like to see them along with her perfectly sculpted body as hipshot said. Lovely Dido, your simply amazing.

I Like Dido a lot,not just for her lovely face and figure, She understands the erotic modeling persona, much of which is acting, Dido does a lot of hardcore, both g/g and b/g, as Dido Angel or Lola Myluv, but never allows it to affect her modeling for us, unlike for example Caprice who's persona in modeling is going downhill fast at least in my book. Peaches is another model with a beautiful persona, although she works mostly in hardcore g/g for Viv Thomas I give Dido a 10+++. Its too bad about the hardcore but b/g is where the money's at.

Dido is an attractive woman with a beautiful bubble butt. The shoes by themselves are ok, but the gaudy jewellery on them sure ups the "yuck ptooey" status.

Buy a real camerea with auto-focus

I took three shots for Helios to get a proper focus on her tongue. What a shame. Dido you need Rilsky.

Another great set Luca.

Dido is exquisite! Head to toe. Her body was sculpted by angels and sent to us mere mortals to show us what perfection looks like. I could never tire of this sweet woman. Each scrumptious morsel is flawless. Those labia are pure magic. So smooth, moist, perfectly colored and shaped. The thought of licking that is pure ambrosia. The black panties and bra are the perfect accent and a very strong tease.

Sadly there is no way to know how current this set is but she is as tight and beautiful here as she was in her first set. This girl lights up all my lights and pushes all my buttons.

She is Lola on Al's scans and wow is she HOT!

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