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Divina is one of my all time favorite Met models and it's wonderful to see her strutting her stuff in this set.

Truly and absolutely divine!

Beautiful and very sexy, perfect body

Divina points that marvelous derriere like most people point their index fingers - most of the time AT US. AND WE LOVE IT!

Divina you are stunning but sadly the necklace adds nothing to you beauty.

The best set of ABS at Met. Keep up the great body.

Did you ever hear of close ups?

With such a beauty as Divina who needs close ups!!!

Looking for closeups from Leonardo is a practice in frustration. He is a scenery photographer. He seldom does well focused closeups.

I agree, but it is my perception that more of his sets have been including a few recently. Perhaps there is hope this trend may continue.

That said, I am perfectly fine with what has been provided today. I adore Divina and any set with her is a good one.

I think that he has been doing a few more lately as he did here and when ever I see some I usually complement him for it. Hopefully he will respond favorably.

Frames #s 127 & 132 show us "practically nothing" yet you'd be hard-pressed to find a couple of cuter, more well-liked shots of Divina. Leonardo has no need to go "snorkeling" with his camera here to get sexy shots of this woman.

42 is another good one, exemplary cuteness.

What can I say that hasn't already been said about this beauty? Perfect.

Sorry the set is really not very creative, and actually quite boring.

Great set except for the necklace, which detracts significantly. A shame to contaminate otherwise beautiful artwork.

Gee I was so engrossed in the absolutely gorgeous Divina that i didn't notice the necklace until I read your comment!!!

Agreed... I didn't even see a necklace!

Does Divina A go around world?

Fantastic set of out pictures, my favorite, and Divina looks absolutely gorgeous, love all the views of that oh so sweet ass

Divinia is the cutest, sexiest, lady on Met-Art. Nobody poses with such grace and eroticisim. I hope somebody is licking that delicious ass for her everyday!

Nobody does full-on, full power, 1,000 watt cute quite like Divina. ( :

Our favorite little hardbody is moving back from the beach and closer to civilization it seems. That's progress. There's hope that we'll finally see her back inside sometime soon. In the meantime, we have this lovely set to keep us warm. In it, Divina is as gorgeous as ever, and that delectable little bottom has never been more kissable.

Divina would make a great exercise video with all that energy and amazingly fit hardbody. One of the most athletic figures and best behinds on this site.

Now this is the Divina I have been looking for! Her last 3 sets just haven't measured up to this level but they were with different artists who I don't think understood Divina. She is one of the girls that brings Leonardo to a special level that isn't always the case. Divina has one of the most amazing bodies here. My biggest complaint here is it took too long to get that scarf off of that lovely world class butt. Every time I look at this sweet thing I am amazed at how firm and well muscled she is. I don't know what she does off screen but she certainly maintains a level of conditioning few can come close to matching. She is so sculpted and firm and has a butt to die for. At 5'4" she is petite yet at 110lbs for her size you know that that is all muscle.

Amazing girl and a nice set. 10++++


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