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Sehr gut Wolfgang! Mein Deutsch ist kein gut, sondern mein Worterbuch hat gegeben.

I love this fit little hottie.

Yesterday I imported some of those shoots into Ligtroom 5.If you change even slightly color temperarure or hue,or simply try to substract green
from the image,chances are you spoil it.I couldn´t alter the images in any way that made me feel it got better ,all I got were an unnatural look
of scenes otherwise natural.I strongly dissagree with the professionals that notice a green cast in those images.Maybe my monitor is deffective
or maybe yours.

The seller

Not familiar with lightroom, I know it is very good for some things. I use Photoshop pro and it has a couple of adjustments that make it pretty simple. Being an underwater photographer I have to deal with green cast all the time and it can be a bit tricky. I know my monitor is dead on because I do editing for printing all the time and the print output matches to the screen.

I don't see any green that does not belong there. There is algae on the semi-submerged rocks, and plants (weeds) growing from cracks in the rocks. Mr Guzman has chosen to make Divina the center of focus in most shots, so the rocks do blur slightly in some shots. That's simply the artists choice. I don't agree with it always, but I didn't shoot it.I went to 4yr art school and have a BFA, and as I said,there are individual shots I didn't agree with,I would have done them differently, but I don't see any invalid shots just shots I would not have done that way if I was shooting a girl with Divina's figure and coloring on the shores of th Black sea.

Balancing wonder and appreciation with frustration ...

My day-to-day world is not peopled by enough gorgeous, adorable, irresistible women wearing nothing and posing to show off their curves that I can see a set like this and not be moved by very deep appreciation. Divina and most of her Met-Art "co-workers" simply rock. And what they do for us all is just incredible and deserves constant praise and gratitude. I really don't think that can be said enough times, until we live in a world so consistently peopled by naked "hotties" that it all becomes boring ... which seems unlikely in the next few millennium.

On the other hand ...

As a 40 year photographer, 14 of which I've worked with lovely women, I can't help but notice the slight greenish cast of many of these images. As someone trained to notice such things and decide how to handle them, I can't NOT notice them. Like over-exposure, blown focus or depth of field, or any of a range of technical variables in a given shot, someone trained to work with these things all the time can't simply not notice when they're handled either incorrectly or in a way that seems to work against the goal of the shoot.

Similarly, I love variety, and seeing these amazing women in the widest possible variety of appealing settings would be my first preference, and two months in a row of sea-side rocks wouldn't have been my first choice. I DO like a higher percentage of outdoor shoots than some, but yes, I noticed we were back in the same location again and it didn't strike me a as a plus.

But back to balance ...

As observers of these images, and paying customers, we do have the right to voice our frustrations ... but I must admit that as I read through comments on a shoot like this, it often seems like too many sour grapes given the amazing treat we're being offered.

It's a tricky balance ... on the one hand, we want and I think need to show these women and photographers our gratitude for their choice to share so much beauty with us, but when they make choices that, for some of us (which varies shoot to shoot) reduce our enjoyment of what we sense was the full potential of a shoot, should we remain completely silent?

My response is to provide balanced feedback. The key to most puzzles lies in a "both-and" approach, as opposed to an "either-or" approach. Let's let these folks know that we appreciate all they do for us, every time ... and kindly also let them know where we see room for things to get even better.

That's my take.

Thanks, Twisted... balance in everything; appreciation and respect for genuine effort; but a balanced and reasoned explanation of what bothers one and why.
I see absolutely no problem with your approach.
I feel that what some critics on this site do however is to be critical without providing the context or explanation, the way you just did.
I see no problem whatsoever with constructive criticism, so long as the intent is to explain exactly what bothers you and why, and provide your ideas for what would have made it better. That way the photographer (or model) has some idea of what to do differently, should they so choose.

Thank you, For both your balanced touch and for noticing the green cast I had pointed out earlier. Some notice nothing wrong while I see it quite clearly. Just a matter of what your eyes are trained to see. It's a proven fact that the mind sees what it expects to see so we are often deceived by what the mind is telling us.

I try to balance my comments toward the positive side especially where the models are concerned but I don't feel that it is good to ignore less than great photography as this "IS" what the photographers are being paid for and what a site like Metart stands for.

Divina is nothing short of divine and deserves to be presented in the best possible way. I am not a fan of these harsh settings or of putting lovely ladies like this in harms way. I would prefer a warmer, gentler setting for such delicate flowers.

Herrlich, sie ist ganz nackig, alles kann man sehen, mein Spatz wird ganz steif...

Absolutely gorgeous girl spoiled by poor photography. She's still one of my favorites though! Also not a fan of outdoor shoots!

This is a perfect,and classical nude contrast shoot, soft curvy girl against hard,sharp rocks. I'm glad this is obviously summer, or she'd be freezing her ladybits off.( Several of my models when I could photograph, said I worried about model safety too much.) However she needs to update her grooming as you can see in close-ups like shot 34.She should either have one of the ladies at the day spa shave the undercarriage or just go to waxing it. Otherwise this is the best shoot here today. the old classics never disappoint. that's why they are classics. Divina gets a 10+, so does Mr Guzman

I forgot to say that Divina is a perfect example of why girls who work out look so good.

Divina is justifiably proud of her pefect, pretty pussy.

From a females point of view i quite liked Divina A within Guzman's latest outdoor series plus it's totally different to his last one with Divina A her poses are totally different !! Never the less Divina A has not lost that natural charm of her gorgeous face those lovely brown eyes nor her well sculptured body we all learned to love and admire over the years:) I found her quite sensual within her strikingly beautiful pose both within the edge of the oceans clear crystal water water in images #49 to #50 :) To those stunning poses amongst both the rock and cliff face the different contrasts of colors highlighting her beautiful curves of her body beaming face sexy smile magnificently :) If anything else these outdoor series of Divina A has given her both a lovely sun tan and a youthful looked upon her face which will serve her well~Within another indoor setting or movie once again again :) As for those rock i don't care if there are bright pink Divina A will always be simply divine to admire and look at :) A nice slippery wet 10 from me so enjoy and savor the moment whether you like it or not i certainly did so very much :) :) :)

Rags I missed your commentary the last few days. Hope all is well in the down under.

Ahhhh Divina...divine yet again!

One of my absolute favorites. Never disappoint with that body and that million watt smile. Too bad the photog wasn't up to the task today.

I love outdoor photo sets and Divina looks incredibly hot as always, such a sweet little ass and shows it off very well, totally yummy

This outdoor set is nice with the pretty Divina.She must have worked out daily to get that athletic body.

Divina is the poster-girl for Six-pack abs! Whatta core on her...

Green? GREEN? I see only the gorgeous Divina, lean and sexy as ever.

Cannot see the green cast in this set.White balance is correct.Divina´s skin tone is as usual.All I can see is green algae attached to the rocks,giving a false impression of a green cast.I like this set and my
rate is 8.

The seller

I wish I could post one of these pictures with the correct white balance. When you bring the brightness up it becomes more apparent. Sorry I'm guilty of being a photographer so it is more apparent to me than the average viewer. Enjoy, It's Divina she always looks good!

Let's bring Divina back inside before she scratches that pretty tush on those rocks. This is the second month in a row in that setting, and this is essentially the same set we saw last month. I lust for our favorite little hardbody as much as the next man, but enough is enough.

I agree indoors is best but, "pretty tush", doesn't do her wonderful behind anything like the justice it deserves.

Such a shame! Lovely Divina ruined by poor photography. Why so dark and why the green cast. I don't know what Peter was trying to do here but in my eyes it failed miserably. A few quick changer in Photoshop and this could have been a good set. I am at a loss to explain this one.

Such a shame! Lovely Divina ruined by poor photography. Why so dark and why the green cast. I don't know what Peter was trying to do here but in my eyes it failed miserably. A few quick changer in Photoshop and this could have been a good set. I am at a loss to explain this one.

Perchance your monitor needs calibration? Photog here too and color balance looks good on my monitor.

Argh! foiled by the post button again!

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