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I agree for the most part with Doug. It's a matter of do we want to see a real looking photo of a real woman, or a photo with parts painted over? I go for reality.

  • Doug
  • 6 months ago:

That's right. This is supposed to be a photography site, not a painting site.
In person if she were that close I would look at her skin, the hair in her armpit. Because I find it erotic.
So what happens here? What's the best word for it?
Let's put it this way: it is taken out of the picture, like something that shouldn't be there :-)
I mean, what can you say? If you have to ask somebody why they think that, you're probably better off not knowing!
Mr Guzman, would you please leave her body hair alone? Let her deal with it. I'm sure she knows better than you what to do :-)
What if she wants you to paint it over??
Then I would suggest electrolysis :-)
You won't have to worry about shaving and photoshopping ever again :-)

As usual, Divina is one the best model here. Nothing else matters

Divani is very sweet, very beautiful , and VERY sexy. Also, she has one of the ladies at the day spa wax the undercarriage.(you can tell by skin texture) I rank on this as there was another article in the paper about the numbers of young women who wind up in the hospital or the emergency room from shaving accidents. I imagine a cut and infected labia does not feel good.I gave both Peter Guzman and Divani a 10++++

  • Doug
  • 6 months ago:

Another reason not to shave that area!
I mean, just the awkwardness of it should tell you.
It would tell me! :-)
As for waxing, if you got the bucks to always be running to the day spa to temporarily defeat nature, to each her own!
Don't get me started again, seadog! :-)))

Of course the other solution is to have Peter Guzman wax you with Photoshop :-)
May not be safer in every way, but... :-)

P.S. She's known as Sati on other parts of the Met universe

Wow... What a beautiful set! I love this gorgeous, sexy little vixen!!
This just may be her best set to date... Fantastic work Peter!! Divina..."you have my world on a string, sittin' on a rainbow..."! XOX

  • Doug
  • 6 months ago:

114 -- beautiful job of airbrushing her underarm!
Not a hair in sight.
Just a bit of sponging on the periphery.
My goodness, don't let her look grown-up or anything.
What is the deal with her armpit hair? Is it really that unsightly, even shaven?
That's all I need to see to close the book on this set. More of the same ad infinitum.

  • Doug
  • 6 months ago:

Just had to look at one more. 12. Very loathsome, very poor job of painting over her armpit hair.
I can't believe the suckers who buy this crap.
Sorry folks! :-)
Guess you're not here for photography!
Or at least not "photographic quality."
Don't you even look at details?
Don't you look at her skin?
You rave and rank high, encouraging Guzman to keep it up.
Because either you don't see it or you don't care.
I'm not a Divina fan anyway, so it's easy for me to point this out.
There would be more of a chance of me liking her if she wasn't cloned over like this.
For what it's worth :-)
But what does it say about her, about them (I'm assuming she consents to it) that they feel they have to do this to her underarms? (and god knows what else.)

  • Como
  • 6 months ago:

Different people have a different idea of what is Art . Where as you may find a Baboon in a bikini sexy while others prefer the smoothness . Even though I personally prefer Anna AJ . I do like Divina very much .

  • Doug
  • 6 months ago:

See, you suggest that an unshaven beauty is like a baboon, which tells me all I need to know about you :-)
You may notice if you care to inform yourself that I like shaved too, under some circumstances.
Which would tell me I'm broader-minded than you are.

  • Como
  • 6 months ago:

lol ,Doug your just tooo easy to get riled up .

  • Doug
  • 6 months ago:

Am I incorrect about you then?
You sound like somebody else. Did you recently change your name?
Let's see if you can give me straight answers :-)

I heard that !

  • Doug
  • 6 months ago:

Calm down, Dreadnought! :-)

??? Surely you jest? you like shaved. NOT!

"Because either you don't see it or you don't care."

= I just don't care. If I can't see it on screen I ain't going looking for it! I'm here to enjoy the gorgeous naked women for their own merits. There are more than enough bad photos presented without getting out the magnifying glass and worrying about the photographers photoshop skills.

  • Doug
  • 6 months ago:

You're not keeping up with what I'm saying, hipshot. What about Kristel?

What you're saying is you don't care about photography.

When I see a live woman I look for this stuff if I can; when she is presented here in high resolution I look for it because it would tell me something about her. And what does Guzman do? Erase the evidence. Deep 6 the info. Paint over the photograph.

And you call yourself a photographer :-?

I'm using a 24" iMac with 1920x pixels, btw. In large part to assist my own photography. I look at photographic details all the time. That's why I object to what Guzman and others are doing.
That's fine -- enjoy it any way you can -- just don't misunderstand me :-)

  • Doug
  • 6 months ago:

"for their own merits" -- which have been erased by the photographer.
It's not even a question of Photoshop skill. It's a question of human integrity.

Doug....again seriously, in the scheme of things, what you're complaining about is really insignificant. Your body hair fetish is taking control of you and convincing me that you're actually "my secret" incognito... He also had a real problem with 'no armpit hair'....hmmmmm

  • Doug
  • 6 months ago:

Rock, I'm talking about digital photography. You see, I look at these pictures in full resolution, and for detail, which is the reason they are shot in high resolution. If you flip through sets like you're surfing the net, hey, what Guzman and others do won't bother you a whit. That's just what they are hoping.
When I look at a high-rez photograph of a MA model, it's supposed to be a half-way decent substitute for the real thing. That's why when I see things I am looking for obliterated, I yell about it. Because I think it's wrong.
I'm not "my secret", obviously, but we share a liking for women's armpit hair. It is significant to us. It will come as news to you that a lot of men like it. Check it, if you care to inform yourself.

You dissolution yourself my friend. I have checked it with the people who have the numbers and who manage this site and hair lovers only represent roughly 10% of met customers.

  • Doug
  • 6 months ago:

And I think that number is bound to grow.
In part because hair is natural, hair is real. And sexy, I might add.
But it doesn't matter. It's not a popularity contest. One likes what one likes. Hair-likers will come to a site where hair is presented. Not cloned over :-)
10%, huh? I would say their site is a little bit out of step with the population at large.
If they want more business, they might want to take that into account :-)

  • Doug
  • 6 months ago:

One more thing about that 10% figure. Does that mean they think 90% of their customers don't like "hair"?
Then I was right about this site being anti-human -- err, rather, misogynist.
I hope they are proud of that :-)

  • Doug
  • 6 months ago:

If they're not careful, they're gonna "dissolution" themselves :-)))

  • Doug
  • 5 months ago:

And btw, one more thing: you make a site that is 99% shaved/waxed/painted-over etc it should come as no surprise that the overwhelming majority of your customers prefer that. But that doesn't mean there aren't many more people out there who would like to see unshaven. MA gives them very little reason to join, and basically concedes their business to other niche sites (of which MA is definitely one.)
It seems to put a lot of stock in its self-fulfilling prophecy about what customers want.
What I would like to see is an emporium of styles and tastes. Shaven, hairy, in-between all the time. A real choice -- an exciting difference. I think MA would gain far more than it loses with this approach.

As always, perfection. No one compares to the lovely Divina; every set is a trip to heaven. As a leg admirer I would have loved to have seen several pictures of Divina slowly teasingly removing those white stockings revealing the treasures (her amazing legs) that lie underneath. In any case thank you Peter for bringing us another amazing set to cherish.

  • Como
  • 6 months ago:

As expected , Divina never disappoints . She's a perfect package .

As for the general quality presented to us here, see 99, 100, and 24. Need any say more?

Maximum utilization of minimum fabric with good effect. This light shade of pink suits skin, eyes, and hair of our Divine well enough to raise expectations of reappearance.

Maximum utilization of a terrible necklace with poor effect. Perhaps I am defective by my lack of erotic and aesthetic appreciation for beads. Or teething beads. The photographic motivation for beads is beyond me.

Legs a little lost in lovely leggings too light.

  • Doug
  • 6 months ago:

Yes: is this little babe skinny!
One step away from anorexia?
She looks like she's trying awful hard for effect.
Probably with some more calories it would be easier :-)
Correct me if I'm wrong! I haven't had an appetite for the whole set :-)

  • Como
  • 6 months ago:

well it is possible that the beads may be trying to hint to a little bondage . Which in that case who could refuse Divina walking up to them an saying tie me up and have your way with me . Referring to photo 65 where the beads are wrapped in a chocking gesture around her neck . I find this set to be pure Divina in which she never been afraid to say here it is , so come an get it .

  • Doug
  • 6 months ago:

That's all she needs is to choke when she needs food! :-)
And yes I could refuse her, on humanitarian grounds :-)))

Hint with the scarf.

IMO, Divina's best set.
Thank you Peter Guzman.

Need a lot more pics of her gorgeous ass, please and thanks.

101-106, doesn't get any better than those photos, that will wake you up on the west coast! Good morning!!!

My god...image 13 could turn a nun lesbian...

a uniquely endowed nun.

What, you mean a nun with a cock? That's a monk, isn't it?

...we've all got our bad habits, don't we...

She is beautiful without a doubt, and there are some great photos.

It's nice to see Divina inside & on a bed... ( : As always, she shines. This lady has "adorable" down to a science.

I agree 100%. I have been waiting for this set since I saw the preview and was not disappointed.

I appreciate visits from lovely Divina, no matter the photographer.

  • ergo
  • 6 months ago:

A stunning set indeed.
Divina looks gorgeous and not anorexic as she did last year .

Divina's most sensitive, seductive & feminine photoset -> 10/10

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