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This set made me dizzy with lust.

Hot, hot, hot!

Dido is a very beautiful model,and Luca Helios is a great outdoor photographer.How can Luca and Dido get anything but a 10++++

Dido is a very beautiful model,and Luca Helios is a great outdoor photographer.How can Luca and Dido get anything but a 10++++

I absolutely love to see women who have grown into their figures, and Dido is a prime example. So Deliciously fit and scrumptious. A true feat for the eyes! Please don't let it be to long before we get to see her again.


Dido is a delightful example of Czech models who blow my mind. Ukrainian, Czech and Russian women are by far and a way my favorite models and Dido is another fantastic example of why. To my eye and my preferences, she is just so perfect. THANKS to all involved!!

It's been way too long since we've seen this blonde cutie! Dido is one of my all-time favorite models on Met Art. I love the sexy one-piece swimsuit and the outdoor setting for these pictures. My favorite picture in this set is Dido's head shot (#21, I believe). Nice work, both of you.

Dido you are one happy, sexy lady and you look great in anything or nothing. I would like to make one request and that is: Would you do a set in a very sexy dress, that shows off all your lovely curves and do at least three pages where you are flirting with us?! If so I wouldn't be normal for at least several months, but who likes to be normal.

Delicious Dido... Luscious Lola! I'll have her with any name, in any set, in every way possible! Just let me HAVE HER!! My original porn queen still has a big piece of my heart!! XOXOXOXO :oD

Viva la Czechs!!

I'm going on a beach vacation in a week. What are the chances I'll encounter a young lady in a swimsuit as spectacular as this one?

What better gamble, what better payoff? ( :

Always so nice to look at! Beautiful! Why two names?

Frequently models who appear on multiple sites with multiple photographers will use different aliases at different times, as will photographers as well, some times. It's just something about the industry. Some models/photographers settle on one name and stick with it, some experiment with names, others are assigned names by their photographer or the site they appear on.

Lesson of the day: a one-piece bathing suit can be every bit as sexy as a bikini. Thanks, Dido!
And thanks for taking the suit off first and then the heels. The shots of you in just heels were quite scrumptious. ( :

I love a one piece. Even the plain ones beautifully hug the contours of the body.

It has been far to long since she was here last. Dido is sweet and sexy with just enough spice to make a guys heart pound. Her videos on SA are HOT! And if you want in your face Dido try Al's scans. Despite her many sets on several networks she remains just as cute and irresistible as ever. That bright and disarming smile is as powerful and genuine as ever.

Thank you Dido for another sunny performance and thank you Luca for your consistently fine work.

On ALS, might you see Dido with a Dildo???

Yes indeed... and vibrators, and G/G. ( :
Over there however, her name is Lola. But, "a rose by any other name would be just as sweet." ( :

Al's scans! Very nice. ( :
(Since it is in the network so to speak, I will correct that spelling: ALSScan.com)

And yes that suit is uber sexy on that scrumptious body!

It might be possible to take a bad picture of Dido/Lola but I doubt it. Luca has once again presented her excellently. For once my connection allowed me to get this downloaded early. A very nice bedtime viewing. They say there is a Miss America/Beauty Queen smile that they are taught that automatically appears whenever a camera is pointed at them. If so Dido could teach it. Now if a Met family artist wants a real challenge then bring us a set where she frowns at least once. Dido/Lola has to be one of the hardest working models in this business. APF may have more sets out there on more sites but not in the relatively short time Dido/Lola has been around. It is hard to find any popular site which she has not appeared on at least once. Here we see only her Met limit soft side. But as comments here have pointed out her "range" is amazing. You name it she's done it. Solo, Toys, B/G, G/G, Bondage, Three ways with full DPs, but so far as I know limited to human partners, but some heavy kink, yet she comes back here and still appears if not innocent at least sweet. And does it all with a smile.

If we ever get a Met Family HOF then she should be a charter member.

Last time she appeared here the comments got side tracked oto a discussion of our member names. I have questions about my swplf2 moniker. The problem with computers being able to adjust and keep our chosen nom de plumes goes way back. When AT&T first offered DSL I had as my dial up as swplf so when we put in the DSL I was told that swplf was taken, and I would need a new one so I added the 2. Ti the best of my knowledge there is no other swplf in the whole internet world but I am still stuck with 2. You would think as sophisticated as they have got that they would have figured a way to correct this. But No. APF got Met redo across the board in the Met family to change Ariel to Ariel Piper Fawn since in the non Met world she was Piper Fawn and a few other models have done the same thing. Dido as we see below is still Lola on ALS and on many non family sites, and of course the "stage names" have no relationship to their "real" names. Bu the good news is we will never fail to recognize that smile or any other body part for "our" Dido A.

swplf2 what other non family sites does dido appear? would love to see some of her other work, including and heavy kink.

swplf2 what other non family sites does dido appear? would love to see some of her other work, including and heavy kink.

I knew APF not as Piper Fawn, but long ago as Gabriela..

Make that long long ago and you are dead on that was the name she was original "presented" on Met Art and an out of family interview movie is still floating around out there under that name. Gabriela Lupínková = APF I think. Which creates an interesting question which I don't know if she has ever answered. Since she became a producer for SexArt, her director is Andrej Lupin. The dropping of "kova" would be a normal "Anglicization" of that, but either she was already married to Andrej back when she started in 2005, by the way almost two years before she became a regular as Ariel, or they are brother/sister or some family connection. Does anyone know for sure?

The stuff I have is a few years before she came here. It's from a different "network" altogether. I was ecstatic when I joined Met and saw that she was a model here. I've adored her forever, in spite of her large breasts. She was the girl that taught me to tolerate large breasts, when the rest of the girl is magnificent....as she IS! She has three rings on each hand in these early sets, so, hard to tell if she was married at the time...and appears to be a lot closer to sixteen than twenty. I fell for that gorgeous face first, and then was consumed by that sweet little ass of hers!! To this day, probly my very favorite "naked girl"... They just don't get any more beautiful!

morning, sw. Dido/Lola has been around, and I agree she keeps that innocent and fresh look, never failing to smile despite having done just about everything. I love blonde hair/brown eyes combo and her face, but Dido also has all the right stuff in the breast and leg departments, too.

...nor will we fail to recognize your signature style comments, swplf2. ( :

Thanks, I think?

Absolutely a compliment. I appreciate you for being one of the people keeping the comment forum a positive, welcoming place for all. ( :

I'm sure it's a compliment, coming from _fer. It would be coming from myself.

Bravo to Dido and Luca, this is quite possibly the best swimsuit shoot I have ever seen. I love the one piece that was chosen as Hayley13 says it is an especially 'sexy' one piece. The colors of the suit work so well with her skin tone. The setting the weather and Dido all make this a shoot I will revisit often to enjoy for quite sometime.

Thanks to Dido and Luca for this exceptional shoot!

The first real-life woman I had a sexual fixation on had a blue one-piece that was quite sexy... but then, it was a far more "conservative" cut than this one. ( : Nevertheless, this brings back happy memories for me.

fer, Did you have that old Farrah poster on your wall, too? That was a classic!

No, I did not ~ but I remember it VIVIDLY. ( : And fondly.
My parents would have blown a gasket, they had "found religion" at that point... ( :

Funny, mine too (and they did). Midwest commonalities? We are in the bible belt.

I did have it probably a day after it was released! In the first printing her nipple was not smoothed out as in later versions I have seen. I still almost have it. They actually made a jigsaw puzzle of it. That I still do have. We split our puzzle collection in the divorce 20+ years ago I got Farrah, she got that castle in Germany, etc. Anybody want to guess about what LP albums I got from that era.
Hint "Blind Faith" if you have never seen it take some time and look it up. Probably could't do it again even today, take that Miley...

Blind Faith = Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker, Steve Winwood, and Ric Grech. The band, which was one of the first "super-groups", released their only album, Blind Faith, in August 1969.

Just think how "respected" Eric and Steve are today. In fact Steve has a concert tonight in Chicago, my parents told me that Rock shit won't last. Oh. well...

Funny that fer brought up his parents "finding religion", and you being reminded of "Blind Faith"...LOL

I had not realized the irony. I just remembered the cover, and am also a fan of Clapton since his start with Yardbirds. Seen him perform in person over ten times...Even enjoy is "blues" work. Layla may be one of the best songs ever to work as both electric and unplugged. Ah memories....

Bell Bottom Blues is pretty good, too.

I love Dido, especially when she's playful and smiling.
I love swimsuits, especially 'sexy' one-pieces.
And I love the outdoors, especially on such sunny days, with gorgeous clear blue skies.

Thanks Dido and Luca :)

Come on Hayley such a short post, is something wrong?

Radiant! Amazing!! xxxxxxxxx

I fully agree!


Dido being as pretty as she always is. Perfect way to start the day!

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