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Even though Divina is always very pretty and impeccable - she's one of my favourite - her photo set could be better, but, as far I am concerned , I have seen some quite good photos as well.

Probably Natasha Schon, the photographer, chose a bad exposure and , maybe, she did not have to photograph Divina by a Rock with a dress of almost the same colour - take a look at photos starting from page 6 - and as for the portrait, maybe, she wanted to " highlight " Divina's Body etc.
I am not a professional photographer, but, by a special software I tried to touch up the photos that appear like they were out of focus and now they look better.
Anyway, of course, I like Natasha's style and maybe she is trying to create or even to improve her own style, so, I can wish her only the best, though, she should ask some tips to some photographer more expert than her in order to develop better photos.

I have seen Natasha's work on Divina, across all the Met-Art network. I am not here to judge the photographer's skill. Yes, her pictures are more artistic and rather conservative with the close-ups but I love Natasha's sets for the simple fact that she captured Divina in a stage of her life where in my opinion she looked her best. She just looks so fresh, so natural, and her body is perfectly toned.

Divina also looks very nice on Peter Guzman's sets followed by Leonardo's

I read some comment. Ok, I thought. Some pussy shots out of focus and the meat-brigade is out with their torches burning.

So I clicked on a bunch of pics that looked interessting.

I really like the setting. Divinia is hot as ever. Sand? Yes please! It adds a certain note without covering up anything.

But seriously, from a technical point of view this set is garbage. I looked at 10 random pics. 10 random pics were out of focus, had exposure and resolution issues.

If you can't hold your camera steady, don't use shake reduction, use a tripod.

If your camera's autofocus is braindead and your manual focus skills sub-par, get a different camera. This set has all the hallmarks of an amateur fighting with stubborn, new equipment.

Really poor use of tilt shift? Horrible Lens? Poor effort?

Dunno what the case but this is how NOT to shoot one of the sexiest brunettes on Met-Art.

I never would have pegged this as Divina had it not said so and after extensive review and comparison with older sets. I have no idea why she is so different here but sadly it sure is not the Divina I love. Maybe it's the wet hair or the dark tan? Or maybe it's the lack of her normal cute happy personality?

Sorry but this is the worst set of an attractive model I've seen in a long time.

Well... so then this happened.

Well said, Birthday.

I believe this to be an older set she looks more girlie has a bit more body fat (which is good) now she has a body so hard I'm starting to find it unappealing.

I believe this to be an older set she looks more girlie has a bit more body fat (which is good) now she has a body so hard I'm starting to find it unappealing.

Divina, divine between the wonderful girls of MetArt.
For the first time played by a woman photographer.
Very interesting the way a woman to interpret the beauty of another woman.
Missed opportunity.
Everything penalized by the outside location.

In the outside location the lights are often difficult to manage without setting up a complex photoset.
The wall of alluvial conglomerate does not add anything to the model.
She dirty.

Difficult to argue with your logic, gaetano... sadly. ) :

Bliss ...

Some great shots, some that could have been "edited" out. Photographer with focus issues. Take an iPad and http://www.camranger.com on your next shoot Natasha, you'll be able to edit on the go, and know when you're not sharp at minimum. Maybe even take better shots as well….

Divina is a beautiful model.

Natasha Schon is a terrible photographer. I've yet to see a gallery she's done where she hasn't spoiled it with dim lighting, shadows, fuzzy images, and ignoring a model's best features. Now she's taken a wonderful ass and destroyed some great shots by putting crud all over it.

She must lie awake at night thinking, "Hmm. How can I wreck my next photo shoot?"

Let's do it outdoors.

Ho-hum, another day, another set of photos with really bad focus problems.

What the hell is going on around here???

It is very strange. I can imagine getting excited and having technical brain-fades, but this is ridiculous! These women are amazing, and today especially so many focus problems and/or bad focusing decisions. What a shame.

I totally agree bibblefuss! Three out of four sets today have serious issues with focus and depth of field. In this set many photos I was hard press to find anything in focus. What a shame for these beautiful models!

As a long time fan of Divina, I am glad to see this very different look from a different photog. It's not my favorite Divina set, but I much appreciate the opportunity to have a different perspective on her. To me, that's a benefit and advantage of MA and so I don't complain about sand, makeup and the like. I take Divina anyway she is presented.


As a Female i quite liked this series of Divina A i found she still has that sex appeal she always had mind you some of the images where out of focus facial wise and abit repative Natasha still captured what you guys like the most and no offence either but i don't see too many male members complaining about the models sets of them in the ocean scenes wether its a photo shoot or movie each to their one i guess but i found going thru the set she looks alot younger than her profile photo have to think outside the box how hard it would have been for Divina to be perched up on a mountain side wet and dirt all over her joys of being a nude model 1st and female 2nd and i quite liked her cute butt,firm sexy breasts even her sandy body and as an ex trucker i did'nt mind getting oily and dirty changing tyres,diesel fuel,no showers for a few days all over me while on the road Divina A will always be sexy Divina A and Thank You MetArt for the diverse within your series too.

I don't understand the fuss about the sand. It was the most interesting thing on an otherwise uninspired photo set. There were about 10 good shots with the rest just similar poses. Come on MetArt you can do better.

Good not have written it better!

Confidence is sexy... and Divina has it by the bushel and the barrel. She never fails to impress me.

This is a well and truly bad set . Apart from cute ass shots nothing floats my boat and the sand on delicious ass ?? Oh please !!

Sailor, look at image #68 in this set and then go back and watch her first video. When she exits the shower it is easy to see that her moles match. She has a large one next to her neck on the left side, and a smaller one above her right breast (others match too).

This is definitely the correct girl....Divina A.

I agree she looks like a different person in this make up.

Hell I double post quite often....don't worry about that Sailor.

Sorry for the confusion.

Met Art gremlins are out today. It took forever for the above post to appear.
The post was supposed to be a response to Sailor's uncertainty about this being Divina A.

Nice detective work, Browning. How can I argue with matching moles?

Rachsback may be right; perhaps this is an old set, but it doesn't look like any other of Divina's sets from four years ago. My money's on a mixup of identities. The set is badly photographed, and whoever the girl is, she's no competition for Divina. It's unfair to the poor thing,

She is Dvinaa.
Look at the mole on the collarbone and above the right breast.
They are like fingerprints.

I think that the beauty of the Divina is in no way compromised.
She is always, and it shows, a divine little girl.
What is compromised is the visibility of this beauty.

Your poor old yes must be failing. That is obviously the divine Divina, just a mediocre and old set of photos.

Also, am I alone in my aversion to seeing models with sand all over their beautiful skin?

No, You Are Not Alone. I'm Right There With You. I Hate It! Spoils Otherwise Great Photos. I See It All Over MET. WHY Do They Do It ??

Ha ha! - that is meant to say 'poor old eyes' - my typing skills are failing me!

I'm not convinced. I went back to Divina's earliest sets and saw the same little goddess I've lusted after all these months. Besides, my eyes are only 39. : )

I agree with you on this one Sailor, with or without makeup,
Divina is gorgeous. I didn't like the background setting for this shoot, since it probably made posing difficult.

I'm not convinced. I went back to Divina's earliest sets and saw the same little goddess I've lusted after all these months. Besides, my eyes are only 39. : )

39 and you call yourself an old fart? I thought you must be at least 50 to qualify for that epithet!

I know, I was thinking exactly the same thing, nihil! 39? Pshaw!! Yer a young pup, Sailor! I don't want to tell you how many years I have on you, but trust me, you're still young. ( :

Sorry for the double post. Browning and I hit the entrance at the same moment, apparently. It's clear that I am alone in believe that this girl isn't Divina—you, however, are not alone in your aversion to sand on our honeys, nihil. I hate it too. It's so nasty when you grind your teeth.

No argument from me on the sand factor. It just plain gross!

I also believe rachsback is correct in that this is an old set. I am 99.99% this is the correct "Divina" (I've seen her with make up/hair style/etc. like this before).

Yeah, I think it's our sweetie Divina, sans makeup, and with somewhat poor photo quality.
It's the same sassy, winning 'tude she always displays.

Hi Fer-realz yes it's Divina for sure one can tell by those slim legs,cute round butt,sexy firm breast its just some of the photo's are out of focus with her face and Firefox A did a same set in lime stone moutains and she was a really sexy with the sand over her too had really piercing eyes and a body to die for alas she only did 1 set with met-art and yes i'm back after 4 months in hospital when the wheelnut of my kenworth 18 wheeler blew off and put a nice whole in my left butt cheek glad to see you too and glad you also liked Mia D's lastest movie and i'm a female but us Aussie chicks don't mind being called "Mate" well i don't ok cheers

LOL I was being just a tad corny, rags... ( : I wouldn't normally call a lady "mate," but the opportunity seemed too precious to pass up. ( :
Sorry to hear about your accident but I'm glad it got your butt and not your chest, or your noggin, for that matter! And I'm really glad to see you back here! ( :

Fer_realz i know you were pulling my leg about calling me "Mate" don't mind at all and i'm also glad it did'nt hit me in the chest kind of proud of my 34 cup breasts at my age their just like Lily C's and i'm flattered that your glad that i'm back too :)

rags, we have a diverse and great set of "regulars" here, but you are one of the friendliest. ( : Your presence makes this forum a better place. ( :

An old set I'd say... And without much merit other than the 'divine' one....;o)

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