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DAMMIT! I just wanna put my hands on her ass and my mouth on her nipples! Wow! What a babe!

Her name is Divina. But, she is divine beauty. Beauty of her face, her boobs, her shaved pussy and gorgeous ass.
Thanks to Leonardo for capturing the beauty of this girl

want to fuck you hottie

I love that she is nude from the start or nearly nude in almost all her photosets or videos. I also love the long shirt but no panties in some. I get the impression that she is an exhibitionist. She seems to love being nude and showing her delicious pussy by spreading her legs wide. Great little body and such an adorable face. More please!

I cant help but notice all the negative comments. What is there to complain about. You are seeing beautiful women at the click of a button. Stop bitching and enjoy each woman for what she has to offer.

I can not get enough of Divina. She is perfection.

Yes, Divina does have a really nice ass, but its her beautiful perfect pussy that gets my motor running!!!

Divina is one of the most beautiful models on Met Art. Her face has a sweet disposition like she's the girl next door. Her body is so tight love her abs this girl obviously works and it has paid off big time. I have never seen an ass so fine her ass is the definition of "hate to see you go love to watch you leave."

Divina is always a sexy favorite. What a beautiful body she has!

How cute is this girl's little butt!!!!! OMG! what a perfect little sex toy!

I'd lick her butt like it was an all day ice cream cone! She's a sweetie.

beautiful young woman. Delicious bottom! :-) good shoot

Holy mother of gawd.

They just don't come any finer than this sweet little thang!! She always gives her all in each of her sets, and her 'all' is all I need to make my day!! A few "throw aways" in this set but lots of "keepers" too...
I've concluded that the photographers here believe that they must have several out-of-focus shots in their sets to make them "artistic", and we're just gonna have to deal with it! This set is pretty well balanced in that respect, with 'follow-up' shots being re-focused as so many of them are inclined to do. Nice set overall, good enough to earn a 10 from me, which I seldom give to Leonardo.

Unfortunately, upon close examination, one of the better shots reveals an incomplete shave on Divina, and I also noticed a bit of 'razor rash'. I wish I could send her a can of Ammens Medicated powder to clear that up....;o) I'm a BIG fan of a shaven body, but if not done 'properly', it can distract you from the overall 'experience'... Not a big fan of '5 o'clock shadows' either, which we see a lot of here too. But it's all good!! Just an observation.

Rockhard, if you or me or anyone else on this planet could invent a good hair removal system for women's pubes, that person would be filthy rich. Most girls seem to opt for the razor, which usually causes razor burn and ingrown hairs. I doubt if any medication can fix that once its done--time is the only really effective cure. It seems most photographers here must tell the girls to shave a couple of days before the shoot in order to let the razor rash go away. But that results in what you're commenting on. Waxing and/or laser is the best, but both are expensive and painful. My ex-wife got the best results with an electric razor--I wish more models would try that. They can't really get the right angle with a razor. They do this for us bro, so don't be too critical.

Nobody appreciates their efforts more than I do! I'm trying to be helpful to this girl, not "criticizing" her. Your "doubts" about the product I mentioned, mean to me that you have no experience with it. I've been using it for years with positive and immediate results, and I'm recommending it to HER. Apply this powder before shaving and there's a real good chance you won't get a rash. And I find electrics to be the worst for rashes on 'tender' skin. But thanks for your input...:o)

Bottom lovers unite! Divina your beautiful little bottom is a delight to behold.

One of the best photo shoots the met has ever had, she is beautiful.

Can I have this sort butt posing for EVERY model?

Great ass. Love the poses where she has her ass up ready for sex. Only wish the closeup wouldhave had better lighting. Too much shadow to see all her beauty.

A butterfly pussy shot would cap it off.

At least lose the socks by the end of the set.

Lindo chica! Ella tiene un niza, apretado, poco coño! Húmedo y rosa! Niza coño!!

Divina has one of the cutest rears in Metart.She has lost a fair bit of weight possibly by dieting and needs to put a few pounds back on.her earlier sets were stunning.

Divina has it all and she she shares it all! Divina is proof that the best of everything comes in small packages! More & more of Divina, please, METART!

I love every one of her sets, super cute girl with a smoking hot little ass and she sure likes to show it off

Awesome little girl. Cute as a button and absolutely desirable. Divina never fails to deliver. She is so firm and toned. Bet she could take the lead and wear you out completely! but what a way to go!

I love this little sweetheart.

Absolutely! She has, perhaps, the most stunning torso on all of Met-Art.

Why nude from the start? Better get naked slowly.

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