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I don't know how Dido gets only a 8.56 overall score on MetArt she is one of my all time favorites, she has put in a lot of great work on this site and has received a lot of votes, yet she is not in the top 150 global on MetArt, I know the voting system has been changed in the pass but something is still wrong if a Beautiful Model like Dido who has done so much on the MetArt network over the years is not a mainstay in the top ten when there are models in the top 150 that have not done anything in 4 or 5 years.

Another reason that the Czech Republic should become our 51st state without a doubt. I never cease to be amazed how many gorgeous sexy dolls are showing their juicy goods from that cunt-ry excuse the slip in my spelling skills.

Dido is my idea of a perfect 10...from the top of her head to the tips of her toes..she is perfection. Love her perfect bald pussy so much.

After seeing her elsewhere, Dido was a large part of my inspiration to join the MetArt "movement"... Beauty and sex appeal have seldom been granted to a more deserving creature... I fall in love anew with each and every set of her's...old OR new! The world, at least MINE, is much more beautiful because of her!

The appearance of Dido and Mango on the same day is a red letter day for me. Two of my very favs at once. Dido's set today is somewhat of an anniversary she was introduced to us here by Erro 7 years ago yesterday. Almost too many sets to count all over the family of sites and beyond. She has been shot by many of our best artist and has delivered for all and is still great. Mango is here for the 18th time and as I pointed out in my last comment with every set shot by her partner Vlad. Ironically this is also almost an anniversary for her also she first appeared 2 years ago on you got it 6-12-12. Both Mango/Clover and Dido/Lola have much the same appeal clothed hard to belief this is there profession yet when they get bare they are both stellar performers. The final irony is that one of the top video artist on Sex has done two movies titled "Be My Slave" both G/G bondage offerings (Should be obvious from the title) and guess what Dido was the sub in his first, and Mango in his second. Away from here they both have great massage sets/movies. And both have done B/G work. (Yes I intentionally posted this both for Mango and for Dido.)

I'm guessing today (6/14) is even better for you, seeing how Dido has a new set on SA, the very next day to her set on MA... ( :

There's an amazingly raunchy video out there of her doing all kinds of things with her urine. Drinking it from a glass etc. Tthe most incredible act was when she's on her back/shoulders legs in air with a speculum in her vag spread wide and she urinates inside herself. Quite a trick.

She's a dirty gir, but I like her...;)

Yeah the best part of the trick, she drinks from her filled vag by tilting her hips over her mouth...must see.

RT 513395

I really like this set from Dido... I feel that she had fallen into a bit of a rut, but this set there's something just a little different, a little more alive in her smile and expressions. Dido, you're reeling me back in. ( :

Dido looks wonderful as always with that perfect body.

Been a while since Dido has been on the light side of MA but she is as lovely and inviting as ever. Smooth, firm, and delightfully revealing. Like a fine wine she just keeps getting better. For those that haven't looked yet she has several great sets on SA!

She has "several great sets" in a number of places, but without more "disposable income", the ones here will have to suffice.

I know the feeling. I cycle in and out of SA as I have the funds.

@ hipshot131:

Are you able to retain your member name as you cycle in and out; or do you just increase / change the numeric suffix?

If yes to the first part, don't reply beyond yes; I know how to do so too and don't want to abuse an accidental discovery.

Not really sure. I know I have had to cycle the numbers in the past but I had to do a whole new user name this time on SA

@ hipshot131:

I guess it's too much trouble to re-program for MET; you and I and. . .are not the only ones denied our first and real member name when we try to rejoin, no matter the reason why our membership had expired.

Something along the line of "sorry you can't use that member name, it's already in use"; "yes, I know you are you ~ but it can't be done"; "yes I know all of your comments under your original member name can not be accessed by ANY member"; oh by the way, nobody else will ever be given your original member name"

Doug might have a better description of the process, and if it really is as rigid and set in stone as I have attempted to describe.

hip, Baggy - I thought that your member name could be used universally across all sites in the Met network. Was I mistaken? I have seen familiar names in comments on the others when I was checking them out.

If not, it wouldn't be hard to do, they are probably using the same servers anyway. It would be great, because then as long as you are a member of at least one site, you could keep your name on all of them. It would be a good feature to promote commonality within the network.

kilroy, I can confirm that you can use the same screen name on any site on the MA network.
The trick comes when you need to cancel a subscription to any one of the sites for any reason, and then re-join later on.
On your new account, if you try to re-use the same screen name for comments, you will be refused. Your name has already been registered, to your original account. Even though that account is closed, you cannot re-use the name for your new account, even though you are the same person who owned the original account.

@ kilroy:

Just a GUESS on my part.

I believe that a member's name is valid for one site only, if the same member name appears on more than one site, that member was smart / lucky enough to choose the same name for more sites.

I might have that entirely inside out ~ what you write makes sense when one member name appears on more than one site.

The problem facing hipshot131, me, and others. . .occurs when our chosen member name expires and my paraphrasing of the writings takes place.

Maybe K will also jump in with the real reason(s) why it is difficult to bring back to life an expired member name.

Thanks, guys. My guess is that it can be done, but is difficult or a programming challenge, and deemed not worth the effort. I would also see a financial advantage to the establishment that knowing about losing your name might provide incentive to keep the subscription going.

I hadn't thought of it that way before, kilroy... interesting idea.

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