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Божественній, її назва пов'язана з слов'янське слово для "красивий" або "divan." Жіночні сенсі слова, у його б вимовляється "Ісус". Божественній є безумовно красиві!

Divina, her name, stems from the Slavic word for "beautiful" or "divan." In the feminine sense of the word it would be pronounced "divna." Divina is definitely beautiful!

Divina is supreme at presenting her bottom for some superb rear view shots. More galleries like this please. Bottoms up!

Hi Divina! You are great! Write me at daweave72@yahoo.com so we can chat:)

her brown eyes and that lovely face are most impressing.

Divine butt and Divine smile


A truely lovely Set Leonardo i love the way you use the lighting within the setting to highlighting Divina's lovely body,beautiful breasts,erect nipples as per images 7,8,10 and the large close up as per image 88 simply gorgeous shots love the way the lighting casts shadows but highlight her in different angles as she displays her body on her large lounge chair patchwork quilt have to love image 21 Leonardo really show Divina A's curvaceous body as for that lovely derrier of hers as some of the male members commented on one can't beat image 55 it shows both of her sexy long legs and her curvy round ass and but my favourite shots of her ass have to be images 65 really shows her round a 25 to 27 with that lovely close up of image 26 of hers as she lays spread legged on the quilt just as image 65 both showing her round ass and labia lips ;) There has been a lovely change within Divina A from her debut series she seems more bubblier and smiling within her face i don't know if it's maturity or her growing confidence within her series and movies lately and sorry guys Lily C has to have the best ass on MetArt as for this set of Divina A by Leonardo is a truely a great set :)

Thank you for saving this day on Met-Art, Divina.

You are a breath of very fresh air on this fetid stench of day on Met-Art.

Somewhere in the world, there may be a more exotic or glamorous woman, but for me, Divina is THE perfect woman. Perfect body, lovely smile, sunny attitude. My only problem with her photo sets is it's impossible to edit out any shots I DON'T want to keep.

She is one of the reasons I get yearly membership here.

Damn she has a hot little ass

Divina is one of Met-Art's best, and possesses one of the nicest derrières on the planet.

Divina is definitely in my circle of favorites. Her tight athletic body is one of the best here. Never a disappointment, her photo and video sets are always keepers.

The best looking butt on Metart and the sexiest smile. Divina has been a favorite of mine for a couple of years and she looks better now than she ever has.

This is one of the sweetest most exciting little ladies on Mertart. That compact little body is so athletic and tight I know she could handle just about any guy out here. She is a dancer and there is little doubt that body is as firm and balanced as any man could want. Her Bio says she likes swimming naked in the moon light, What visions that conjures. Those rear shots drive me wild. Those perfectly conditioned legs and that dancer butt are second to none. Great things come in small packages and this is one magnificent little package.

So very well said. Hipshot131. I _love_ Davina. When the stomach and the arms are so tight and athletic, everything else is going to fall into place readily; that's what I look for first... but then I have a tummy fetish. Regardless, you are so right; this sweet little package delivers every time.

It's true this is the sweetest "small package of" Met-Art.
That also has a wonderful face and beautiful curly hair.
about her beautiful little feet will not mention ;)
Shortly writing tiny ideal (Y)

Images 21 and 33 are my favorites today! Nice set cute girl.

Divina is totally awesome. Nude from the start, that's what I like to see. Fantastic set, loads of great open leg poses.

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