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Who could possibly NOT fall madly, deeply in love with this angel after just one glance?!

Divina, just being able to cuddle with you would be complete bliss. You're delightful.

She is always incredibly cute and, above all, a perfect model.

Once again, a lovely model...but please lose all the beads/necklaces and all the other prop / colour-splash stuff that most Met photographers seem to find necessary. A beautiful women, simply photographed, in simple surroundings...that's all you need. Keep it simple, guys!

Someone needs to send her to Rylsky and his water room! On the floor! Soaking wet! That's how I want to see Divina! Raaar!

Damn! I just wanna see the hottie on the floor! Ass up! Enough with all the props and furniture! :)

Divina A is incredibly beautiful,and I don't Think the few technical flaws ruin the set. HOWEVER she is shaving the undercarriage, as you can see in close-ups like 21 and 104.She also shaves the pelvic area,and doesn't do a good job. She should have the ladies at the day spa do it if she isdetermined to shave,they do a better job

P.S. I almost forgot, she is fabulous eyecandy, specially with the toned tummy

  • Doug
  • 11 months ago:

Divina is a cute little thing, and her partly new-to-me look is an improvement. Now, if she would only do something really radical and let her body hair grow.
BTW, Peter Guzman should go to school and learn how to get 21 megapixels sharp. Maybe with a better lens for starters?
49: evinces a pet peeve: "airbrushed" armpit hair.
After all, she is a grown woman, right? who shaves under her arms?
And we're all over 21 here? (Maybe not :-)
78: lips sharp, eyes not = mistake.
79 -- new kind of headphone :-?

Final word: Divina is a lot better in this set than the previous one, but the overall technical image quality is poor.

What a day.

End the day with a great set by Divina and start the day tomorrow with the second set by Alma!

Good stuff, Met-Art.

Good stuff.

It really IS your birthday everyday isn't it... LOL

I wonder what she does to maintain that magnificent body? I am amazed that she can be so buff and yet still be totally feminine. I love the facial closeups in this set. The closer you look the more beautiful she is. I have to agree with nihil on the eyes. As fantastic as her body is, that face and those eyes could enchant anyone. Photos #41 and 51 are super hot. Divina is the total package and they could not have chosen a more perfect name. The goddess Divina has a nice ring to it.

My biggest complaint with this set it the soft focus. On going back through at higher rez it becomes obvious that even the intimate closeups are never sharp and clear and his depth of field is sorely lacking. Most of the intimate closeups are poorly lit and grainy. The subject is the best there is but he chooses not to give us good sharply focused photos. Shots like #28 could have been completely mind bending if he would have given us better lighting, sharper focus and a drop of oil strategically placed but instead it is nice but not spectacular. There is no reason to soft focus on a woman of Divina's perfection. Every tiny bit of that doll is perfect. Why not let the camera give us it's best image? To me this is fiddling with perfection and it lessens the impact of this woman's perfection. Shots like #85 came very close but most of the intimate closeups were in shadow and lacked depth. Shots like #58 where he focused on the beads and the lower parts of her lovely flower were out of focus were a real let down.

Divina is off the charts but the photography is an 8. Nice but not equal to the beauty of the subject.

hipshot, you are one of the most highly respected, and prolific commentators here. I am sure you are aware I am trying to get more and more artist to share with us their views. Ry, is very good at it, and seems to have fun with the banter and challenges us back. Delta, gives us insight we have never had. Catherine, takes every criticism to heart, thanks us and tries hard. Your type of criticism today is a perfect example of "good" criticism. Detailed and specific enough to help an artist if he/she "listens"/ I would love Peter to come back and post his view of this set. You actually were one of those that inspired me to try to take section to new heights. Thanks

I am humbled! Thanks for the praise.

Just a note, I am an underwater photographer and still very active considering my age so I do have a base to go from though my subjects are not near as co-operative in posing.

  • Doug
  • 11 months ago:

I gave this set a 6 because Divina is lively. So you tell me what grade I'd give the photographer :-)

They don't have the thumbs down any more! ;) That tendency to focus on the wrong thing is a pet peeve. Why with a beautiful woman lying before you with her legs wide open would you concentrate on anything but what she is presenting to you? It is a sin to let opportunities like that go un-realized. I so long for a for a crisp clear moist view of that work of art. Divina has what I would class the perfect pussy.

  • Doug
  • 11 months ago:

Assuming it was deliberate, it might have seemed right to the photographer at the moment -- whether in the finished photograph or not is another question.
Sometimes they take 2, to try to "cover their ass" (if not hers :-) And usually that doesn't work perfectly either.
We need good photographers who know this stuff and just know what to do. And even they aren't always gonna get it right. It's a percentage thing, including getting the big hit :-)

Doug, I am not questioning you or bitching at you, at all. IMO most of what you post is accurate and the results of close scrutiny. Strictly for my own information are or have you been a pro photographer. Since I am a founding member of the Old Fart Brotherhood, with me it is very ancient history but when I was one I learned that "nude" work was a lot more difficult that most people realized. Humor me if you feel comfortable doing so.

  • Doug
  • 11 months ago:

Never have been a paid pro, but I've shot a lot of film over the years, scanning and photoshopping a lot of it. I don't own a DSLR but have studied digital cameras quite a bit. So when I look at a photograph it's like I'm scrutinizing one of my own.

Thanks. The digital age changed it a lot. In the old days of film the actual prints were submitted for publication and the photog actually saw the "final" product as it would appear in print. It was a plus and a minus. We couldn't review our shoot until we had at least a proofsheet or test print of individual photos. So you either got it right the first time or had to start over. Now in the digital age we can "put them up on the screen" even during the shoot. Makes it much easier, or so you would think. However most sets her are over 100 images. You may have noticed the wide variety of KB (KiloBytes) listed under the photo. Depending on the resolution you shot at the appearance of an individual pic can vary based on the resolution you view it at. The actual "focus" type problems you see, (Not the framing.) may only show up in highest resolution. Yes the photog should not submit a photo that has a problem at the resolution used here, but that is a long hard process with the large number per set. I agree they should heck each one submitted however each artist probably has his own feeling about what is "acceptable", Catherine has been open at admitting she "screwed up" on some. Delta tells in detail what his problems were, Ry's position is "if you don't like it" don't look! I know I got long winded again but I hope this helps you understand nudes are not that easy.

  • Doug
  • 11 months ago:

I would never have imagined nudes were easy. Still, I want them to be done well, and sharp where they should be. It isn't easy, it takes skill, it takes know-how. But it can be done.
I think a lot of these guys are using too-high resolution cameras with lenses that aren't up to the task. They imagine all they have to do is get the highest rez camera they can and stick a convenient zoom on it, and voila, they've got it made. Not with me :-)
And this is to say nothing of lighting, the quality of it.
Hey, but if it getz you paid, it's good enuf! :-)
It all depends on your standards. On what you're trying to do.

Well said

I concur with you on the facial close-ups. Some twenty-something girls look their age (and more), but if Divina tried to buy a ticket to an R-rated movie, I'd have no choice but to card her!

Killer beautiful/cute face shots in this set.

i'd love to toss a batch of dumbells on that six pack of hers!

Fantastic set of pictures, sex just oozes from every pore of her incredibly little body, and my oh my what a smoking hot ass on that girl

Is it just me? Why don't girls wear panties anymore?

I think it's sad. I love white bikini panties.

Me too, guys. Panties (real panties, not thongs) are SOOO sexy.

it is a pity !

I love Divina's makeup in this set... very flattering.
She is a total hard body, and generally I am not attracted by sheer muscle. But Divina is very feminine simultaneously with the athleticism.

Divina divine !

Gawd I love this girl! Another Ukrainian goddess! This little angel is as solid as it's possible to be. Her core is so well defined it just boggles my mind and she has one of the most spectacular butts anywhere. I fell for this one on her first set and I auto download every set because I know I am going to love them. Every single feature of this little doll is picture perfect and when you factor in the personality 10+ is totally inadequate.

absolutely agree! Divinia is definitely one of my favorites. Her small but well-toned body is every mans' dream. I kept everything she ever did here. Great model and set.

OK, hipshot... 10++? LOL

Whatever the rating it is still inadequate! She is total perfection.

Divina's athletic body is absolutely stunning, but what really gets me are her enchanting eyes. I think this set is fantastic.

Divina is yet another Ukrainian lollipop—tasty from head to toe. I love that gorgeous tush, those beautiful feet and that knowing smile. Divina packs a lot of sexuality in a small, athletic package. xoxo

It's a shame but your diet only allows one Ukrainian a day. Which delectable morsel from today would you pick.

Tough call, but I'll go with Divina—and then I'll violate that dumb rule.

You go, Sailor! LOL
(My personal philosophy is that rules are made to be broken.)

Ja voll, bubba!

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